Why you buy a new iPad5 ?

Recently Apple has released new iPad. Everyone expect some exclusive features but new ipad has announced to come with improved features of the previous version. Now its totally depends upon you to buy a new iPad or not?

The new features which is included in new iPad are-retina display which resolution 2048X1536 pixel, a 5X processor, koyada core graphics system, 5 megapixel camera and full HD video recording facility.

Do you think that’s enough features to buy a new iPad? Lets clarify some details to make interest about new iPad.

  1. If you are a movie fan and have a lot of movies, then iPad display size 9.7 inches may be outstanding to enjoy HD movies. The graphical processor would be more powerful than the previous model.
  2. If you like to take picture from your tablet device and does not like to transfer the picture to your computer for further editing, then iPad may be the best option. The new powerful processor allows you to easily work. Amateur photographers will receive image stabilization facility.
  3. If you have a lot of travelling and want to get 4G technology internet facility, then new iPad really help you. You enjoy 73 megabyte/second download facility. That’s enough !

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i♥ipad 4 years ago

Well I would wait until the ipad5 comes out and buy it for all of the features from the first,second,third,and fourth ipad!!

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