My new Nokia C3 [Specifications included]

Nokia C3!

The new Nokia C3
The new Nokia C3

About my new Nokia C3

Heya! So, this is my first Hub on here! And this one is going to be about my new Phone, my Nokia C3 (4 weeks old now!) Here, I'm going to tell you about my own review on the Nokia C3. I'll talk about everything related to it from the themes, specifications, launch date, display, camera, IM-ing, review and just everything that has to do with the new Nokia C3!

My new Nokia C3 is an absolutely wonderful phone. It is not very expensive and has almost everything one could ask for. You can stay connected to your friends all the time. Friends, Family, start a conversation anytime, wherever you are. Comment on your friends picture, tweet, anything you like.You can also make full use of the QWERTY keypad in the New Nokia C3. Sweet nothings with Girlfriends, night out with friends, casual chit chat with buddies. Do it all with the new Nokia C3. I am having a wonderful time with my C3. You'll never get enough of it. It's more that what you can ask for. Online or offline, you can make your presence felt with this phone. You can change the background or the theme and change everything you want to in your homepage. Live Facebook and Twitter feeds on your Homesceen, selecting your friends picture to call them, manage your email, chat, calender, etc. Access up to 10 email accounts which is incredible. Plus, there are two dedicated shortcut keys as well. Comes in with a few Games and downloadable too. You could download directly from the Ovi store too which is very helpful! You can like see everything so clearly on your display! Its absolutely wonderful. What's more unbelievable is that it comes with Wi-Fi! I know right, a phone for this rate with Wi-Fi! Brilliant! Wi-Fi is good with this phone too. The only thing that I find "not-very-good" about this phone is the Camera. The quality is bad. So if you are looking for a phone with a good quality camera this one is not yours. And the best part, if you're looking for everything else other than the camera, this should be yours, i.e. if you don't care about the Camera quality. Wi-Fi, Instant Messaging, QWERTY keypad! Best phone ever! Best one for that price rate! You can carry your social life wherever you go, because some things just can't wait! ;)

Nokia C3 Specifications:

General: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

Dimensions: 115.5 x 58.1 x 13.6 mm, 63.2 cc

Weight: 114 g

Volume: 63.2 cc

Available colours:

  • Slate Grey
  • Hot Pink
  • Golden White


  • Customisable home screen:
    • widgets
    • themes
    • shortcuts
  • Ringtones: AAC, eAAC+, MP3, WMA, MIDI
  • Video ringtones
  • Themes
  • Wallpapers
  • Ringtones
  • Pre-installed themes

Battery: Standard battery, Li-Ion 1320 mAh (BL-5J)

Stand by: Up to 800 h

Camera: 2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels

Video: QCIF@15fpsInternal Memory: 55 MB (expandable to up to 8 GB with microSD card)


  • Detailed contact information
  • Calendar
  • To-do list
  • Notes
  • Recorder
  • Calculator
  • Clock
  • Converter

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Comments 12 comments

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 6 years ago

Looks like a good phone. What's the price?

Don Ship profile image

Don Ship 6 years ago Author

It's really inexpensive! Say around $120-130!?

Jeannie 5 years ago

I cannot for the life of my locate my converter. I have even done a google search and still can't find it. I am assuming the converter they are advertising is a unit converter? At least that is what was used to sell the phone to me.

Don Ship profile image

Don Ship 5 years ago Author

I don't quite get your question Jeannie! =S

naam 5 years ago

I too have Nokia C3. I feel accessing internet (mail, fb....) is very slow via both Wi-fi & question is I have a 2gb card..if I increase this to 8gb can internet access be faster?

Don Ship profile image

Don Ship 5 years ago Author

The memory card doesn't have anything to do with your speed. The speed should be quite fast actually. Contact your operator, that may help! Everything works perfectly with me. Hope that helps! =)

sarah 5 years ago

i have a nokia c3 & i hate it :(

it wont let me connect to the wifi in my house, the internet is really slow & i cant connect to the ovi store because it says i have to upgrade my ovi store but i don't know how.? if you know how can you please help :(

i used my nokia to get onto the internet and i downloaded he fb chat app but when i go onto it these a little gold key covering the picture & it never fully loads.!

please help.

Don Ship profile image

Don Ship 5 years ago Author

Sarah, the wifi in your house works on everything else, right? Mine works fine! Oh, and try updating your software. You can do that by going to Settings > Phone > Phone Updates > Download Phone Software. The internet is kind of fast for me. Actually, brilliant. I guess it's just a software problem for you. So, try updating it and then tell me if it helped or not. I'll be here!

Hope that helped. =)

AHMAD 4 years ago


Hareb 4 years ago

I kinda have problem downloading anythng is just saying downloading n stays tht way forever :/

Hareb 4 years ago

N i tried updating the software but it just says no network connection , unable to download.. Although its connected...

I just bought it yesterday ...

Lilie 4 years ago

The nokia c3 works brilliant for me! :) I brought it in black, brand new from eBay, came with charger plus a pair of earphones to listen to the radio (!) including a microphone to speak into whilst on the phone. I had a few problems, keyboard wise, that when i pressed Q it came up with A and when i pressed A it came up with Q. Also it only gave you 3 secs to use the video camera. But as soon as i updated it, everything went just fine, and the c3 is a pleasure to use. I adore the silky buttons, the full QWERTY keyboard all squeaky and shiny new. I totally recommend this phone, it has everything.

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