Yarn Spinning - Draw Frame.Must See High Speed Video.

Draw Frame.

This is a machine in a Textile Mill used to make the fibers in the Card Sliver Uniform
This is a machine in a Textile Mill used to make the fibers in the Card Sliver Uniform

Draw Frame Working at Subadra Textile Mill,Bangalore.

Draw Frame.

The Draw Frame in a Textile Mill is unavoidable in yarn spinning as fibers need to be kept side by side termed as parallization of fibers in textile technology.This is done as we see that most of the fibers at carding stage are drawn so fast that there is little or no fiber parallelization.In draw frame this is achieved in two stages.This is termed as First Passage and second Passage drawing.Six slivers or eight slivers are fed to four or five pairs of rollers in drawing them evenly in stages from the first pair of rollers to second and from second to third and from third to front pairs of rollers.The parallelization is achieved by the rollers by drawing let's say one inch length of eight slivers from carding weighing say one gram each which will be eight grams per one inch,this is drawn to eight inches only to make one gram per inch there by keeping the weight per yard constant maintaining the standard deviation as per standards.These slivers as you see in the pictures are deposited in to plastic cans of 48 inches in diameter which are again fed to a similar Draw Frame again to obtain the desired parallelization.If you hold a one yard length of card sliver in one hand and one yard of the Second Passage Draw Frame sliver in other hand and shake them both the Second Draw Frame sliver falls off in to pieces on the floor.This is on account of the entangled fibers holding together in card sliver and the Second Passage Sliver fibers being very parallel lets the fibers slide and due to gravity it just let's go the neighbour fiber and falls.This is electronically controlled and monitored and randomly checked for evenness in a tester with electronic sensors,or it may be continuously monitored all the time.There are standards set for various parameters which are technical in nature and of no significance to readers of how spinning of yarn is done on a machine in a textile Mill.The number of such machines in a Textile mill depends on the production that the mill is programed to produce in a set number of hours per day of working.There are standards in each case set for the mills.Any deviation will be a loss to the mills by way of under utilization or pile up of processed stock from the previous carding machine held up,both resulting in loss to the mills.This however does not often as planners give allowance n such circumstances.This department is termed as Draw Frame Section.The next is the Simplex Machines termed as Fly Frame Department. 

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divya 7 years ago

is draw frame controls count variation?

skgrao profile image

skgrao 7 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA. Author

Very good question,my answer would be several pages.

melvin 7 years ago

drawframe process conduct alot of FLY dust , and this cause area and machine dirty with those FLY, may i know how to solve this problem?

skgrao profile image

skgrao 7 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA. Author

Dear Malvin,

This happens in course yarn counts,work the machine with dust extractors,New REITER machines have this.Also the department must have return air system where the dept air goes out and fresh air comes in a rate of 33 air changes per minute will solve the problem if its unbearable at present.If you can reduce the speed of the machine do it.

mohan kumar 5 years ago

how to avoid frequent chocking of material in the trumpet in drawing ?

Muhammad ali 4 years ago

the trend of the last thirty years to elimination operation has shown that it is possible to produce given quality yarns with fewer operation and fewer doublings.while this seems to disprove stablished practice itis quite possible that fewer pocesses itroduce fewer drafting variation in reducing variation in the operations yarns.

skgrao profile image

skgrao 3 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA. Author

Trumpet Chocking Causes:-

1 - Damage nozel or nozel with mouth size smaller.

2 - Sliver Hank courser than what is required for nozel size.

3 - Lumps in sliver due to drafting faults.

4 - Dust accumilation at the open end of trumpet going in.

5 - Coiler Draw Rollers adjustment improper.

abhi 3 years ago

Respected sir what is roller slip in carding

skgrao profile image

skgrao 3 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA. Author

Roller Slip day's are gone as it is now Pneumatic Pressure that is applied to drafting rollers now.

In the days prior to pneumatic pressure the Top Rollers were held over bottom rollers by means of a hook at the sides on the metal part and if these hooks were not held properly to another hook at the bottom of a fixed weight there would be a slip due to improper pressure this unbalanced mechanical pressure was called as roller slip but in Carding it was the Metal Coiller Roller below the trumpet also held by spring which if not held properly there would be rollers running slipping due to improper pressure held at one end and this is roller slip resulting in coiler chocking this also is not there now in modern high speed Cards. I do not know if I have answered your question.

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