Unlocking Reliance 3g tab


This unlocking guide is only for educational purpose and any attempt to unlock your or others’ tab with or without permission is your responsibility. I shall not be held liable for any loss of your personal data or damage to your reliance 3g tab. I don’t take the credit for creating the guide but I am only a medium to deliver this guide to all those who wanted to know about unlocking reliance 3g tab. And I repeat that this guide is only for educational purpose and I will be not responsible for anything that you do or don’t do on your tab.

I had been looking for a way to unlock my reliance 3g tab since I got this device as I don’t like their network. Reliance tab is a great device and if able to you with other networks it would be awesome and it is awesome. Now I use my other network’s sim in my “reliance tab” with no problems and additionally I have got more internal storage place then before. Thanks to some people who have done a great job in providing the tools to unlock my tab.

So here is the most awaited guide for you people who have been searching for a way to use other network’s sim card on the tab. Although it is not a very difficult task, I will suggest that you go through the whole procedure first till the end so that you know beforehand that you can complete the task or not.

To unlock your reliance 3g tab firstly you will need following things

1. Your reliance tab with its usb data cable.

2. A computer with windows xp/vista/7 and reliance 3g tab pc suite installed on it.

3. A rar file which can be downloaded from the following link: Jugaad.rar

4. Winrar software which I hope you have it installed on your pc (if not google it).

Extract the jugaad.rar file on your desktop.

Now the real deal starts from here

1. Backup your contacts, messages and other useful data from your tab and remove your SD card and sim card from your tab. (Also Save your tab’s Wi-Fi Mac address which can be noted from Settings>About Phone>Status>Wi-Fi Mac Address)

2. Removing sd card will require you to power off your reliance tab. Don’t switch it on again and if you do for any reason then switch it back off before continuing with the 3rd step.

3. Now, press Volume - button and hold for a few seconds and without releasing it, press power button and hold both buttons. Hold it for approximately 10 seconds. If you do it correctly then your tab will enter in FTM mode (i.e. you will see FTM written on the screen with white background). If your phone does not enter in FTM mode then switch off the phone and repeat step 3.

4. Connect your reliance tab with the PC in which you extracted jugaad.rar file.

5. Open Device manager in your computer (For XP users: Start Menu>Right Click on My Computer>Properties>Hardware>Device Manager. For Vista/7 users: Start>Right Click on Computer>Properties>device manager)

6. Expand the Ports Section on the device manager window by clicking + sign. ZTE Handset Diagnostic Interface (DFU) will be visible in the list with a COM port number (for example: com 22, com12 etc). Note down the COM port number.

7. Now, Open the Jugaad folder extracted on the desktop.

Open File: Sales_MultiDL_MSM7227_patched.exe (A window will open with title: V9 flasher patched by radmir)

8. Click on Options > Port Config.

On Line 1----DIAG select the com port number you previously noted from the device manager.

9. If you followed steps 1 to 8 correctly then your tab’s name will be visible in the SW section and at the right side of it a Ready signal will be seen. Repeat steps 1-8 if something went wrong!

10. Now from the “Action Mode” section at the bottom of the window select “BackUp NV” option and Start All.

Note: Make Sure you select backup NV option before clicking Start All button.

11. Wait for some time. In the Jugaad folder at the desktop a file named Channel1.nvm (around 70 KB) will be created. Copy the file in My Documents folder as a backup. This file contains the IMEI number of your tab and can be used to restore the IMEI number if you lose it accidentally.

12. Come back to the “V9 flasher window”. In the “Action Mode” section select “Download”. Click on “SW Directory” option and then select the directory of “files” folder in the jugaad folder on the desktop and click OK.

13. Now check that you did everything right on step number 12. If everything is right then click on “Start All”.

14. After about 5 minutes the software will finish its task. Disconnect your phone from PC after it is done and remove the battery from the “Unlocked Reliance Tab”.

15. After about 5-10 seconds insert the battery again and switch on the tab. This time only power button will be needed to switch on and enjoy with your unlocked reliance 3g tab.

