Testing Reflow on XBox and a Graphic Card

The young person continued to give me an XBox together with a video card for reflows.

He had opened the XBox mostly. I did not have difficulty to get the motherboard out of the box. However, the heat sink was clipped very tightly to the motherboard. I looked up in internet and found the trick to remove the X clip.

I cleaned up the video chip and applied soldering flux paste around it. I further sucked the flux paste underneath the chip before a reflow on the chip. I cooled it down slowly and waited for a while before applying thermal compound on it for putting the heat sink back.

I attempted to push the X clip back by hand but it did not go in. I checked the video in internet again. They were selling another parts to replace the X clip. To reuse the X clip, I figured that G clamp should be able to push the X clip back to position. With the G clamp in position, I turned its bar slowly and it pushed the X clip back to position. Since it was not a full xBox, I could not test it and will appreciate the young person to update me whether it works or not.

I did the same to reflow the video card. Although the young person gave me the DVI to VGA adapter, I did not have the power cable to test it. I ordered a power cable that I can test it in future.

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