Top Android Apps

Android is an operating system that runs a lot like the Java platform. This operating system creates mini apps for games and social pages played online. These mini apps are then used on smart phones which are typical tri-band cell phones. Similar to mobile applications for he iPhone and iTab offered through the Apple Store, Android applications can be purchased and downloaded through the Android Market, which is available online and through Android-enabled phones.

Android was created by a small company in Palo Alto, California. The makers of Android never intended on putting it into the mobile market of smart phones. Android was actually a relatively unknown company for many years. However, in the background, there was a big company looking into creating a mobile market and Android was just what this company needed. On July of 2005, Google acquired Android Inc. and on October 21, 2008, Android became available under the free software license. Today, there are many different brands of cell phones that are smart phones and can use Android apps.

Android Apps
Android Apps

There are over 100 models of smart phones that use the Android platform. With Android claiming large numbers of apps that continue to grow each day, it’s hard for consumers to know about all of the applications that are available through Android Market. Android has a lot of apps on the market today that are free to use, as well as a number of them available for purchase. For example, Double Twist offers one of the most popular Android apps for users. This app, known as AirSync, lets users sync iTunes playlists, songs, and videos wirelessly. AirSync allows the user to download the app to both the phone and computer. The app is available from Android Market or from Double Twist for $4.99.

The Amazon app allows users to read hundreds of magazines and newspapers from their phone, computer, or tablet device. Amazon users can pay per issue or pay full subscription price. For those who enjoy winter sports or live in mountainous areas, the SkiReport is an Android app worth looking into. SkiReport uses GPS to find ski resorts and provides ski reports for many areas. Detailed reports include snow fall amounts, as well as the snow level on the ground and conditions at many resorts.

If a user is into instant messaging, then the Meebo app is a nice Android app for instant messaging while on-the-go. Meebo allows users to engage in many chats at one time through many services. Another great app for 2011 is Documents To Go. This allows the user to view and use documents and spreadsheets on the go. However, the cost of the app is around $15.00. These are just a few of the top 2011 apps out right now. Additional Android apps are added on a daily basis, and users can continuously find various apps to meet w die variety of needs.

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