How to Connect Mobile to computer as Modem to use Internet

How to connect mobile to pc as modem

There are several cellular companies provides internet service with there cellular service as GPRS or EDGE internet service, to use this internet service we all need is GPRS or EDGE enabled mobile phone. We can use internet on mobile for browsing WAP sites and also to download wallpapers, applications, songs and videos etc. We can also use internet on our personal computers by connecting any GPRS enabled mobile to our computer. Ours requirements are GPRS enabled handset, data cable or Bluetooth connectivity, computer or laptop.

To use internet on computer we required GPRS enabled handset because when we connect our phone to computer then computer will identify our phone as modem. This modem is always required wherever internet connectivity is there. So our computer will convert cell into as modem.

Data cable is required to connect our mobile to computer or laptop. This data cable is provided by your mobile manufacturer company, it come with your handset or if not provided then you have to purchase separately. If your phone having Bluetooth technology functions then you can connect your mobile with the help of Bluetooth to your PC or laptop. This Bluetooth connectivity will be wireless but it having limited range for connectivity to stay active with devices.

Computer or Laptop is required if you want to use internet and to make connectivity with your mobile.

Mobile to Modem

Here I am introducing you that how to connect mobile handset with your laptops and computers. When you purchase any GPRS enabled handset the retailer gives you full pack of box which includes handset, charger, data cable, driver disk, etc. So our need is only with handset, data cable and driver disk.

Now connect data cable one end to computer and another end to mobile now in your computer you will get alert as new hardware found now you have to insert driver disk in your CD-ROM, from this disk, data cable connectivity drivers will install automatically, when you start installing PC-suite software which is also provided by mobile manufacturer company. This disk also includes modem drivers, which convert mobile as modem. After all this application install such as, connectivity drivers, modem drivers and PC-suite successfully. Now all we need is to create internet connectivity. By referring your cellular service provider you will get further information about setting in mobile device as modem setting and web setting. After receiving mobile settings from cellular company save that settings and restart your phone. In that pc-suite application there is connectivity option available go there, you will see now country and service providers. Select carefully your service provider and there will be another option to fill such as APN, which is known as Access Point Name, to fill this option contact your service provider for more details about setting and access point name. When you submit all settings correctly you can able to connect internet from your computer or laptop.

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Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Very interested but a little complicated for me as I am not as tech savvy as I would like. I continue to learn and improve so I did enjoy your hub.

PMS9 profile image

PMS9 6 years ago from India Author


Thanks for your comment.

profile image

AARON99 6 years ago

An informative hub, must say. Keep it up.

PMS9 profile image

PMS9 6 years ago from India Author

Thank you AARON99 for reading my hub and for nice comment

SHADAB 6 years ago


lucky 6 years ago

give me more help,Recommended worldwide

S. K. Sinha 6 years ago

Is PC suite a general software or handset company specific?

PMS9 profile image

PMS9 6 years ago from India Author

PC suite generally provided free with handset. You can also download free PC suite from your handset company website.

naveen 6 years ago

thanks its very usefull stuff

Shone 5 years ago

Great post, thanx!Are modem (and other) drivers part of PCSuite or I have to download them separately? I have lost my original disk.

PMS9 profile image

PMS9 5 years ago from India Author


You can download required drivers from your product company website. IF PC suite is installed then no other drivers part needed.

mir amin 5 years ago

i download a micromax Q5 pc suite from internet now i want to install it but it needs some software what needs to run it

PMS9 profile image

PMS9 5 years ago from India Author

Hello Mir Amin, on your request I added Micromax related links in above post. It cover about installing and connecting Micromax Mobile to computer.

dE_logics 5 years ago

Computer != Windows.


Technology != Microsoft.

but for you all

Dictator == Bill Gates

syed 4 years ago

Very informative !!! Liked this info

When I tried connecting my phone to laptop after installing pc suit its still asking for internal connection wat do I do ?


I have tried all the means to connect with at Samsung 3010s model phone with my pc using data cable after installation of samsung pc suite7 but could not succeed to connect and start internet in my computer. I use Vodfone in my mobile phone. In my mobile net is operated but no in my pc using this mobile. If some ideas please send me... my Email Id is

Pari 4 years ago

Hai ur site is interesting. I want to use my Nokia x2 as a modem but dint got a cd with it.i have a Compaq laptop which has Bluetooth but wireless drivers r missing. If u have any direct link plz mail me at

SATEESH.CH 4 years ago


Anks 4 years ago


C.DEWANGAN 4 years ago

sir,I tried as per ur given procedure but at last after clicking create button it shows modem installing is failed and windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software.

then what should I do ?

my handset is micromax Q5 and pc is of window 7.

please guide me, thanks a lot.

AJAY TRIPATHI 4 years ago



PMS9 profile image

PMS9 4 years ago from India Author

Ajay call to BSNL customer care they will send you mobile internet settings

silambarasan.s 4 years ago

idea setting SET SMS 54671 mobile idea setting in mobile internet . windows 7 computer setting nokia x2-01 internet used

meenal 3 years ago

Can i use micromax x455 as modem for use internet on pc?

PMS9 profile image

PMS9 3 years ago from India Author

Yes meenal you can use micromax x455 as modem to use internet.

lungs 3 years ago

Kindly give the direction that how I have to connect wechat to Nokia X2-02 mobile

I have no developer options in my mobile

Is there any solutions,

Pl. advice me

sachin 3 years ago

samsung wave y s5380k ko internet use ke liye computer me kaise connect kare?

B.Jeeva Bodi 3 years ago

I got connection with Samsung Gt-192 but I want to connect Micromax x1i-ultra. Internet is working in Mibile but not with pc.

I have installed phone suit, but dialup button is disabled. I don't have data cable. I wan to connect with blue tooth itself. What to do?

Sumon Munchi. Kachua, Chandpur, Bangladesh. 2 years ago

I need the software. Which software installed the computer.

Charan 2 years ago

Thank u for ur kind information

Chandan mishra 2 years ago

Please make a pc

vijay bhagat 2 years ago

I am guard

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