Changes that you will notice after Unlocking the tab

1.You have an unlocked Reliance 3g tab with you.

2.The power-on style is changed (image is changed, no annoying reliance music)

3.Many applications that ate too much internal storage of the tab has been removed (like orkut, gmail, facebook etc). These apps can be installed again from the market!

4.Now, you have more internal storage (275 MB).

5.Faster than before!

Please Pray for Yuvraj Singh Yuvraj Singh Suffering from cancer

if you have any questions feel free to ask here 125 comments

sunny.m 5 years ago

thank you soooooooooooooo much dear

al 5 years ago

Thanks dear

Piyush 5 years ago

Amazing dude

sanjay 5 years ago

lost wifi,Bluetooth,front cam stopped working

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 5 years ago Author

@sanjay- are u sure? did anyone else have the same problem here?

manish 5 years ago

thank u very much sir

Ali 5 years ago

I have a tab i want to unlock please what do you advice.

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 5 years ago Author


U can follow the steps written in the article and u wil get ur tab unlocked

Ur4tune 5 years ago

It is 100% working, BUT Wify settings (MAC address) have been changed and TAB is not connecting with WIFY Service ....... Still Thanks a ton

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 5 years ago Author


I have got the way of making wifi work again.. I hope you have copied ur old wifi mac address before unlocking it as i mentioned it in guide. If not then also i hope it will start working. I will be posting the detailed guide as soon as possible.


ramjit 5 years ago

thank you dear, some technician was asking 1000 rs from me but i did myself by your help.100% working.

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

I am glad that i can be of any help Ramjit :) thank you

Aniket 4 years ago

my SMS icon is not visible. so i cannot send message, can we revert the settings to the default ?

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@aniket - download handcent sms or any other sms app from tha market..


Pranav 4 years ago

Hi Mohit

i have gone through the article and will be trying to unlock the tab today. even i was very upset with the pre-loaded apps and front camera not working for video calling. i tried skype and normal 3g calling also.

now before i try unlocking any other update which need to be aware about other then the above mentioned?

Thanks in advance for the steps.

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

Hi pranav..everything mentined above is all u need to take care of..all the best for unlocking the tab

Pranav 4 years ago

hey mohit, thanks dear. the tab is unlocked but the issue with the wireless has set it. it wont connect to the wireless. i checked the wifi mac and it is different than what it was earlier.

could u pls help with the wifi issue also as wifi is the way how i go online mostly.

pranav 4 years ago

hey one more issue. whe i switch on the tab it is giving me air india wallpaper. can i change it ?

Pranav 4 years ago

hello mohit

i am still waiting for the post. do u have any success in finding a solution for the wireless mac issue.

i tried to google for "Restoring Mac" n it suggested to use Hexadecimal editor but i failed to use it. see if have any luck on it.

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@pranav..google "wifi issue resolved reliance 3g tab" i can't post the link here so u'll have to search..I think it will take u to capt. sarthi's blog..ur tab will get its wifi back


profile image

prkanwar 4 years ago

(Pranav): k great will search n try to fix it. :-)

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

sure! msg me if you have any problem after that..thanks!

profile image

prkanwar 4 years ago

i did check his blog in the afternoon but it gave me error while doing on of the steps as port busy. will try it again tomorrow. will post if am successful. :-)

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

yes..try again..i have done it on my tab..and its working..

Abdul Momin 4 years ago

Hi Mohit, I understand that Sarthi has also reformatted the partitioning table, so does it affect applications tht open up - like some apps getting low cache memory to expand etc?

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@Abdul Momin- I can't say..but i know that after unlocking my tab it works a little faster than it used to..i hope capt sarthi will be able to answer your querry..


vivek 4 years ago

thx bro,, my reliance 3g tab now unlocked and rooted bt problem with wifi,, suggest how to correct mac address

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@vivek-u r welcome..for wifi mac issued please go through about comments..i've discussed it with pranav..

Rahul 4 years ago

can't the reliance distributer help us to unlock it???

