Systran vs Babylon 9: Which Translation Software to Choose?

Choosing translation software can be hard
Choosing translation software can be hard

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Choosing the best translation software

These days there is a lot of translation software available for professional translators, businesses and the general public. There are a lot of benefits in using translation software and tools provided the programs you use are of hight quality. Otherwise the risk of having an incorrect and misleading translation is too great. The question is, which translation software to choose? Lets have a look at two well-known translation tools - Systran and Babylon.

Systran 7 Features

Systran is a very well-known translation software and it's not hard to find a systran review online. That's not surprising, because the software offers a good array of features. For a start, there are several edition of Systran: there are tailor-made solutions for home and office users, as well as for small businesses and large enterprises. Let's have a look at the features present in the home edition of the software.

Systran 7 Home Translator is designed for home and home office users. This software allows you to translate pretty much everything, from Word documents and Web pages to tweets. The software uses a proven translation algorithm, which help to achieve more accurate results. Here are some of Systran's benefits:

  • Preserves the original layout of the documents
  • Scans content and learns new terminology
  • Provides easy access to dictionaries
  • Side-by-side source and target display
  • Pupports 52 language pairs

Babylon 9 Features

Babylon 9 is another translation tool worth looking at. For a start, it comes from the world's leader in language software development. This program supports an amazing number of 75 languages and offer simple one-click translation. Babylon 9 has all the necessary features, such as MS Word integration and Web pages translation, but it also has the benefits of the availability of Babylon Live Translation Community, which adds the human touch and helps to make the translations even more accurate. Here are some of the software's main benefits:

  • Microsoft Word integration
  • Spelling and proofreading features
  • Access to over 2,000 dictionaries
  • Live community support
  • Supports 75 different languages

However, some users complain that Babylon is worse than Google Translate when dealing with some languages. So it's best to test the software before purchasing it.

The Verdict:

While both programs offer solid translation options and have all the necessary productivity features, Babylon's live community adds something that no software can do - real human translation. This is crucial because no matter how good the software is, languages are living systems and can only be standardised to some extent. There are always things that can't be translated by a program and that's where human support is invaluable.

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Comments 12 comments

mark 5 years ago

Babylon is only online system. As such it is useless for me

Snurre profile image

Snurre 5 years ago Author

Mark, Babylon 9 is a downloadable program and it's definitely not an oline system only.

Grant 5 years ago

Hi there. Can Babylon translate web pages on the fly? I've tried the Google Translate script which seemed to do a pretty good job in that it worked easily and was effective, but I think the translation was not the best.

Snurre profile image

Snurre 5 years ago Author

Hi. Babylon offers one-click translation of Web pages. I don't think it acts as a script - you have to click a button every time you need to translate a page.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Alaa 4 years ago

I downloaded Babylon and I found it worse than Google translate. Horrible software.

Kanton 4 years ago

Systran is a much more professional translation program than Babylon. Although software will not replace a humand, I found the accuracy of Systran to be much higher. I didn't test all the languages but Spanish, French and German showed a large difference in quality.

Babylon actually installed some type of adware and caused me to roll back my computer in order to delete it from my hard drive.

Christopher 4 years ago

Try BeliverTranslator at

This translation program support text-to-speech feature, and it can read word, sentense, even paragraph for you. Also you can also save the speech voices to local .mp3 or .wav files. It has helped quite some for my Polish learning.

profile image

marcobro81 4 years ago

I had a few problems installing the software but luckily Babylon offers email and telephone support in case you need help from customer service. It helped me so much, and they did everything needed in order to install the dictionaries for me! The best thing is that if you prefer instant messaging, you can use their live chat support that allows you to talk to a support representative directly on your computer. I think that’s the most important thing when you buy an expensive software.

profile image

sadyechafin 4 years ago

I must say it's rare to encounter a word that Babylon does not know!

I've been using Babylon for many years now and can highly recommend trying it out.

dede 4 years ago

it's great for the ones that have to translate on a daily base!

profile image

farrahmillner1 4 years ago

of course babylon is much better,

babylon is the best translation tool online

i have been translating for 4 years and I use both , and lately microsoft 3 years ago

i have been translating for a few years and I would dare to say that they are all good but the best is Systran, it translates sentences they way I like them to be. It really reads my mind.

It is incredible

It is worth investing in a set of tools that gives you confidence and makes you proud of being a translator after all it simply indicates that we are Systran operators as it minimizes our jobs as translators. Please don't say that to strangers otherwise we translators will be out of work

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