What is Communication Speed?

Communication speed
Communication speed

Communication Speed

The communication transfer rate is measured in a unit called band. In general band is identical to its bites e.g. at rate of 300 bounds is 300 bps. (bits per second).

Different grades of channels provide a verity of speed in which data can be transmitted over the channel. The grades of channel are classified as.

(i) Low speed or Narrow Band

(ii) Medium speed or voice Band

(iii) High speed or broad Band

Low speed or Narrowband

Low speed or Narrow band has a bit transmission rate of 40 to 300 bps. These channels are normally used for low speed.Teletypewriter communication and for other low speed devices which can use low speed line.

Medium speed Voice band

Medium speed voice grades vary from 300 to 9600. This speed range is accumulated by lines which are used over ordinary voice communications and hence term voice band to describe these bands. The most commonly used media for this speed is telephone line.

High speed Broad band

High speed communication channels are commonly called broad band or wide band. Permit transmission rate is over 9600 bps. High speed channel required micro waves, fiber optics or satellite transmission. They are normally used for computer to computer communication since computer send data to each other faster than terminal sends data to computer

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