Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Introduction

Renewable Energy is green energy. Renewable Energy is produced from the source of nearly all the earth's energy available to man - the sun.

However, unlike coal, and oil, and natural gas - all of which are taken from the mineral resources of the earth, renewable energy does not involve using up these irreplaceable resources.

Climate change is taking place - at least that is now clearly shown by rising average temperatures across the world, and accepted by thousands of scientist researchers.

The best evidence we have that it is the build-up of greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere which is causing the warming, and that the increase in carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide equivalent chemicals in the atmosphere are the greenhouse gases most responsible.

Things Happening Now and Coming Soon - Which are Boosting Renewable Energy

Now, three things are either happening now, or are going to happen worldwide before long:-

  1. The cost of non-renewable fuels will rise so high that renewable fuels become cheaper, and this is already happening
  2. Nations will realise the dangers of climate change and place incentives on the production of renewable energy from renewable energy sources
  3. The available oil production will peak as the oil resource begins to become less abundant.

The result, starting right now, is a massive push to develop all possible renewable energy sources.

The Story of Renewable Energy is Just Dawning

This hub is devoted to following the developments in renewable energy, and if you have not heard much about it so far - expect to be hearing a LOT more about it from now on, in the press, and on the web.


Because Renewable Energy or Nuclear (and Fusion - if it becomes technologically available) are the only alternatives to the huge amount of fossil-fuel derived energy we now consume.

I wouldn't mind betting that very many more people and businesses will want to get in on the act over the next few years and start to run their own renewable energy business!

Fortunes will be made, and lost. It is going to be a fascinating subject to chronicle.

How soon will these three possible influences which explode the world's interest in renewable energy begin to take place?

The first two have already taken place in most national economies!

Many say that the world's oil reserves will peak within 10 years. When the peak in reserves has past, it will only be a few years before oil production has to drop.

This will be the worst factor to hit oil prices ever, from the consumer's point of view. It has never happened in any significant manner before.

At this point oil will become a lot more than expensive than very many of the renewable energy sources we have, in fact we are very close to that point now!

The Main Forms of Renewable Energy Production

The Main Forms of Renewable Energy Production are

  1. Solar
  2. Wind
  3. Hydropower
  4. Biofuel
  5. Biomas Power (including energy from the biomass in trash (municipal waste))
  6. Geothermal
  7. and More.

Carbon Capture to Alleviate Climate Change

Carbon capture is a new idea. The reasoning is that if climate change is being caused by all the additional carbon that burning non-renewable fossil fuels has put into our atmosphere, why not take it out again.

Experts agree that climate change should be reduced if in future we capture the carbon produced by, for example, large power stations. At first this meant not letting the carbon dioxide escape from the flue of power stations, but the term has very quickly been extended to include the idea that charcoal (or "char") can be put back into the ground and not rot appreciably, at the same time "capturing carbon and enhancing the quality of farm soils.

We hope you find the image below about "carbon capture" amusing.

Carbon Capture - Will It Work?

By supporting renewable energy you will help reduce global carbon emissions, and this should reduce climate change.
By supporting renewable energy you will help reduce global carbon emissions, and this should reduce climate change. | Source

Let's Not Pin Our Hopes on Carbon Capture!

Carbon capture for power stations would be hugely expensive, and the technology for storing the carbon dioxide is so far unproven. We would prefer not to pin too many hopes that carbon capture can do very much, or be implemented soon enough to significantly reduce climate change.

But, Why Not Get Energy from our Trash?

It is amazing that around the world there are not far more communities that are making the most of the energy in their waste.

Surely, it is better to get bio-energy from it than send to landfill the portion which cannot be recycled?

Many nations are increasingly adopting polices which seek to massively reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill, and getting renewable energy from waste is a big part of that.

There is a whole new set of technologies which have been built-up around increasing recycling rates, and where appropriate, burning waste in increasingly sophisticated ways which are far more "green" than simple incineration.

We have not the space to include more information here on the waste technologies, but we have produced an eBook on the subject, as illustrated below;

Your Chance to Learn More About Waste Management and Energy from Waste!

Learn More About Waste Facilities and how renewable energy is being made from waste, in the "Introduction to Waste Technologies eBook". Click the link below for more information.
Learn More About Waste Facilities and how renewable energy is being made from waste, in the "Introduction to Waste Technologies eBook". Click the link below for more information. | Source

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greathub profile image

greathub 8 years ago from Earth

Nice hub. I have also tried to explain renewable enrgy on my hub:

Would you like to give me suggestins regarding my hub?

stevelast profile image

stevelast 8 years ago Author

greathub Yes! Yes! You siad it already. I am delighted you like it, but isn't this gettting a just little bit repetitive?

Silver_Lotus profile image

Silver_Lotus 8 years ago from U.S.A.

Good start, and I'll check back as you suggest to see what develops.

alternative energy stocks 7 years ago

Wind and solar get much of the attention but geothermal is very promising. Keep an eye on Raser Technologies... they have the ability to put up geothermal plants quickly

Whichburner 7 years ago

Lets not forget wood burners. Carbon Neutral and great fun.Keep the Home Fires Burning!

htpp:// 6 years ago

Great hub about renewable energy. There are many kinds of it that we can use and all of it are very promising.

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