eBooks: The Book Revolution is Here!

My first novel.
My first novel.

The evolution of storytelling has come quite a ways since Adam drew the first stick figures in the sand. (Or wherever Eden was.) From pictures on cave walls to written language on paper, the value of fanciful tales has never diminished. I love books and I've always been a collector of paperbacks. I used to stack them on the floor in my bedroom and admire their artistic form.

Ok, maybe that sounds kooky to you - but hey, I write novels for a living, so let's cut me some slack. I'm allowed to be eccentric! Having moved a number of times, however, I no longer enjoy lugging boxes of heavy books around with me. Sure, I still have some, and I still buy some - but I've upgraded my reading experience during the last 2 years: 90% of my library consists of eBooks.

What are they?

Well, they're files. PDF files, Lit files, etc., which are read on various electronic devices. And they aren't gigantic, monstrous files, either.

How are you supposed to read them?

You can read them on your PC (with Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Reader), your laptop, your palm pilot, your iPhone, or any other device created specifically for eBooks.

My Third Novel.
My Third Novel.

How much do eBooks cost?

Less. Sometimes it's just a dollar or two, sometimes they are ½ the price.

Where do you buy them from?

From the comfort of your own home! You can buy them directly from ePublishers (e.g. Loose Id, Samhain, etc) or you can shop via an online mall, such as eBookMall.com, eBooks.com and Fictionwise.com. There are others, if you feel like googling.

eBook advantages

  • Total Privacy: No matter what you're reading, the casual observer will have no idea, because they'll only the eReader and not the book cover.
  • Some formats are easily searchable. It would be like searching an online dictionary. Need a quote but can't recall where it was? Easy enough to find out, if your reader format supports this function.
  • You can change the font size. Left your glasses at the office? No problem. Boost the font size and you're ready to go!
  • You don't have to blush. Want to buy something steamy and smutty? Afraid the clerk will laugh at you? Buy it online and you won't have to worry about it!
  • You'll have more room in your home. 500 eBooks can fit on 1 disk!
  • You save a tree and help the environment! Self-explanatory, right?

I love ebooks. They are easy to read and easy to store. All of my books are sold in eBook format and it's becoming increasing popular for mainstream authors to sell theirs in this style also. Megastars like Dan Brown, Stephen King, Johanna Lindsey, Terry Brooks, V.C. Andrews, and many, many more, all have eBooks formats available. As are the classics from Lewis Carroll, Louisa May Alcott, Mark Twain, Jack London. You've upgraded to digital television, digital cameras, digital phone lines - it's now time to upgrade to a digital library!

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Fretbuzz 9 years ago

And become a laughing stock? I'll pass, but thanks for asking. :~)>

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 9 years ago Author

Really?? Tell us what it's called!

Fretbuzz 9 years ago

Like you I have never been able to bring myself to get rid of a book, I have boxes full and Mrs Fretbuzz isn't very happy about it either.

Ebooks are great. I've even published one myself -don't tell anyone and ruin my I write for escapism only reputation.

Also, there are often pretty decent ebooks that are free. There are some surprisingly good books on the self-publishing site LuLu.com and you can either purchase hardcopies or download pdfs, many of which are free.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 9 years ago Author

That's awesome, Cgull! :)

cgull8m profile image

cgull8m 9 years ago from North Carolina

I love Ebooks, I can load 100s of books onto my Palm and still have room for other music and data files. I have been reading e-books for a long time, I tell my friends it is very convenient but they prefer hard books. I have a whole site of classic ebooks free you can download or read in your mobile. http://www.cmadra.com/mobile.html

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 9 years ago Author

50! You read too much! ;)

Seeley deBorn 9 years ago

They are the way of the future. I love my ebooks. I have almost 50 on my palm pilot right now, and they take up less memory than a sudoku game.

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