Security is always underestimated

Computer and network security is on of the most important things when you are deloying new services however security value is always underestimated. Money always goes first and most newtwork administrators, project leaders and at the end your boss doesn't want to spend any cent on security. The main problem here is that lack of security is more expensive (in long term) than professional security consultants services, that's the reason why we still have this security experts doing business.

Image by juanpol on Flicker
Image by juanpol on Flicker

Does anyone out there know how to exactly measure money lost during offline times, more or less is the time waiting for your server to become online again multiplied by the money you are paying to your employees waiting and just doing nothing.
But that's almost nothing, what happens if someone breaks in your system and steals your sensitive data. This cannot be solved with money, you have compromised your costumers or even more you have compromised your company and your happy users maybe will not trust you again.
What happens if someone gets control of your bank accounts, he gets control of your money. What happens if someone just start sending mails from your mail server and you are spamming all the world. What happens if an unauthorized person reads your e-mail.
What happens depends on the importance of your data. Could be more or could be less important, but for sure this is never good.
Nothing! That's my boss answer. This only happens on movies, there is no hackers out there. And the only hackers we have are working for film companies as actors.

Image by Jorge Franganillo on Flicker
Image by Jorge Franganillo on Flicker

The truth is that this is happening every day and every company could be a victim of a hacker's attack. Have you ever been victim of a phishing attack? Yes hackers are attacking individuals for a single bank account number and make sure that you are even more interesting if you have interesting data apart from bank accounts numbers.
So, are you ready to take security more seriously or are you ready to loose money. In fact, money and many more. Be ready or your enemy will win. Don't wait for damage to be done, then it will be to late.

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Pcunix profile image

Pcunix 6 years ago from SE MA

Sadly, this is all too true.

bytecoders profile image

bytecoders 6 years ago from Spain Author

Yes, nobody cares until the damage is done.

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