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@rahul- i don't think so..why would they provide unlock code..they want people to use their network!

profile image

prkanwar 4 years ago

Hey mohit,

wifi still not working

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

Hey pranav...might be possible that u r making some mistake...because my wifi is working...but i know that sarthi's steps might be a little confusing so i will make an easy guide..


profile image

prkanwar 4 years ago

sorry bro, i tried it again and it works now. thank u very much for helping .

heyguys mohit rocks

profile image

mehul3g 4 years ago

I want to unlock my reliance tab.But i have just purchased it 4 months ago.Just wanted to know that after unlocking is there a way to revert back to factory setting,that is back from unlocked to locked state.The reason behind this is because if there are any hardware issues or problems in the warranty period,then i can get it rectified from reliance in the warranty period.Else,if i break the lock code,reliance will not honor the warranty.Appreciate if someone can throw light on this as to how to avoid warranty period issues.However i am very eager to unlock my 3g tab and use it to its full potential.Thanks.

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@mehul3g-Firstly, there is no way to go back to factory settings after unlocking. Secondly, there are no hardware or software issues if you unlock your tab, however you will lose the warranty for the tab. Anyway if after unlocking, there is some problem, then you can "brick your reliance tab". google "bricking android devices" to know more.

profile image

prkanwar 4 years ago

Hey Mohit,

i have one more question. i wanted to make video calls using my RTab, but it wont let me.

As you already know i have unlocked my tab and i have the Reliance OEM OS back on the tab. I have used video calling on my Corby Pro. when i used the same sim on my tab it does not work.

When i went to R World outlet the dealing person told me some Indian Act has prohibited video calling on Tab. i somehow feel that the information provided to me is not right. I tried looking for the answers on Google but could not find much answers.

I think u also use R tab. Are u able to use video calling ? if yes then pls tell me what is it that i am missing?

****To answer mehul3g's question. I think as we have the option to load the Reliance OEM OS back i don't think those people would be able to know that we have unlocked the set. just make sure that u have there OEM OS installed again on the computer. So right now everything on mu R tab is same as i bought it just that i can use any service provider.****


profile image

mehul3g 4 years ago

thanks Pranav and Mohit.But can u guide me as to how to load Reliance OEM OS back? I am not an expert.How do i go about doing this? Is the OEM OS to be downloaded from some link? If so,then from which link. What is the procedure?

profile image

prkanwar 4 years ago

"Mohit: .google "wifi issue resolved reliance 3g tab" i can't post the link here so u'll have to search..I think it will take u to capt. sarthi's blog..ur tab will get its wifi back"

Pls read through the above mentioned reply from Mohit. this will open an article which will have the steps on restoring ur wifi mac and also restoring the OEM OS.

Please make sure you read both the articles. i made same mistake i read part of the article but dint read it through.

So in short. follow the steps mentioned by mohit first. then ur tab will be unlocked and ready to use.

the issue which u will face would be u wont have OEM OS and wifi might not work.

so u follow the steps in the above mentioned article and using the hexa-decimal editor restore ur wifi mac address. lastly if u want OEM OS then u do the same. the tab would remain unlocked even after loading the default OS.

As told by Mohit. Pls make sure u copy the MAC address and IMEI no# of the tab in advance.

@Mohit - Pls correct me and add ur comments for Mehul's Question if anything is left.

Secondly pls tell me about video calling. if the video calling is possible on Rtab.


profile image

mehul3g 4 years ago

thanx Pranav.

So,Basically,u mean that first i should follow mohits steps.then i should follow the steps for Oem os and wifi,right?

Secondly,As u have unlocked ur reliance tab,would like to confirm whether other functions like touchscreen,gravity sensors,Bluetooth,front and rear camera are working after unlocking and whether there are any hanging problems ?

Thirdly,about video calling,it works on an application called "TANGO" as per my experience.

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@pranav- i think u said it all...and for video calls u can try as mehul said..i never used video calls...but i find any other solution yen i will tell you..

@ mehul-yes you need to unlock your tab with the above steps and then follow steps to restore ur wifi..ur tab will work just fine..there is no problem noted with the tuch,sensors or any thing else..


profile image

mehul3g 4 years ago

Thanks Mohit and Pranav for the help.

