TVI Express Lies Vol 5: scam, fake alliance, text pirate adds up to bogus author and fake reviews


Welcome to another volume of Review of TVI Express Reviews, where we pierce the lies of TVI Express members.

Today, we will break our pattern and review TWO articles at a time. Both are extremely short, and VERY badly written.

If you need an overview of the international scam known as TVI Express, please start at

Today our highlight is on "TVI Express - Scam or Goldmine?" at, and "TVI Express: The Cold Hard Truth" at


The article shows clear signs of regurgitating TVI Express marketing material with no investigation at all. While the article was posted last September, and many additional details have came to light, it is clear that the author had conducted NO confirmation of facts on his own. Just take the following statement, and its circular logic:

For example, some of their largest alliances include: Virgin, Hertz, Avis, Sheraton, Swiss International Airlines, Royal Caribbean, and Hyatt to name a few. If the company were a scam, would it be tied to all of these fortune 500 companies? Probably not. In fact, if it were in the least bit questionable, those companies would run screaming in the other direction. This fact alone should help put the majority of your fears to rest.

Or to deconstruct the paragraph:

1) TVI Express have all sorts of "alliances" (unproven)
2) If TVI Express is a scam it would not have alliances
3) TVI Express is not scam

Why is this a circular argument? You have to reorder 1) and 3), which then becomes:

If TVI Express is a scam, it would not have alliances. TVI Express has alliances, so TVI Express is not scam.

Both statements basically say the same thing, albeit differently. Thus, one cannot prove the other. It is a circular argument.

Furthermore, here's alliance can be obtained through fraudulent means, and there is NO PROOF of such an alliance. The author likely based this either on company marketing material (which actually does NOT state any particular partners), which has some logos on it. Could the author be mislead? Absolutely. But the point is the whole thing is misleading.

Furthermore, it was already documented by a Spanish Newspaper Mallorca Zeitung that Lufthansa, Avis, and Marriott object to their logos being used on TVI Express marketing material, falsely representing them as "partners", and have already initiated legal action against TVI Express.

Overall, this paragraph is a FAIL.


As the explanation on why the company is legitimate is proven to be bogus, the rest of the logic is suspect as well. However, we must still go through the motions.

Unfortunately, the rest of the article is also lousily constructed. For example, this is his reason why you should join TVI Express:

To get involved with them now is to get in on a unique ground floor opportunity. The timing with TVI couldn't be better. For example, the United States is still an extremely new market for TVI. They have succeeded in other markets and are moving on to bigger and better things. Do you think anyone in the United States could use travel benefits and a way to make extra money? I think you can probably find a few people that fit that description. 

So the reason to join is "join early and profit". Of course, this ASSUMES that the business is legitimate. However, since we've proven that the logic used earlier is circular, and therefore, a fallacy, the reasoning here also collapsed.
What's more, the article never discussed WHAT the company does, or HOW do you succeed. You are left scratching your head at why is this article such a cheerleader piece that provided NO useful info at all.

Conclusion = FAIL

The author finally revealed his true intent: a recruiting site called TVI Team Builder, at the very end.

The article has no useful info, did NOT describe what the business is, and use a logical fallacy to "prove" TVI Express is not a scam.

It is worse than useless. It is indeed a lie.


So what did the second article say about TVI Express's legitimacy?

First and foremost, TVI express is not a scam! TVI is an acronym that stands for Travel Ventures International, a multinational conglomerate company dedicated to bringing today’s lifestyle consumers the most superior travel and hospitality products & services; this business system is the finest in the Industry and has been acclaimed and validated by Experts from around the globe. What does this mean? It means that TVI Express is a foolproof plan for wealth creation.

What the author did not tell you is he pirated this paragraph straight from the TVI Express website! From TVI Express "about us" webpage:

Travel Ventures International is a leading multinational conglomerate headquartered in London, United Kingdom. TVI Express is a dynamic company dedicated to bringing today’s lifestyle-conscious consumers the most superior travel and hospitality products & services, as well as providing a unique opportunity to promote TVI Express through Independent Distributorships.

The author even INVENTED the part about the business system "validated" by experts (which he did not bother to name or cite) to make it sound more legitimate.

And then he leads you on a merry-go-round where he links to another article on another site that says even less except repeat more company marketing material and invent some personal assurances with no evidence to back them up.

Again, BIG FAIL.


This is typical of TVI Express drivel you find all over the Internet.

In Volume 6, we will explore how TVI Express fan sites resort to Photoshop to provide "evidence" of TVI Express legitimacy.

