How to Use Google Squared

Introduction to Google Squared

Google Squared is a fantastic tool from Google that takes a search term and returns information, rather than a list of websites. The information is displayed in a simple spreadsheet format and collates every thing you need on to one page, complete with sources.

For instance if you are looking for a local gym, then Google Squared will provide all the gyms in your city, and also give you reviews, opening hours, age range, services offered, location and more, all in one easy to read page!

Of course when it comes to being a webmaster, it is not feasible for small time webmasters to attempt getting indexed in to Google Squared just yet, however i have found it to be an invaluable tool in both research when writing hubs, and for keyword ideas.

Qoogle Squared

Research with Google Squared
Research with Google Squared

Using Google Squared for Research

When it comes to researching information for your hubs, the days of scrolling through a dozen websites are long gone. With Google Squared you can put in a simple search term and receive all the information you require, along with sources. This saves you hours of time visiting useless websites, collecting information and even figuring out exactly what you need to write about!

Check out the image below to see how I used Google Squared when researching my top ten XBox games.

Google Squared for Keyword Research
Google Squared for Keyword Research

How to Use Google Squared to Write an Article

As you can see from the screenshot above (Click to enlarge) Google Squared gives you a lot more than a list of websites.  It lets me see the titles of games, a picture, user reviews, release dates, genre and publisher.

Even better it lets me add my own columns from presets, or I can enter a column name of my own and Google Squared will attempt to retrieve the data, without me having to lift a finger.

In the example above I wanted the latest Xbox games, so all I had to do was type this in to the box, and then sort by date. In litterally seconds I have all the information required to write a fantastic Hub all about my chosen topic thanks to Google Squared!

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How to use Google Squared for Keyword Research

I use Google Squared for more than just article research, I also use it for some basic keyword ideas. I can search for one thing, and then the drilled down answers will often open up whole new avenues to explore. I have even created brand new websites based solely on the reults provided by Google Squared.

When you look at the results listed from your Google Squared research, just ask yourself what you could do to make the most of this information!

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Comments 12 comments

WordCustard profile image

WordCustard 6 years ago from Scotland

I hadn't heard of Google Squared before -- thanks for the useful information!

craftdrawer profile image

craftdrawer 6 years ago

I will be sure to check this out great info!

hospitalera profile image

hospitalera 6 years ago

Wow, this find is worth pure gold, thanks for sharing! SY

Butch45 profile image

Butch45 6 years ago

Awesome I will bookmark it thank you

Alison Graham profile image

Alison Graham 6 years ago from UK

I had not heard of Google Squared, thanks so much for the info. I will check it out, voted up!

TinaAtHome profile image

TinaAtHome 6 years ago from California

I hadn't heard of Google Squared until I read your article, but I've been playing around with it. I tried it on IE and I couldn't get it to scroll, however it scrolled perfectly in Firefox.

ocbill profile image

ocbill 6 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

interesting tool. at first it seems like too much as users want quick info. But they did their research on this I am sure.

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

Thanks for this great info. I have never heard of Google Squared, but I am about to test it out. Can't wait. Thanks again for sharing with all of us!

Tim Blackstone profile image

Tim Blackstone 6 years ago

I never heard of this before but it sounds fascinating and maybe very useful. I'll check it out. Thanks for sharing it with this hub.

rebekahELLE profile image

rebekahELLE 6 years ago from Tampa Bay

I've not heard of this either. I'll have to take a look, thanks for sharing it with us!

thisisoli profile image

thisisoli 6 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!) Author

Glad to see you all find it promising, there are definitely some great benefits from Google Squared, especially for us writers who often need to do a lot of research.

If you haven't used it yet, give it a try!

SubmissionWork profile image

SubmissionWork 6 years ago from India

I heard about this earlier but never gave a serious try to it. But after reading your hub pages I found it really useful specially if you are looking for computer centres in your city or branches of specific banks in your city.

Along with that you can export in spreadsheet and CSV.

Simply great ...


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