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What do YOU think if the unidentified projectile launched off the coast of Los Angeles?

Do you believe the gov't story of Scooby's Doo's "I don't know!" answer? Rogue state testing air defenses? Terrorists testing response of US? Or maybe an crazy old man with a weird hobby setting off his toy from an island he owns off the coast of CA? Are you worried that the Gov't says it don't know - or is it the usual 'never deny, never confirm' stance of gov't? Where did it land? Where did it get launched? Was it guided or a SCUD? If a private person(s) launching for fun - should they get prosecuted for endangering other lives? (Hey it could've landed on a fishing boat and killed folks)

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Raju Veluthaakkal (ajuvr) says

6 years ago
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Pitviper_actual says

6 years ago