What Is the Best Duplicate Finder for Mac?

There are several duplicate finders for Mac
There are several duplicate finders for Mac | Source

How to find a good Mac duplicate finder

Duplicate files can be very annoying. They clutter your computer, waste hard drive space and make things confusing when you need to find a song or a photo. To cut a long story short, getting rid of duplicates is essential, especially now that Apple uses smaller SSD drives.

The easiest way to deal with duplicate files is to use special software that can find and delete duplicate files automatically. But which program to choose? While there is a lot of choice for Windows users, there is only a handful of duplicate finders for Mac that work well. Here are the best ones I could find:

1. Easy Duplicate Finder

This is the program that I liked best. Windows users are familiar with it because the Windows version has been around for quite a while. It had a lot of amazing features that made it the best and the easiest to use duplicate file finder. Thankfully, now there is a Mac version. The Mac version has all the features available in the Windows version, plus some really handy Mac-only tools, such as a duplicate finder for Photos, iTunes, iPhoto and Mac Mail.

This software can compare files by name, date, size and all the usual parameters. In addition to that, it can find duplicates by content thanks to the byte-by-byte comparison method.

Easy Duplicate Finder has a very intuitive interface that support Drag & Drop and has a Preview feature for all file types. This makes finding duplicates a snap. Another handy feature is its preview functionality that makes it easy to identify duplicate photos and lets you check them before you hit the Delete button just to be on the safe side.

2. Gemini

Gemini is quite new on the market, but this doesn't mean it's not good. This little program does a pretty good job finding and deleting duplicates. Plus it has a nice and intuitive user interface. Just like Easy Duplicate Finder, Gemini supports Drag & Drop and lets you preview photos.

However, there are two not so good things about Gemini:

  1. its interface is a bit too minimalist and lacks a choice of option
  2. the program claims to shred files, but all it does is move the files to trash. That's misleading.

However, overall Gemini is a nice duplicate finder for your Mac.

3. MacKeeper

While MacKeeper is a Mac speedup and maintenance tool, it also has a duplicate file finder as part of the kit. This duplicate finder is not advanced as Easy Duplicate Finder or even Gemini, but it works fine for basic scans. So if you already have MacKeeper, you don't really need to get a separate utility to find duplicate files.

These three duplicate finders for Mac are the best I could find. Give them a try and let me know which one you liked best in your comments.

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addingsense profile image

addingsense 4 years ago from kerala

very informative

voted up

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Snurre profile image

Snurre 4 years ago Author

Thank you!

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 4 years ago from the short journey

This is helpful information--thanks!

commediaarticles2 profile image

commediaarticles2 4 years ago from India

Thnx for informative news

thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 4 years ago from Sweden

Thanks for these tips and for saving me the time to check them out myself. Very helpful!

Snurre profile image

Snurre 4 years ago Author

Thoughtforce, you are welcome!

Mark Bun profile image

Mark Bun 3 years ago

An addition to this tools is "DuplicateFilesDeleter" A guaranteed fix for finding and deleting duplicate files.

Vishal 3 years ago

I have thoroughly went through your post and personally installed the software you mentioned. Though, as a Mac user I have already used Stellar Smart Finder which is also a duplicate finder & remover utility. Hope you can sometime mention this utility into your hub post. Thank You.

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