How to Share Your Printer in a Home Network (LAN) with Windows XP

Previously we had learnt how to set-up LAN, assign IP address and share internet connection. In this tutorial we will learn how to share any working printer with few clicks. Printer sharing is a cakewalk, any computer user can share printer, the only condition is that you must have a fully working LAN and properly installed printer.

So I assume that you have a fully functional LAN and an installed printer and you just need to share that on LAN. I have an HP printer installed and I am going to show you HP printers sharing procedure.

One more thing I want to say that following the same procedure you can share professional inkjet printers, small business laser printers, color printer copier fax scanner, color copier printer, color printer scanner copier, sharp copier printer, canon printers, addmaster printers, xerox printer, epson printers etc. The list of the devices are long, in short you can share almost all printers, scanners, copiers etc.


Go to the machine where you HP or Canon printer is installed. Boot the PC and once it loaded completely then click on start menu and click on “Printers and Faxes”.


Here you can see the installed printers on that PC. Look at my PC’s “Printers and Faxes” window. Now right click on the printer you want to share (in case you have more than one printer installed.) and select “Sharing” option from context menu.

Printers and Faxes option in Windows XP.
Printers and Faxes option in Windows XP.
Sharing HP LaserJet Printer.
Sharing HP LaserJet Printer.


Now you can see you printer’s properties window, click on “Share this Printer” and you can give a suitable name if you don’t want the default name then click OK.

HP LaserJet Printer Properties.
HP LaserJet Printer Properties.


Now you can see that you printer has been shared, a hand like icon under printer icon confirms that. But we are not ended here; we just enabled the sharing option of that printer. Now we have to install them on other PCs of LAN as network printer.

Printer icon changed after sharing that.
Printer icon changed after sharing that.


Go to the PC where you want to use the just shared printer. Click on “Start” then on “Printers and Faxes”. On the right pane you will find “Printer Tasks”, under which you will find add printer option, click on that and it will open printer installation wizard.

Adding a Network printer.
Adding a Network printer.
Add Printer Wizard.
Add Printer Wizard.


Click on next button to continue, on next screen select “A network printer or Printer attached to another computer” and click Next button.

Local or Network Printer Selection.
Local or Network Printer Selection.


Now in “Specify a Printer” window select “Browse for a printer” radio button and press “Next” button.

Browse for printer.
Browse for printer.

Here you can see “Browse for Printer” option where you can find lists of shared printers. But in our case we have only one shared printer, just double click on the computer name where shared printer is connected (on my network its “professional”), then select Printer name and click “Next”. As you click “next” button a warning message will appear, don’t get scared and click “Yes”. If this sounds a bit confusing then follow the below image.

Select a printer shared on LAN network.
Select a printer shared on LAN network.
Warning message, just click OK.
Warning message, just click OK.

It will take a moment to install printer. After installing shared printer successfully you can see “Completing the Add Printer Wizard”, click “Finish” button. Now you can see a network printer icon in the “Printers and Faxes” windows.

Congratulation, you successfully installed a shared printer. If you want to install this shared printer on other PC then simply follow steps V – IX. If you find any difficulties during the process then please tell me I will try to solve that ASAP. Thank you for reading me and keep visiting me.

Completing the Add Printer Wizard
Completing the Add Printer Wizard
network printer icon in the “Printers and Faxes” windows.
network printer icon in the “Printers and Faxes” windows.

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rajkishor09 profile image

rajkishor09 7 years ago from Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA Author

If you find any difficulties to follow this tutorial then please post comment with as much details you could provide. Thank you.

TomasBusse profile image

TomasBusse 7 years ago

Well this is quite a good procedure to share the printers, i have just purchased a printer from and i want to share it and the description that you have provided will work..i will let you know definitely.....

biplop 7 years ago

Thanks for the paragraph and i really get so much help form this article

AJIT 6 years ago


profile image

anroid 6 years ago


I'm trying to set up shared printing from a desktop to a laptop through a wireless router

could you help me out here.

have tried all of the above but my PC doesn't appear under "microsoft windows network" neither does the printer.

Stuck there. Both are running on xp pro.

manjunath.k 6 years ago

very easy to understand.its help to me thanks for informer.

sahil 6 years ago

actully after ur step vi my printer hav not search my printer , that installed my server pc . so wht i do

Bhaskar Gogoi,Assam 5 years ago

it worked,thanks Rajkishore ,i want to b Ur student

SAICHANDPV 5 years ago





mm 5 years ago

thank u

aman 5 years ago

buddy ,it doesn't browse any the printer . it just struck on Microsoft windows me buddy

Vikram singh 5 years ago

Its really become quite easy and i could do share my printer through your method i request pls also put your helpful tips about sytem formatting & reinstallation with w7 n xp OS as well.

R.P.gupta 5 years ago

Its really become quite easy and i could do share my printer through your method i request pls also put your helpful tips about sytem formatting & reinstallation with w7 n xp OS as well.

thank you

rajendra 5 years ago

i love you

Laxman 5 years ago

hi i connected to printer but not showing in any sharing printers to share what's the problem plz do the needful

Vishal 5 years ago

Thank u so much,,,,,,before reading your hints i tried to share my printer so many times but i did`nt but after reading your hint its all done......thanks for support

navin 5 years ago

Hi if have any problem regarding printer sharing in a LAN using fixed or wireless, i can help you out upto some instant...Feel free to contact on 9630325258

nikhil 4 years ago

in seventh step when i brose the printer the names of the shared printer is not coming

Rahulkumar 4 years ago

thanku you

PUPU 4 years ago

Thank you very much

Gyan Prakash Shahu 4 years ago

good idea

S.M. Ahad 4 years ago

thank. i will try

my world 3 years ago

no printers found shows on clicking next

tanseer 3 years ago

thank for give us this idea

vicky 3 years ago

thanks for given the help.thanks u so much

BEE 2 years ago

Thankyou =) we have an assignment about setting up a LAN connection using 3PC'S, two switches and a printer. I had difficulty in creating the right cables to connect the peripherals

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