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4 years ago

What you are doing is not even the slightest discouraging, but infuriating. You know, It's pretty easy to PICK the information YOU want to publicized with the luxury of CHOOSING which to put up. I cannot guarantee that you are an UNBIASED (OBJECTIVE) observer of the company but merely a person looking at something negative and overemphasizing it OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It's not even funny anymore. Yes, the company was BLAMED for the unscrupulousness of the marketing methods of SOME of it's NOT PROPERLY TRAINED MEMBERS, but it has been corrected and disciplined. There is nothing in this world that cannot be improved. I am not telling you to like TVI and I am not going to tell you what to think and believe because YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING, I AM ASSUMING YOU HAVE A BRAIN, AND YOU KNOW HOW TO THINK. At least show some sophistication. I wonder how old you are, because you have been acting like a child, wasting time on blaming people. I would not be surprised if you don't have a happy and/or financially abundant life. Thank you.

4 years ago

Oh, and by the way. I want to know if you have a copy of ALL LEGAL documents (Complete copies from start to finish) regarding ALL the LEGAL CASES that you have cited about TVI Express. I DO NOT WANT JUST SNIP-ITs, I WANT THE ENTIRE THING. I AM graciously GIVING YOU THE CHANCE TO TRY TO PROVE ME WRONG. POST IT ANYWHERE HERE for the PUBLIC TO SEE FOR THEMSELVES AND DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES. I won't allow a stranger to dictate to me what to believe and think. Thanks in advance.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

So what "positive" aspects of the company do you have to show, other than "it paid me"?

Again, read the news reports from around the world.

4 years ago

Isn't that what the compensation matrix SUPPOSED TO DO? The reason why TVI distributors are being PAID their commissions from sales is because TVI compensation matrix WORKS and it is designed to WORK. Duh. That's why it's THERE. Of course the earning aspect of the membership/independent distributorship is a BUSINESS. Therefore, IF YOU DO NOT WORK ON IT, YOU WILL NOT GET PAID. Any business REQUIRES WORK/SALES to GENERATE COMMISSIONS/INCOME. Most distributors focused on the earning aspect of the membership/independent distributorship and neglect to spoil themselves by availing all the marvelous LIFETIME hotel/resort accommodation discounts that TVI provides all its members. Some TVI distributors wanted to earn a lot and do not spend the time to know the company and all about it and to know all the procedures (to avail the travel package, the discounts, how to book a hotel/resort accommodation, etc.) even when there are LEADERSHIP TRAININGS and BOOTCAMPS available to them provided by the company. This issue is now being addressed by the company. Here's a little logic homework for you, check the Logical Fallacy of Composition. You speak of logic almost too often, disproving things that even a kid can easily logically disprove (Straw-man logical Fallacy) You're giving us logicians, disgrace. Thanks.

4 years ago

Oh, and by the way, that thing you've always picked on about in the TVI FAQ "you don't have to sell a thing" is pertaining to retailing (where you have to buy the product from a company then re-sell it via sales pitch etc.) as well as the process of selling. After spending your vacation with TVI, of course what you will do afterwards is tell your friends where you have been and how you got there and how did you get there with such a low price, show your pictures, etc. Before you know it, you made sales from just telling about your experience, without even a sales pitch. It's all so natural story telling. That's pure word of mouth in action. That's what it means. *Sigh* Do I really have to spoon-feed information and analysis that you should have been doing? That's why I am an advocate of "Children must be taught in school HOW to think not WHAT to think."

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

I recommend you read the American court case "FTC vs. Koscot Interplanetary" and the "Koscot Test" before repeating more of your nonsense about "recruiting makes it not a pyramid scheme."

Your essay assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to explain why TVI Express is NOT a pyramid scheme under the Koscot test.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

You completely ignored the reality: Koscot test has the elements "pay to join, compensates on recruitment". And TVI Express has it. The rest of your blah blah are just red herring and completely irrelevant. Which makes the remainder of your diatribe quite amusing.

You start by asking the wrong question, then answered it. Go look up "Type IV Error" while you're looking up next fallacy to accuse me of.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Another Filipino defender of TVI Express from Makati City... you're like the fifth or sixth one.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Since you're Filipino, you can use Order 8 instead:

4 years ago

I see. :) That's a very interesting response. :) I can tell you're unaware of the company's product/services being rendered to their members --- lifetime travel discounts (hotel and resort accommodations) and the one-time travel package :) That's probably why you said "red herring" :) you don't know of it. :) I don't blame you tho. Its access is via the TVI membership only :) Well, I have testimonial evidence here in the Philippines of all the members availing and enjoying the company's services (travel discounts and the travel package) :) and I'm not just talking about one, two, or three testimonial evidences. Not even a hundred. No. No. :) And its not just me either :) Thousands of people enjoying the company's services as testimonial evidences :) That's why there are ardent people such as myself who are flabbergasted by your actions. We do admit the MEMBERS are not perfect and some really need money and would do anything for commissions (even to violate the company's Ethical Marketing Standards, and hence the pratfalls in other countries). But not here in the Philippines. The company is being run responsibly by the TVI Philippine leaders. The devil is in the details kid. There's no point in arguing anymore. :)

