iPhone 5 Specs and Speculations!

iPhone 5 Specs and Speculations!

When the iPhone first came onto the market, no-one could predict how hugely popular it was going to be and how it would revolutionize a generation. In fact, not only did it change the way people used their phones, it created a whole new industry – the Smartphone – in which it is the current and undisputed champion. While Android devices have made huge strides in eating into this lead, there still is no one single device that has the same depth of penetration into the marketplace as the iPhone.

As Apple continues to release enhancements and upgrades to its iconic product, people are eagerly waiting to hear information about the newest iteration of the iPhone – the iPhone 5 (or potentially the iPhone 4S depending upon whom you listen to) which succeeds the equally popular iPhone 4G. In fact, the iPhone 4 was so popular that Apple is planning to have 15 million units of the iPhone 5 ready for release day (current rumours are pointing to a September or October date for this) in expectation and based on their numbers they are expecting to sell 25 million units by the end of 2011!

While the iPhone 4 did have some issues – most notably problems with the Antenna which impacted people trying to make and receive calls (a somewhat important feature of a mobile phone!) – it is expected that their new device will provide a much better experience in this regard along with a whole host of enhanced specifications. Provided below are a list of the expected iPhone 5 specs.

iPhone 5 Specs rumor video

Apple Dual Core A5 Processor
Apple Dual Core A5 Processor | Source

Processing Power

Current rumours are pointing to the iPhone 5 utilizing Apple’s A5 dual-core processor. This super speedy and powerful processor was first utilized by Apple in the iPad 2 and it is a significant enhancement and improvement to the A4 processor. In addition to the improved processor expectations are high for an improvement in the RAM and overall storage space available.

However other rumours have stated that the reason the iPhone 5 was not released in June (on a similar schedule to that of earlier models) is due to the A5 processor overheating when combined with the new iPhone. If the processor problems are in fact confirmed and Apple is unable to find a solution in a reasonable timeframe, its next model might not be as revolutionary as expected and will only be a small and incremental improvement to the iPhone 4.

Iphone Operating System

The brains of the iPhone 5 will be its newest operating system – iOS 5. Recently released by Apple this new operating system offers some significant differences to its predecessors, most notably cutting the tether to iTunes and the PC in general. Flash unfortunately is still not an option with Apple and while some Android based Smartphone’s have emphasized the availability of Flash on their systems as a key differentiator – the lack of Flash on iPhone’s has not significantly impacted their market share.

Another key enhancement to the new OS is the fact that all software updates are now sent wirelessly and these updates only include the changes – not the whole Operating System!

iPhone Nano

Surprisingly however there are also rumours of an iPhone Nano with a 3 inch screen. The officially (unannounced) Nano will do away with the Home button making them significantly smaller in size to the current generation of iPhones on the market and these smaller units primarily built with iPhone 4 components, will also be offered at a significantly lower price than other iPhones – thereby potentially opening up the budget conscious market to Apple.

While the iPhone Nano will entice non-Smartphone users to Apple it is also expected that they will chip away at the budget Android handset marketplace also. While there are definitely valid reasons for Apple to create a smaller unit, these rumours are definitely unconfirmed at this time, and in fact sources at Apple have stated that Apple will not be releasing a smaller iPhone.

iPhone 5 Camera

Specs for the new iPhone 5 are currently pointing to the new iPhone 5 integrating an 8 megapixel camera into its case. While Nokia’s N8 (with a 12 megapixel camera) is still superior this camera and lens – probably supplied by Sony – will be a vast improvement on the 5 megapixel camera included in the iPhone 4 and with an improved LED flash, this might make enough of a difference.

Overall Look and Feel

Depending upon who does the talking the iPhone 5 could be completely different in look and feel to the iPhone 4 or it could only have some small cosmetic changes. Some of the more radical suggestions include replacing the glass back with a new metal back – which will also act as the new iPhone antenna. In addition there are details that the bezel itself will be changed and will incorporate touch-sensitive buttons around the newer larger 4 inch screen.