I understood the procedure for unlocking tab and restoring wifi.

But, as mentioned by Pranav,can u tell me where i can find steps for bringing back the original OEM OS after unlocking tab and restoring wifi ?

I did not find steps for bringing back the original OEM OS on capt Sarthi's blog.

AMIT 4 years ago

HI Mohit

how to save mac address reliance tab.my tab mac address unavailable before unlock.

AMIT 4 years ago

thanks bro

my tab is unlocked,i was noted the mac address before unlock, but how to change mac address after unlock

plz reply me

tanks again

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@amit- please read above comments for wifi issues..its been discussed before.!!


atif 4 years ago

thnx bro.

Nilesh 4 years ago

Hi Mohit,

Will the Other operators Card works if we unlock the RTAB

profile image

mehul3g 4 years ago

Hey Mohit,as mentioned in my previous post,can u guide me as to how to bring back the original OEM OS after unlocking tab and restoring wifi.

Waiting for ur reply

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@Mehul- Unlocking will not change your OEM...Your device will work on the same zte kernel that was before unlocking.

paritosh 4 years ago

u have mentioned reliance 3g tab pc suite installed in computer is it same zte v9c pc suite if it is then where i find it.

paritosh 4 years ago

plz tell me which android pc suite i should to install if I don't have any pc suite in my pc. Is it avilable for free.

I m egar to unlock my tab.

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@paritosh -the pc suite that came with your tab, yes it is free

Paritosh 4 years ago

But the mobile shope delar has not provide me any cd named pc suite.

Paritosh 4 years ago

Is pc sute avlable on net for free

Pranav 4 years ago

connect the tab to the computer and u will have a autorun menu .... that will install the phone software .... so no need to the disc.

paritosh 4 years ago

thanks pranav

Giduthuri 4 years ago

Kudo's to the pain you have taken. Is this unlocking or Patching a new software..

ajay 4 years ago

after unlocking i have lost my sms softwar and internet is not working .plz help me

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@Giduthuri- These are steps to unlock tab..thanks

@ajay- please read whole post and comments..it has been discussed!

Sahil Verma 4 years ago

Hi Mohit,

Myself sahil,

i just unlocked my tab using capt sarthis steps

i must say the tab is working faster than before, but i find the keybord to be slower to working. though that's not much of an issue..

One thing i would like to as is ?

the rom you are providing is identical to sarthi's and hence guess all the characteristics will be same.

i want to remove the zeam launcher, its very unpremium, may mail id- sahilverma.delhi@gmail.com

please can you help m get the previous launcher back?

and, what about the messaging icon i can't find any ?

please help!

the tab is working perfectly fine!

paritosh 4 years ago

i go through the setting -about phone. here mac wifi address is not avilable has shown to me. whereas i naver connect my tab through wifi it mac wifi address will show?

because u have already mention to note the mac wifi which is not shown to me.

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@sahil- for messaging u will need to install app like handcent msg or similar.. and you can also install any launcher from android market and close zeam launcher from task manager!

@paritosh- i didn't understand u!

paritosh 4 years ago

i tried many times to make my tab in FTM mode actully which button have to press first and in which manner vol button it self have + and - button

paritosh 4 years ago

i unlocked my tab and now i inserted tata docomo sim but not able to connect internet gprs.

Plz help me.

Avinash 4 years ago

Hi.i want to unlock my rtab,,but i can't find jugaad.rar and winrar...plz help me out either sent me that software on my Email-myindia.avi@gmail.com..either give me ur contact Number or address

Thanks a lot


mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author


the link for the file is given in the guide! and for winrar google it

Avinash 4 years ago

Thanks Lot Mohit..U R Great

After unlocking im very happy but im not able to conect GPRS and not showing Message icon...wify address are also changed...

plz plz humble request send me solutions...

