Tired of Craigslist spam? See here if the email you got has been blacklisted!

If you are like me, you list alot of stuff for sale on Craiglist versus Ebay. Not only is the site easier to manage and completelly free, its all local so the stuff you sell, usually sells for the right price you want and its quick and easy.

Unfortunately, with as with any unmoderated system, there is rampant spam on craiglist in the form of emails you get back from potential customers. They semingly use the great emails that sound like real people and after the second email you find out they are fake and just harvesting your email to sell to some company later.

I looked all over the internet for a database of known spammers emails and came to no availability, The purpose of this hub is to get my own list going, and since Google indexes Hubpages comments, you can freely add to the list as a comment.

Please make sure the email is actually spam, by either their first (generic) email or someone you've tried to talk to before and they want you to ship an item or ask for some kind of money transfer.

Lock it down!
Lock it down!

This is my current list of spammers that use generic emails like:

  • still have it???
  • its still available and in a good condition?
  • I believe you still have this item available . Please get back to me with final price and pictures.
  • I will like to know if you still have the item for sale...
  • is it up for sale?

They are usually easy to spot with either spelling errors and grammar mistakes, asking for more pictures when you already have a bunch of high quality ones available, or not following the intructions posted on your ad.

HOW TO COMBAT SPAM: You should always ask potential buyers to put an identifier in the subject or body of the message like: please answer what 2+2= on the subject of your email so I know you are not spam, or what is the capital of Georgia, something easy but sightly trivial so a spam bot cant catch it.)

Use the email list below and add your own known spammers as comments, this will be indexed by google and searchable by future Craigslisters. Hopefully craigslist will implement something like this in the future but even with the new captchas they cant seem to catch them all.

best of luck to you and yours and happy CLing!

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My own personal list of known spammers:


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