how to protect your files without using passwords

The things you need

  1. Winrar software
  2. any file which you want to protect

  1. Install winrar in you computer if you have'nt done so
  2. Right click the file which you want to protect
  3. Select add to rar option
  4. open the rar file which you have just created
  5. right click the file ii and select rename

  6. rename the file with dcode words for example, if your trying to protect a office secet name it as offsec12 or similar and

    change the extension to.etxct or some other meaningless one

  7. close the rar file
  8. now right click the rar file and extract the secret file to any place you want
  9. then delete the rar file
  10. if you want to open the file right click the file and select add to rar
  11. right click the file and select rename
  12. then change the extension to the real one (.doc,.xls or what ever it was)

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GoogleCashMoney 8 years ago from Mumbai, India

Very Useful Articles.

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