Useless Electronic Circuits

After some years learning digital and some analog electronics and making a lot of circuits that had a defined purpuse I started to get bored and thought "Why doesn't anyone make some cool looking, useless electronic circuits?".

So after getting some inspiration from other people who have used their technical knowledge to some less than useful projects (like making art) I decided to start with my own useless circuits and to share them with the world, so everyone can get their technical minds away from all the seriousness of the engineering world

One to get you started

So to start your own journey to useless circuit making, here is a sample circuit to get you started

The original led destroyer
The original led destroyer

This simple yet completely useless circuit is designed to burn a led using a short circuit to the 9v battery. All you see is a big flash that fades and, if you let the button on for too long, some smoke coming out of it.

This is so much fun to have around, when you have a led that you don't want anymore, or just want to see some bright light, this circuit is a must to dispose of them.

Now it is up to you to create some cool circuits you can be proud of, and not feel like a geek for spending your time with electronics.

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spudd01 7 years ago

I built this one long ago minus switch. I was on a budget. Gave me about 20 milliseconds of joy.

PDXBuys profile image

PDXBuys 3 years ago from Oregon

Also fun: Shorting a 9V battery with some steel wool. (Caution, fire hazard!)

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