Ridding Your E-Mail Address Book of Renegade Entries

Nobody Knew What to Do!!!

A while back, I was sending out an e mail to several of my relatives, and I hit the TO button next to the address box in Hotmail. Imagine my surprise when I scrolled through my addresses and at the bottom I found an address for AdultChat!

I did not put that there! I was very careful not to click on it, and I e mailed ABUSE@HOTMAIL right away. I got several responses in broken English, none of which actually addressed my problem. I finally decided that, as long as the entry wasn't doing anything, I would just leave it alone and be careful not to click it.

Well, today, I went to send an e mail and found 2 more obnoxious entries in my address book!

Don't be shocked by renegade address book entries!

Photographer/Artist: Chance Agrella ~ freerangestock.com
Photographer/Artist: Chance Agrella ~ freerangestock.com

Google It!!

I decided to take matters into my own hands since Hotmail didn't know what to do. I Googled, "DrunkGirlRoom in address book" and came up with the website for Microsoft Answers. The second entry on the page told me to take these 5 steps to deal with this problem in Hotmail.

  • First, click on CONTACTS
  • Second, click VIEW INVITATIONS
  • Third, click on GROUPS
  • Fourth, a box will pop up asking you to CHANGE YOUR INVITATION SETTINGS, click PRIVATE
  • Fifth, select NO THANKS to all the invitations that display
  • Sixth, BLOCK the ones you don't want to associate with at all

I did this, and it worked. Be aware that you will only have one chance to BLOCK the contact immediately after you click the NO THANKS button.

Avoid Unwanted Contact!

I was absolutely amazed to find that hundreds of buxom lasses had attempted to "friend" me! I deleted and blocked each and every one of them and set my personal settings to PRIVATE. Even if you have not had a problem with this (or even if you do want buxom lasses to "friend" you) I suggest you set your personal settings to PRIVATE (and be selective about the buxom lasses you friend!)

I'm sure if I had tried to send an e mail to everyone in my address book without checking the addresses, I would have ended up with some very unpleasant consequences!

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Lyn.Stewart profile image

Lyn.Stewart 5 years ago from Auckland, New Zealand

Great hub ...Glad I found you and your hubs

SallyTX profile image

SallyTX 5 years ago from Only In Texas! Author

Thanks Lyn! Likewise, I'm sure! ;D

SallyTX profile image

SallyTX 4 years ago from Only In Texas! Author

Many thanks! Very helpful! ;D

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