4 years ago

Oh, and by the way again. We're not desperate. Actually, most of us TVI members here in the Philippines are financially well-off. :) we don't need money. :) We just travel a lot. :) And I personally like the destinations that TVI are giving discounts to us. :) Some of us are going to donate our commissions to our charities. :) I'm sure an extensive researcher such as yourself have stumbled across that fact. ;)

4 years ago

Oh, and that's financially well-off prior to meeting and joining TVI. :)

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

Interesting that "W" decided to go with the "it paid us" and "it has a product" defense, avoiding the question about Administrative Order 8 or the Koscot Test.

Apparently, according to W, TVI Express only exists in Phillipines and money does not go to India, or Cyprus, or where-ever TVI Express now claims to be. So do you submit payment to TVI Express or just the local branch? How do you know money does not leave the country and is handled "responsibly by TVI Philippine leaders", as you say? Would you be one of them?

I am sure Philippines NBI (their version of FBI) would be very pleased to hear about that. After all, it's on their website.

4 years ago

what the hell are you talking about? :)) I said nothing of the sort. Hahaha! Don't put words in my mouth. are you blind? or can you not assess arguments and facts properly? :) Do I have to spell and point everything out to you? See the disadvantage of being an investigator (you) who is not only ill-informed, but also who gets information from outside third-party sources (the internet, other people) without actually doing field work and getting down to the actual facts. It shows man. Your ignorance of key facts is so obvious. Don't you know Primary and Secondary data analysis? Did you know if you are doing a thesis in an academe, data from a third-party are secondary sources that have already been analyzed and subjectified by the author of the third-party source and do not hold water until you get a hold of Primary Data (Raw data) that undergoes Your own analysis (see Deductive and Inductive Research Methods). Now. Let me help you in your research about TVI. In this case, have you been doing investigation outside the comforts of your home and your computer and the convenience of the internet? What I'm talking about is fieldwork. Why? because you don't have Primary Data to support your claim. Unlike my direct Testimonies from Philippine members and I bet from other countries (interviews from key persons). Those are very strong claims you have there and any kind of excuse for not properly doing research is inexcusable. Up until this time, after how many years you were investigating TVI was it? you don't even know how the company's finances work. Or maybe you don't even bother? You're actually asking me for answers. :)) Hahaha! You haven't even analyzed and figured out anything, ergo. You don't even have ALL the data required for you to come to a concrete conclusion that you want to prove (your thesis): That TVI, according to you, is a pyramid scheme. No, I will not point and spoon feed anything to you. You have to figure everything out for yourself. But I know the answer and I can point everything out to you if I wanted to. But you're investigating TVI, right? :) so I won't intervene. Gosh, I was expecting you figured everything out by now :) because you're so enthused about your claim. I'd give you a grade of D- for your investigation effort :) Oh and please, read up on the ethics in research while you're at it. Now, I've been wasting my time too long with you. :) Good bye :)

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

As expected, completely ignored Administrative Order No.8, what defines a pyramid scheme in the Philippines. Then followed up with a lot of hot air and "you have to figure everything out for yourself". Yep, just a long rant with no substance.

You claim to know data analysis, but you don't seem to be aware of anecdotal fallacy. In any case, you never disputed the business model of TVI Express is based on recruiting.

As you don't look like you're coming back, I won't have to deny your further comments as bogus rant.

Woot woot 4 years ago

@W - you are funny...I would like to share this link to you. This is the website of the court in Australia not from kschang. These three respondent are NOT'unscrupulousness of the marketing methods of SOME of it's NOT PROPERLY TRAINED MEMBERS, but it has been corrected and disciplined. Also, these three are now facing to pay huge amount of money plus court fees by the hundred thousands. I hope you will not be in the same boat.

You are quite sarcastic...unless you are a crown ambassador like I do. Oh by way, have you received your 'pool' yet, bacause we haven't. That's one reason why its a scam beside the Order No. 8. Have you ever cash you e-wallet through the system? Why, members have to beg for their money to be cash out? What you do in the Philippines, is to exchange the ewallet into evouchers and sells it to your next victims because to cash it out will be difficult and lenghty procedure.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA Author

@Woot Woot -- thanks, but I doubt he's coming back.

The problem is W just came here to rant. This particular hub is about a particular TVI Express member's lies, dissected to reveal what it really is. It is not really about TVI Express except as a side subject. The fact he chose to post his rant here shows he did no research, randomly looked up a few things on logic, and pretended he's an expert.

I have to admit his English skills seems to be quite decent, unlike many of the other TVI Express members who comment in my other TVI Express revelation hubs.

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