Ubuntu 10.10 New Features

Concept art for Ubuntu 10.10
Concept art for Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 10.04, is well on its way towards its release date later this April (Update: It has already been released now). The developers at Canonical, who work in improving Ubuntu, have already started the process of planning for the up and coming Maveric Meercat. Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu, revealed several days ago in his blog that Ubuntu 10.10, will be named not Mighty Manx, which some people rumored, but Maverick Meerkat.

Myth Debunked: Why Maveric Meercat while Mighty Manx sounds so much better?

The name given to Ubuntu 10.10 was chosen because the meercat represents Ubuntu's social and to-be even light characteristic.


Lucid Lynx, being a long-term LTS edition, was and is designed to not necessarily break new grounds with exciting new features, but rather fix and improve some problems in Ubuntu 9.10. Mark Shuttleworth says we can "expect to see a return to experimentation in the 10.10 release, with the potential for some radical changes." Some of the changes are so "radical," it may take a bit in getting used to it.

A new Radical Interface - Gnome 3.0

Not all planned changes will take place. But one of those changes are for certain, Gnome 3. Gnome 3 will bring in an overhaul to the user interface by removing Gnome altogether and creating the Gnome Shell. The GNOME Shell is currently in active development and while many planned features are not yet implemented it is stable enough for everyday use. atwww.live.gnome.org , you can see how to install Gnome 3 on your distribution of Linux,here. A more stable version is scheduled to be released in September 2010. Note that there are quite a few bugs in the current release and it may be choppy at times, but I think it's worth it. Here is a video of Gnome 3 in action. If you want simplicity, stick with Gnome 2.x. If you want the leading edge features and a serveral glitches, go for 3.0.

UPDATE: Due to delays in the development of Gnome 3.0, it will not be replacing Gnome 2.x come October. The new release is March 2011.

Splash screen

When you boot up, you see the purple background and the word Ubuntu. Several people think this should be changed to something like OpenSUSE's colorful splash screen.

A new Default Browser

Firefox is starting to lose it's luster and the people at Debian are taking a second look at Chrome. Chrome uses less resources than Firefox, is very fast, simple interface, and has a large database of plugins already. Like Firefox, you can customize the look of Chrome, but not to the extent of Firefox's customizable capabilities. Unlike Firefox, Chrome and Chromium (the true open source version of Chrome) comes in two flavors - 32-bit and 64-bit. This will make the browsing experience in Ubuntu even faster.

Speed...and lots of it.

A new kernel ( version 2.6.35) should speed up boot times considerably and the overall speed of Maverick Meerkat. The video below demonstrates how fast the early alpha version really is.

An Overview of the Alpha Release

Release Date

It's not for certain, but the first beta release date according to Ubuntu's website is to be in September 2nd 2010. The final release according to Mark Shuttleworth, is to be October 28, 2010. This is exactly 6 months from Ubuntu 10.04's release in April, give or take a couple seconds.

Here's the list of all the release dates so far:

RELEASED - Daily builds can be found and downloaded here

June 03rd, 2010 – Alpha 1 released

July 1st , 2010 – Alpha 2 released

August 12th, 2010 – Alpha 3 released

September 2nd, 2010 – Alpha 4/Beta released

September 23th , 2010 – Beta 2 released

October 1st , 2010 – Release Candidate!

October 10th, 2010 – Final release of Ubuntu 10.10!

For more frequent updates of release dates, you can visit the official Wiki documentation.

Help out the Community

If you'd like to give back to the community, you can try out the Alpha (unstable) or the Beta (stable) versions of Ubuntu and report any bugs or rough edges that you may discover. You will help speed up the development of Ubuntu, and have a fuzzy feeling inside of you.

To upgrade to the latest release of Ubuntu 10.10 on a desktop system, press ALT+F2 and type in "update-manager-d". Update manager should open up and tell you: New distribution release 10.10 is available. Click "upgrade" and follow the on-screen instructions. As of now, Maverick Meerkat is rather stable and nearing the beta releases.

For new users who also want to help, you can browse through the threads and answer a few questions at ubuntuforums.org .

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Darth Vader 6 years ago


TheMixtureMedia 6 years ago

Why would anyone in there right mind vote for windows its Ubuntu or nothing.

MrRichard profile image

MrRichard 6 years ago from Canada Author

@TheMixtureMedia, Too true. Unfortunately, many people aren't in their right mind :)

ashokumar 6 years ago

mint is also derived from ubuntu ,so ubntu's vote goes higher

Name 6 years ago

@ashokumar Actually I just found out mint is no longer using Ubuntu as a base. They now use Debian. Which is what Ubuntu uses as a base, so in their words, they are "cutting out the middle man."

MrinalSaurabh 6 years ago

Ubuntu is good... but Kubuntu is even better...,

iBuntu-weBuntu-uBuntu 6 years ago

Windows is for kids

MrRichard profile image

MrRichard 6 years ago from Canada Author

@iBuntu-weBuntu-uBuntu Not necessarily. Windows is great for professionals, as their software is not yet supported on Linux i.e. Adobe CS.

Jonnicc 6 years ago

Windows 7 is plagued with the same legacy problem it has always had...NO root, and NO Administration password verification! All *nix requires this, and that is going to be the Achilles Heel in Windows. A vulnerability that will be the undoing of millions of systems! That cracker is out there...somewhere, planning their big attack.

