What is WiMAX Broadband Internet?

WiMAX Broadband Internet Technology Overview

WiMAX Broadband Internet Technology

You may be familiar with WiFi technology, the wireless Internet system typically limited to coffee shops and other ‘hot spot' locations, or your home or office, which you can use to wirelessly connect your PC or laptop to the Internet.

Soon, there will be a new approach to wireless Internet service connectivity. It's called WiMAX technology, and it will provide seamless, wireless high-speed Internet access across entire metropolitan areas, unlike WiFi.

What is WiMAX?

WiMAX technology allows a new class of connected devices to easily and affordably be used by a much broader group of people. It makes fast, pervasive connectivity possible like never before.

WiMAX Technology : How It Works

WiMAX Technology : How It Works

WiMAX service provides a high-speed broadband Internet connection over large geographic areas, like the coverage area of your mobile phone. It's wireless - you connect your home or business computers to the Internet without wires.

Initially, WiMAX Internet service will cover your entire metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs. Over a period of a year or so, coverage will expand nationwide to include most major US metropolitan areas including Chicago, Las Angeles, California, Seatle, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta etc.

You can obtain high-speed Internet access with WiMAX technology via three primary device categories:

  • WiMAX WIRELESS MODEM. A small WiMAX modem provides a high-speed wireless connection for your home computer(s). Just plug the wimax modem into your PC and a power outlet and connect to the Internet at broadband speeds. No technician, no holes in your walls, floors, or ceilings

WiMAX LAPTOP connections. Wirelessly connect to the Internet from anywhere. There are two laptop options:

- Laptop Aircards - a credit-card sized WiMAX Aircard that slips into the side of your laptop. (This is intended for laptops you currently own.)

- Laptops with WiMAX Built-In will soon be available. WiMAX technology will be literally ‘embedded' in your laptop (much like WiFi today), so you just click to launch it. (This is intended for new laptop(s) you intend to purchase; the cost to have WiMAX built into new laptops is nominal.)

  • WiMAX MOBILE DEVICES. Portable electronic devices will soon have WiMAX built-in to easily connect to the Internet. The cost to have WiMAX built into mobile devices is nominal. Examples include but are not limited to:

- Digital Cameras and Videocams. Share and send photos or even send or broadcast live video from anywhere at anytime.

- Portable Tablets. These devices are smaller than laptops yet provide ample keyboard and screen space. They also allow for handwriting on the screen.

- Music and Video Players. Download or stream music or video right to your small portable device without waiting to connect to your PC.

- Portable Game Devices. Play multi-player games wirelessly, on your handheld game devices.

WiMAX Wireless Modem

Additional WiMAX Wireless Modem Features

WiMAX Wireless Modem includes security/virus protection and email (e.g., email accounts and 5 MB of storage).

The following services may be offered as options with the WiMAX Wireless Modem:

  • Phone Service option for the home:

- Digital telephone service for your home, using the WiMAX Internet connection.

- Unlimited local and domestic long distance calling.

- Same reliability and voice quality you receive from traditional ‘landline' phone service.

  • WiFi Networking option for the home:

- A ‘wireless router' creates a secure home wireless network - meaning you can connect other PCs and laptops in the home to the Internet wirelessly using WiFi.

Note that WiMAX service does not come with or bundle with wireless (cellular) voice service, though it may at some point in the future.

WiMAX Setup

WiMAX products are easy to set up on your own - just connect the WiMAX Wireless Modem to your PC and a power outlet, and connect to the Internet. It takes about 10 minutes to self-install.

WiMAX Pricing

Service pricing will include these high-speed Internet access options:

WiMAX Wireless Modem: pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited Internet access.

Mobile Products (Laptop and Mobile Devices):

  • Per Device Pricing: pay a monthly fee for unlimited usage for each individual WiMAX-connected device (totaled on your bill).
  • Mobile Account Pricing: pay a flat monthly fee for a WiMAX username and password which can be used to activate any WiMAX device, but only one device at a time. Think of this as a ‘multi-device' account because the fee covers multiple devices.

Day-Pass Pricing: Day Pass pricing gives your WiMAX device 24 hours of high-speed Internet access - only when you need it.

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ladyeagle_cdc profile image

ladyeagle_cdc 6 years ago from San Juan City, Philippines

Really cool!

is it possible to obtain faster speeds in a high rise building? i believe that WIMax has a range of 6miles but how does this apply to the people who live or work in a high rise building?

helpdest 5 years ago

u can setup wimax at high rise builings..using wifi equipment..configured through wimax as o/p

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