God Bless you dear..

im waiting

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@avinash- for message icon and wifi- it has already been discussed earlier. please go through the comments.

and as far as gprs is concerned, you will have to enter your network's gprs settings, contact your customer care for that


Avinash 4 years ago

Dear Mohit

Plz Send me in ur step by step regarding sms and wifi becos ur laungage are easy....

and market is nt working becos of net..thatswhy im nt able to download handcent sms

plz do the needfull....

profile image

dnsbl 4 years ago

Just wanted to say a big thank you for these clear and straight forward instructions.

Avinash 4 years ago

I want factory setting plz tell me becos FTM also nt coming

plz answer

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

thanks dnsbl

Avinash 4 years ago

Thanks..for reply..

im trying lots for FTM but can't reach display of FTM...trying lots volume and on/off key...only displaying..Boing jet..Display ,.,i can't rstore factory setting also....same problem i got plz help me out...

iphoneiosjb profile image

iphoneiosjb 4 years ago from india

does this method work on all Android versions.. Now if i update my tab will the root still work

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

@iphoneiosjb- i have not tested on any other version

@avinash- take it to reliance outlet

pt1u 4 years ago

Hi mohititm !

First thanks u very much !

My tablet working good and faster.

But the Gallyry 3D didn't work. ít can't find my files images. Pla help ! :(

profile image

prkanwar 4 years ago

Hey mohit

I am stuck with one more problem. i got idea sim for for GPRS connection but i am not able to create a connection. once i save it it goes away.

regarding the problem i told u about. i found out something.

when i create a new apn it needs me to change MNC code. if i change the default value to anything other then 14, then the apn does not get saved.

so ideally data would not work on the tab till we have a solution to change MNC code in APN

Pls help me with the same.


profile image

prkanwar 4 years ago

haa haa .... got it fixed some how. earlier internet wont work if i kept the default MNC code ... i created multiple and now it has started working .... lets c for how long

vidit 4 years ago

Mohitmitm u are awsum! :D

vivin 4 years ago

hey why the hell is the air india image coming!

i want to remove it !

plz help!

jacky 4 years ago

m gonna try it now.

Sam SS 4 years ago

Mohit.......the link for the download does not work anymore...

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

the link is working!

ajay 4 years ago

Wifi not working plz help

faizcrazy 4 years ago

hi mohit!!!excelleant guide :)

But my bad luck that after flashing and doing everything as mentioned i am not able to pass FTM mode screen.

Even after flashing and swtching on normally it goes to ftm screen after air india logo.

Not able to switch it on....Please help

aman 4 years ago

sir can u plz help me on this....bcoz i have don't much knowledge about it...

Nizam 4 years ago

Thnk u so much , i have unlocked it

hey one more issue. whe i switch on the tab it is giving me air india wallpaper. can i change it ?

nizam 4 years ago

and one morething wifi is wrking bt address has been chnge is tht fyn ?

Sagar 4 years ago

Click on “SW Directory” option and then select the directory of “files” folder in the jugaad folder on the desktop and click OK.

Hey Mohit i m not able to understand this i got stuccked on this step i m not able to see any directory of “files” folder in Jugaad folder plz help me as i m not able to proceed.

Bhushan1 4 years ago

Hi mohit my rtab unlock but I could not get internet setting how I get apn manually

dipika01 4 years ago

hey any solution for installing adobe flash player? please help!!!

atul 4 years ago

i was starting to unlock, but my mac address is showing unavailable, then how to note it?

prashant 4 years ago

hey where can i download rel tab pc suite from?

Adii 4 years ago

Hi Mohit, First of all thanks for your help.

I unlocked the device but the wifi is not working. I tried looking gor sathis blog but am unable to find the solution.

Pls help and post the links.

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

Hey adi,

i have mentioned the exact search term to use on google. the first link will take u to captain sartchi's blog.

sandip patel 4 years ago

I m lost my wifi plz help me.when i m start wifi host pots than other wifi device can not search my wifi but when search than not connect.......plz help me

SAM 4 years ago

getting problem in connecting my reliance tab..to pc.. it shows that it doesn't exist.. plz help me in this ..i rly need to unlock my tab.. its showing (COM4)..

vikas 4 years ago

when i tilt or turn my reliance tab for auto rotation it turns upside down..

