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Get Web Traffic On Website

  1. profile image61
    danielcraig1posted 2 years ago

    I need tips and tricks to drive web traffic to my website or anyone who can provide these digital marketing services.

  2. Alessio Ganci profile image84
    Alessio Ganciposted 23 months ago

    Well, if you want just to get traffic (without caring if visitors are interested in your website) you can use free traffic exchanges like EasyHits4U, however I do reccomend these services only if you want only traffic. But if you want potential interested visitors, so not simply traffic, you'll need to improve SEO of the website and to advertise it, it's the only way. Just keep writing high quality content, start by promoting your website to your friends, and you will raise in Google search ranks!

  3. LindaSmith1 profile image61
    LindaSmith1posted 23 months ago

    Don't use those Free Traffic Exchanges like Alessio mentioned. There is a ton of them.  Google will slam you hard for that and you may lose your Adsense account over it.

    1. Alessio Ganci profile image84
      Alessio Ganciposted 23 months ago in reply to this

      In fact, as said, those sites are only reccomended if someone wants only traffic, but if a person needs to start a business or get true visits they are not reccomended. I confirm AdSense is not allowed also there.