Paul Ward 6 years ago

Its UBUNTU all the way for me (and my wife and mother - who's 80 !!!) - PC's Laptops are getting faster and bigger - why? So they can run Windows BLOATWARE.

What amazes me is WHY people actually PAY MONEY for that second rate T-Bag software.

In a way I feel quite guilty in using an O/S and software which is really good and free to use . I really wish I could afford to pay something towards keeping it going OR be clever enough to do some development work on LINUX.

I'm in the UK and I can run everything I need to run in Ubuntu without having to worry about licenses. Ling live Linux

AllanH 6 years ago

Hello, I switched from Windows to full Ubuntu about 2 years ago. At first I was concerned that I would be at a loss without some Windows programs. This is now not an issue as I have a full system that allows me to do all and more than before my venture in to Ubuntu. Great stuff.

Compiz Addict 6 years ago

To all people who voted for Windows: EEEEEEWWWWW!! The Windows XP theme actually made me feel sick once (not even joking, it was the nasty yellow in the start menu).

Well, Windows 7 isn't that bad... but Ubuntu is still 100x better.

trans 6 years ago

I vote for suse.But I respect ubuntu. I have XP on the other small 20GB partition, haven't used since months. Thinking of transforming into Linux completely.

tassadar 6 years ago

It's very unfair to put ubuntu into the roll without paralleling debian

sasikumar 6 years ago

Ubuntu server good

dima 6 years ago

Ubuntu Studio good

eUbuntu  6 years ago

If anyone heard about Ubuntu and still uses windows. wait, why they call it windows in the first place??

CY 6 years ago

Boot up time on my old P4 with 10.04 - about 30 seconds.

Boot up time on the same machine with XP SP2 - I should start making dinner and come back for it.

Buying a new multi-core systems and it will be 10.10 Ubuntu running with wine for some windows applications. Though, it did take a while to get my WIFI working, but it is worth it.

MrRichard profile image

MrRichard 6 years ago from Canada Author

@CY Yeah, WiFi isn't Ubuntu's strong point. But it sure is fast...very fast.

Rahm 6 years ago

If Microsoft office and Visio (or comparable software) is ported to Ubuntu/Opensuse, it will be the end of Microsoft operating systems.

MrRichard profile image

MrRichard 6 years ago from Canada Author

@Rahm You can use Microsoft Office by installing it through WINE or Play on Linux.

Tim 6 years ago

Everyone who's saying Windows is for kids...no. Windows is for people who need to use programs that only run in Windows. Believe it or not, PCs are sometimes an essential tool for some people who have to work with them everyday and there's a lot of specialist software that Ubuntu can't run.

I use Ubuntu for personal use (i.e. browsing, daily use) and Windows for work.

jehoshuah 6 years ago

Guys don't ever forget the great "free and open source software movement", the newcomers are just blinded by Ubuntu and many know nothing about its origin.

Sammy 6 years ago

ive tried ubuntu in my first use i can say good but it is much better during installation ubuntu can recognized the same partion with the leading OS cause the problem is you have to back up all the files because in a separate drive......

Mark  6 years ago

switched to linux bout 5 yrs ago,think i've played with most dists by now, the first year after many hd formats decided to stick with ubuntu , have not formatted for at least 4 yrs now even after upgrading drive size & upgrading ,started with intrepid on a 360 gig dive ,now up to 2 hard drives 1 & 2 terr with same original install,gotta love clonzilla! ubuntu maverick rocks ,cant wait for natty,p.s. finally talked my wife into letting me format her win vista laptop & install maverick LOL not missin winblows here!!!

MrRichard profile image

MrRichard 6 years ago from Canada Author

@Mark it's amazing to hear the growth of the Linux community. Way to go!

mauser1891 6 years ago

linux.... Freedom of Choice.

Preference of deployment on my clients machines, depending on user ability to adapt to other graphical user or command line interface, and needs.

linux - aptosid (unstable), Linux Mint Debian Edition (testing), Debian GNU/Linux (stable), MoonOS.

*BSD - FreeBSD else PCBSD

Usually retaining original MS Windows for dual-boot for those client app/game dependacies.

raju patel 6 years ago

ubuntu is really operating system

before using i thought window is best but

after using ubuntu 10.10 i forget window.

window is still worst compare to ubuntu

ubuntu 6 years ago

ubuntu is better but your professionalism turns you back to windows.

MrRichard profile image

MrRichard 6 years ago from Canada Author

What are you talking about? Ubuntu and other Linux distros have been used on millions of servers worldwide. Why would scientists put Linux on their supercomputers if it were unprofessional?

govindarajan 6 years ago

It's an article about ubuntu and it's obvious that many will vote for ubuntu (I am not saying its wrong)

MrRichard profile image

MrRichard 6 years ago from Canada Author

@govindarajan, I know, but it's just allows visitors to interact a bit :)

Mr. "J" 5 years ago

I started using Ubuntu on my laptop about two years ago. It all started after purchasing a Lenovo with Windows Vista. What an ugly OS! It took ages to boot, and nothing said about the rest... I discovered Ubuntu and gave it a shot, after seeing it work, I formatted my computer and now it only works with Ubuntu. It is the best that has happened. Keep it up!

Rahat 5 years ago

My best window ubuntu 10.10

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