VoIP Service and What you should really know?

VOIP - Voice over IP
VOIP - Voice over IP

Internet phone is an excellent alternate to the regular landline phone service. Regular phone users hardly know what this phone is and how it can benefit them.

This article will review and compare internet phone with the other phone alternate and make suggestions accordingly, so the ordinary phone user can make a more informed and investment-intelligent decision.

How VoIP works?

VoIP service totally depends on the internet for its functioning. The technology that this phone service uses is altogether different from the landline phone.

The voice is first converted into data through a special protocol called VoIP or voice over internet protocol. This way of communication is not used by the ordinary phone services.

Landline phones use the copper wire technology and analog signals. This technology is very old and is not capable of taking the heavy toll of the current phone users pressing needs. The voice that is converted into data and then back to device is done through a special instrument known as VoIP ATA.

We all know that internet is already used for many different purposes. Internet phone is one other useful way of utilizing internet for the benefit of the phone users. Using internet for telephoning instead of landline phone not only improves the quality of the voice that users have, it also enhances the reliability of the phone service.

What makes it different?

Landline phone and VoIP service are different because of their reliance on different technologies. The different features that each type of service offers apart from reliability are also different. You need internet for using VoIP service and on the other hand, a phone line is required to use the landline phone.

Benefits of internet phone over other services?

Here is a look at the advantages of having VoIP service.

Number of service features

The first important advantage of using the internet phone service is that you will be able to enjoy a lot of service features. Landline phone users are not offered that many number of features which means they will be only able to use this service as a basic telephone, nothing else.

On the other hand, internet phone’s reliance on internet means that the users are able to use all the additional features that this service is capable of offering them. Axvoice and other leading VoIP brands offer high value for money features to their customers. You can find all kinds of service features from a VoIP provider which would further the utility that you can derive from your phone service.

Lower calling costs

The cost of the outgoing calls greatly varies from one type of phone service to the other. Landline phone users are offered high cost services for making both national as well as international phone calls. On the other hand, VoIP providers are offered services that are really cost effective and the low calling rate further saves money for the phone users.

Globally accessible service

VoIP service can be used at any place, anywhere in the world, which is one major advantage that they have. On the other hand, telephone cannot be used globally, which is one of its other drawbacks.

Hope this article is helpful to you!

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Comments 14 comments

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica

Very Good hub. I have thinking of using the one Gmail offers. I think it's more reliable so long as you have internet access.

Sharon Douglas profile image

Sharon Douglas 5 years ago from GA, United States Author

Hello Cardisa

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my hub.

I am not to familiar with the one Gmail offers, but thanks for sharing.

Take care


Nick Carlson 5 years ago

As far as the calling cost of voip phone service is concerned, we can safely say this is the cheapest phone service available in the market. Unlike ordinary phone service providers, you can start with voip even with a very small budget. It offers a package for every budget.

Sharon Douglas profile image

Sharon Douglas 5 years ago from GA, United States Author

Hello Nick

Oh yes I totally agree with you. VoIP phone cost is much cheaper than using landline phones and there are VOIP packages to suit everyone's budget.

You can even get residential VoIP phone plans for less than $6 per mth which are peanuts to what people pay phone service providers. Hummn.. Can't beat that!

Thank you so much Nick for visiting and commenting on my hub.


Jason Young 5 years ago

I would say $6 is a way high amount for the voip phone service. You can start using VoIP even in $0. In $10, you can get unlimited out going local calls. However, besides prices, voip providers offer many valuable features.

Danny Luevano 5 years ago

It is true. Many people switch to VoIP just because it VoIP offers many other calling facilities. Simply have a look at the features that these providers are offering free. Ordinary land line providers can't even think of these features.

Adam Perzow 5 years ago

Definitely, besides the low cost, features are a huge attraction for the users. Many people can afford the price of ordinary land line services but they switch to VoIP just because they need the features like call forwarding etc.

Andy Gaines 5 years ago

Features are a solid reason for switching to VoIP. Businessmen specially take advantage of these features. The conference calling feature alone saves a lot of time and money to the businessmen and many businessmen consider business impossible without this feature.

Sharon Douglas profile image

Sharon Douglas 5 years ago from GA, United States Author

Hello Jason

Yes I do believe there are VoIP providers out there that may offer VoIP services/packages cheaper than $6. You just can't keep up with their competitive prices!

But they have prices to suit everyone's pocket, calling needs, phone features etc.

Hummn the $0 for VoIP may offer limited phone features and calling plan.

Thank you for stopping by and commented.

Sharon Douglas profile image

Sharon Douglas 5 years ago from GA, United States Author

Hello Danny

I agree with you that many people switch to VoIP because of there many calling features that's FREE! And to top it off the cost alone for one of these phone features from a phone service provider is less than your monthly VoIP bill.

Thank you Danny for visiting and commenting on my hub.

Sharon Douglas profile image

Sharon Douglas 5 years ago from GA, United States Author

Hello Adam

You are absolutely right, the features are a huge attraction for users and when you check the cost one pays for a land line phone feature, you can actually get VoIP for less than that price.

Sharon Douglas profile image

Sharon Douglas 5 years ago from GA, United States Author

Hi Andy

Yes VoIP is so economical that businesses are also taking advantage of VoIP features.

Thank you so much for your comment, I appreciate it.

youmeget profile image

youmeget 5 years ago

Hmmm, you won't believe my phone always prompt if I want to make IP call or Phone but I never bothered to check?

Nice and informative hub. keep writing and posting.


Sharon Douglas profile image

Sharon Douglas 4 years ago from GA, United States Author

Hello youmeget

I am glad you find this article very informative. Thanks for stopping by and I do appreciate your comment.

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