How to unblock any website by using cmd and some webites

There ara alot of webistes and softwares offering people that they can surf anomymously or unblock any website. I have also written a hub on how to unblock websites using different proxy servers and softwares.

But here in this short hub i wud go with a simple a nice trick to unblock any website without usnig any software or proxy server and the blocked website could be surfed at the same speed, as proxy servers and surfing softwares cause to slow down the internet surfing.

Anyhow, the trick is all about to knowing the IP address of the blocked website and then opening that website by inputing that IP address in the Address bar of your internet browser. For Exaple the Youtube is blocked in our university campuse' computer labs but I access the Youtube by it's IP address.

Like I dont type, instead I go with and then I get the access to the Youtube.

Now the question is that how we can find the IP address of any particular website? So the solution is that , that actually there alot many ways. You can go to your command prompt and then ping the website, with the syntax "ping" (without quotes). Where you can replace the Youtube with any website.

Second way is to find the IP online. This could be done by trying the different onilne network lookup services. For example and are my favorites. More could be find by searching the google with "find website ip" or similar keywords.

Some IP addresses of the most popular websites are:

Orkut -

MySpace -

FaceBook -

Yahoo -

MetaCafe -

DailyMotion -

But one thing should be kept in mind that this trick is all about just unblocking a blocked website, it does'nt mean that you are surfing that website anonymously.

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sonu 7 years ago

this formula is very old...wake up and try something else....

praveen 7 years ago

very old not working......

kr 6 years ago

no use with this ip addresses.

Zia Ur Rahman Baig 6 years ago

I have tried it but it not work.

ghostfighter14344 3 years ago

yeah its not working anymore

Usama Aziz 2 years ago

Good work. I really like your article. Thanks alot for your effort. how to Unblock youtube in Pakistan

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