Nitin 4 years ago

Could not find jugaad.rar

send me link where I can find this

Suman 4 years ago

websites are not opening thru reliance tab but preinstalled applications like facebook and you tube are working.....Kindly help if you know about this issue...

profile image

wummysalako 4 years ago

hi please i don't have the pc suite, i tried using the jugaad.rar file but i can't find it, my reliance has been unlocked but i can't connect to wifi, and to follow the steps u have provided i need to install the pc suite on my computer, please can u help with this. Thanks

linkin 4 years ago

can't get the jugaad.rar file.... please suggest the way to get it.

Sov 4 years ago

Is there any way to unlock photon plus postpaid ?

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago Author

for all those who are not able to find jugaad.rar file from the link i will be posting another link very soon. Please stay updated!

@Sov- I will look for it.


harshul 4 years ago

please find a link for jugaad.rar please... i really need it..!

praveen 4 years ago

can't find jugaad.rar file...... please post some link to get it ....

really in some urgent need bro...... thanks

gauri shankar dubey 4 years ago

sir my reliance 3g tab wifi and portable hotspot not working plz help me how can work its my tab is unloking

dhruvin 4 years ago

hi..i have a problem

dhruvin 4 years ago

my tab is hanged up at the Ftm screen as i rooted it twice...i can't boot normally..tab boots only on ftm screen..please help

d0st 4 years ago

its been 6 weeks now, no jugaad file updated ? please confirm any tool to root v9a tab. v9c solutions are not working on v9a.

pls help

Mukul 4 years ago

I have unlocked my Reliance Tab. How do I configure it for video calling with skype.

Abhiman 4 years ago

@mohit while rooting my phone I made a grave mistake of NOT COPYING the MAC address now that I've lost access to my wi-fi,bluetooth and mobile data.

is there any solution to this problem??

Kiran Salunke 4 years ago

Hi Mohit, touch scrren is not working and its not booting properly

getting message in starting Welcome to V9, Touch the android to begen , Emergency dail , change language .... but problem is touch is not working as per the service center of ZTE need to replace the board .....plz help me in this issue......

Nathan Pramanik 4 years ago

Ive unlocked and every thing s fine but i can't switch off the speaker when im on a call. Plus can't use bluetooth headset when on call

Diptesh Patil 4 years ago

Hello Sir,

My OEM OS was heen corrupted so what to do and my tab will be out of warrenty so plz help me

diptesh patil 4 years ago

Hello any one send me THAT RAR file becoz i can't download so plz send me my Email -ID pdiptesh62@gmail.com

kisna 4 years ago

i didn't note my mac address before unlocking and roting. nw i don't have mac address ..wifi not working..plz help me

kisna 4 years ago

i didn't note my mac address before unlocking and roting. nw i don't have mac address ..wifi not working..plz help me

deepak 4 years ago

my tab is not switching on.....its not booting..pls pls help me..

SwaggDee 4 years ago

The file you requested has limited access: Publisher only.

Bhawani Shankar 4 years ago

The file you requested has limited access: Publisher only.

Plz provide with an alternate link

and also provide Reliance 3G tab pc suite as I don't have

thanks in advance


safi 4 years ago

hi , i want to unlock my reliance 3g tab zte v9c .... plzz help me out to come out from this prob ................thanks

Kalpesh Kumar 3 years ago

bro, does it really works? i have asked many mobile service operator to do it but all said NO

Bipin 3 years ago

Tried it for V9A tab it is not working, your method is only for the V9C? any update for V9A?....

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 3 years ago Author

@kalpesh Kumar- yes this will work for sure! i have tried it myself.

@Bipin- yes it is only for v9c. keep checking for v9a. i will post it in a very short time.

Abhinav Bhargava 3 years ago

I am planning to unlock my reliance V9A, and gone through th guide. But I am not able to access the Jugaad.rar that you have uploaded on 4shared. showing the access restricted to Publisher only...Please help.

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