What is and How to Fix "dw20.exe" Error for Internet Explorer and Windows Vista

 If you have stumbled across this ad it is mostly likely because you are having issues with Internet Explorer for Windows Vista regarding an annoying error message caused by an infamous file known as "dw20.exe". I'm going to show you a very quick and very simple way to repair this error that won't leave you result to actions that would be considered class 1 felonies if performed on human beings.

FYI (A short explanation of what dw20.exe is and why its driving you crazy, you can scroll down to the Solution section of this article if you're in a hurry)

The dw20.exe file is part of Microsoft's automatic error reporting service (you know, those pain in-the-ass windows that pop up like crazy when you're trying to close a non-responsive program). The error occurs when you click on Internet Explorer's address bar drop down menu. The browser will then freeze and a window will pop up asking permission to run the dw20.exe file. Whether you click 'allow' of 'don't allow' it won't make any difference in the outcome. After choosing an option you should then receive an error message saying "an error occurred that could not be handled...", after clicking OK or Cancel, Internet Explorer will then close.

The Fix

This error seems to arise when your browsing history becomes too extensive. The fix is extremely simple: Delete your browsing history. If you're not familiar with this process I will walk you thru it. First, open Internet Explorer. Next, look to the top of the window, right underneath the address bar you will see 'Tools'. click on 'Tools', then click on 'Internet Options'. In the Internet Options window under the heading of 'Browsing History' you will see a button that says 'Delete'. Click this button, then on the next window, under History, click 'Delete'. It may take a minute to delete all your web history depending on how much is there. if you then try clicking on the address bar you should notice that the error no longer occurs.

To recap: Open Internet Explorer> Click 'Tools'> Click 'Internet Options' > Under 'Browsing History' Click 'Delete' > Under 'History' Click 'Delete.

I hope this Helps. If you have any questions or any requests for future articles please feel free to contact me.

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Mike 6 years ago

Nice article. Thanks.

Fixexeproblems 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

I think using a registry cleaner is a better choice for fixing exe error.

Driverdownloadshelp 6 years ago

Thanks for your posts. I find it helpful. I will try it and watch how the tips perform.

Amy 5 years ago


I worried when the message first popped up and soon became VERY annoyed! After reading the article i was surprised the answer was that simple!!

john harvey 5 years ago

What do I do if I can't even open IE?

Kathy 5 years ago

I cleared my history but still get that annoying pop up and the resulting freeze but it only seems to happen when I'm trying to check a secondary e-mail account at Hot Mail. Is this dw20.exe site specific?

Charles walker 3 years ago

That did not work for me - same problem still there

bilimnettasarim.com 2 years ago

anna 2 years ago

didn't work for me, im still getting the annoying pop up

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