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Many current cars are pre- equipped with a GPS navigation system, but if not, TomTom is one of the top providers in GPS navigation gadgets and tools for your car. You can view color maps that are pre- set, listen to weather and traffic reports, and more. Just pick the right GPS for your traveling needs, and you'll be all set.

TomTom is just one of the few top providers for GPS gadgets and tools. Below are the top three GPS navigation tools by TomTom.

TomTom GO 920 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator

The TomTom GO 920 has a 4 GB internal Flash with a 4.3 inch color LCD screen. This GPS navigation tool is pre- loaded with color maps of the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The gadget includes bluetooth for hand- free calling.

There is a rechargeable internal 5 hour lithium battery.

So, for the basics, you got it. I like this TomTom gadget because it's portable and offers new technology at your finger tips.

TomTom ONE XL Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator

The TomTom One XL features a 4.3" LCD widescreen, which enhances viewing the color maps of the United States and Canada.

This GPS gadget by TomTom features turn- by- turn voice instructions.

It includes bluetooth to give you access to the TomTom subscription services.

And, as an option, you can opt for the RDS- TMC radio that provides live traffic reports.

TomTom GO 720 Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

Another portable GPS gadget by TomTom, this GPS navigation tool is pre- equipped with color maps of the United States and Canada, so you can definitely take it on the road with you.

The GPS tool understands voice instructions and street names, to which you can view the maps on the 4.3" widescreen LCD.

The GPS tool is equipped with bluetooth for hands- free calls on your cell phone, and traffic and weather reports via the TomTom Plus program.

There's even an MP3 player and photo viewer feature. You can get directions via the FM transmitter straight from your car speakers.

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