This is Not a Number

The "This is not a number!" ERROR
The "This is not a number!" ERROR

"This is not a number" Error in PHPMyAdmin

While creating an SQL database in PHPMyAdmin, I repeatedly faced this error and after searching the web for a solution, I got nothing useful. Someone who asked about it in a forum was laughed at and was told to press the save button with more force and eventually it will work. People do not blog about less searched keywords, so I didn't really find a good post on this topic.

Finally I resolved the error by  making all the field types either TEXT, ENUM or SET; it continually gave error while the type was VARCHAR. But this obviously wasn't the rite way to do it as some values have to be VARCHAR. So, I asked a friend and he told me to enter length in the third column, I did it and everything went alright.

So, the bottom line is that In case you get this error, fill the "Length/Values" field.

The Right Method
The Right Method
Finally! The table was created!
Finally! The table was created!

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MyWebs profile image

MyWebs 6 years ago from Sheridan, WY

I have got that error before several times. That PHPMyAdmin error message is rather vague.

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 6 years ago Author

Exactly, it really is quite vague, not like the other errors where messages are quite self explanatory.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

Open source and community-supported software is notoriously deficient in diagnostics and technical documentation. Typical programmers don't enjoy tweaking their work to that extent.

nihirop 6 years ago

thanks! it solved my problem. such a headache!

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 6 years ago Author

nihirop, I know, I have been through this and found it to be more than a headache. :P

sadikshya 5 years ago

thank u so much for the solution...i too had same problem.

imak 5 years ago

thanks a lot for the info. that helped!

Alex 5 years ago

This error often comes up when people choose the "VARCHAR" data-type for the field's 'Type' but then forget / fail to specify the max-length in in the 'Length/Values' field next to it. If you're telling MySQL that the field is a VARCHAR, you need to tell it the max length (from 1 up to 255 characters) that field will need to hold. If you're going to store more than 255 characters, use a TEXT or MEMO type.

priyanka 5 years ago

hey thanks a lot it really helped me....

Richard 5 years ago

Thank you. Very helpful. I saw the other forum where they were told to press it harder...

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 5 years ago Author

Richard, I remember going through that forum when I was looking for a solution.

Thank you all for your comments!

Kelly 5 years ago

Thank you *so* much.

omar 5 years ago

thank you!

tharindudoo 5 years ago

Thanxx,,you save me

viki 5 years ago

Thanz man

Tolis 5 years ago

Thanks a lot pal

h27472 5 years ago

thank you soooooo much, I was going insane asking myself WHAT is not a number!?

I also came across the same thread you talk about. People are just so rude.

You were very helpful :D

Modular 5 years ago

Thanks a million.

Shishir 5 years ago

Really, tahnks a looootttt.......

tzs 5 years ago

Thank you!

5 years ago

Thanks for being so helpful. :)

saran 5 years ago

thank you very much ...that was use full for me :)

Nathan 4 years ago

Thanks that saved me time as well, very helpful!

Axelander 4 years ago

Than you, it is useful, a lot more useful than post on that forum. You should have included link or something of the sort so that people would see.

josh 4 years ago

Thanks, my table was finally created!

sarah 4 years ago

thanks a million - saved me lots of energy!

gegegee1 4 years ago

soooooooooooooooo cooooool man, u are the real valuable guy, indeed the blogs are talking trash about it, u got that answer, thumbs up!

4 years ago

Thank you, this was really helpful!

Kayser Söse 4 years ago

Diddent work.. all my varchar values has 255

Thanks for the tips anyway! But i will have to try to press even harder. Brute?

vinod 4 years ago

thanks .........!!

Sara 4 years ago

Thanks man :)

Really Helped me out

Sharon 4 years ago

Thank you for the helpful hub!

LinCom 4 years ago

$r1 = -31.03;

$r2 = 28.63;

$r5 = log($r1/$r2);

This is generating Nan error, can you solve it.

**r1 and $r2 are two different expression output obtained from array;

Sandip Bastapure 4 years ago

Realy thanks a lot!

elpop 4 years ago

Thank you :)

Murali 4 years ago

Thank you.

Great post

Anon 4 years ago

Thanks good post

Mansoor Gombe 4 years ago

But i tried to fill in the length/Value But is still poping the same error message. any suggestion guys? tnx

rifki 4 years ago

hahahaha thanks a lot !!!

umer 4 years ago

thanks a lot bro man , ...

apoorv 4 years ago

Thanks man...i was facing the same problem.

Vicky 4 years ago

This still gave me error when I used a BLOB datatype in the field, So I created the new table without the blob object . later updated with the field which has BLOB datatype and it worked . HTH

sama 4 years ago

thank you that's so useful ^^

charu 4 years ago

thanks it helped me a lot

snowdog 4 years ago

Thank you!

lzinna 4 years ago

Thank you so much!!

Dharsh 3 years ago

You just saved my head from bursting!!

Hail Ultimate Hubber!!!

cb...! 3 years ago

its easy way try to change ur collation value as "general latin_cs"

ramabu 3 years ago

I tried that and it still gives me the same error

Shraddha 3 years ago

Thank You !!

kid 3 years ago

thanks so much

Anand 3 years ago

thanks solved the problem in just one click on google find this link and solved...

Abdul 3 years ago

I tried pressing the Save button with force! ;-) LOL

Thanks for your help!

xa. 3 years ago

Thanks so much. This error was frustrating me so much...I kept asking the screen "WHAT is not a number?!?!?!?"

Shannon 3 years ago

Thank you! I was getting so frustrated with that error, it's too vague to be useful!

ganesh 3 years ago

thanks this works

visiting helper 3 years ago

I did enter the values for the length/values column and the error message was still there. Then I closed PHPMyAdmin and started the whole process again and the creation of the table was a success.

asdf 3 years ago

thank u.

Yahia 3 years ago

Thank you

Kashif 2 years ago

Thankyou :)

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