Apple is nothing if not innovative and its design styles and ideas have long been at the forefront of the Computer and Electronics industry. Just like the Ipad 3, The iPhone has led the world and with its huge app store, Apple has a very hefty lead on its competition. As long as Apple does not experience another “Antenna Gate” similar to the problems with its iPhone 4, it should not only be able to maintain this lead but grow it even further and if in fact they do launch an iPhone Nano at a lower price point, they will truly be unassailable!

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iphone 5 fan 5 years ago

Wow nice hub. I can't wait for the Iphone five. I just saw that apple is going to make 25 million Iphone 5 headsets already. Hahaha this is going to be another crazy aplle launch!

Anthony 5 years ago

Nice hup, thanks for the information.

groovedaddy 5 years ago

By all means apple is a great company but puts too many constraints on its users! They're really behind on the faster 4g network! They all are behind really. Especially in these days of technology!

AndroidGuy 5 years ago

To date the Samsung Galaxy S2 running on android " Gingerbread" is still the most powerful phone that's why iphone 5 will be release hope your price will be reasonable.....

emma24 5 years ago

when it will be in ireland(dublin) the iphone 5?? and what will be the price for it??

jack poster 5 years ago

Looking forward to a new Iphone 5. I am currently using an Iphone 3GS. I will not get an Iphone with a two year contract if it is not 4G ready. I would then have to look to the competition.

jj 5 years ago

Nothing beats 4G!

Rikimaru 5 years ago

Who cares about 4G?

Just make it easier to use and I will buy it.

IphoneAdik.xD 5 years ago

Wow ! I really want to buy it nah. nyahaha

When it will be SouthEast Asia(Philippines)?>

and also what will be the price of it.thnx

vic23 5 years ago

who cares about 4g? I guess if you don't mind having slower outdated technology... might as well have a 5mp camera too right? dumbest comment I ever heard!

Ihaxmyphone 5 years ago

4g is a meaningless designator for all the n00bs out there. It is simply the 4th generation hence 4g of their mobile broadband network. The LTE after verizons designator is important. LTE is a much faster network than AT&T currently uses and their LTE network is growing painfully slow for those of us with no verizon coverage that is reliable.

FGYYHJCV 5 years ago


understand 5 years ago

Open source vs Closed source...lol one phone, if you have ten of them there all the same, but ten androids well now enjoy the buffet of possibilities "over clocking, roms, kernals, modems"...not the same!!!!

Johnny Z 5 years ago

hehe, I bet you still can't expand the memory on it. I bet it won't have HDMI either. They'll probably increase pixel density on it too, which is just stupid and will make the phone cost more. First iPhone was cool, each additional iPhone is dumb. Apple is dumb. They should start removing ports on their Mac line so they can be just like the iPhone/iPad/Touch. Then just get rid of OS X and use iOS and charge for every keystroke too while they're at it.

5 years ago

Phones can't even process 4g speeds. Its all money making hype. An iPhone will run on att(as much as I hate them) 3g faster than droid runs on 4g. Droid is garbage. Anyone who has ever had an iPhone knows that.

Johnny Z 5 years ago

If phones can't process 4g speeds, why do I get consistent 500k/sec downloads (bursts of 700k/sec) on my 4g phone as opposed to the 100k/sec max I would get on my 3G phone? You must not have 4g in your area. iPhone is garbage, anyone who has Droid knows that. Enjoy your iPrison.

Scott 5 years ago

The IPhone5 Apple has unlimted Data plan. The Andriod Bionic does not !

bebenceee 5 years ago

Download Jailbroken Quick tools

Joker 5 years ago

I'm pretty sure people living in Ireland and philipinese can't afford an iPhone

big daddy 5 years ago

if you think it's too expensive - you're way to poor (mentally) to appreciate or even own.

Niaz 5 years ago

The price of iphone is high because lame people, specially the beginner of smart phone with primary level knowledge about smart phone buy these iBRICKS.. Have you really touched a samsung Galaxy s2. You will feel the smoothness and lightness of it..even for you, it will not take more than a few seconds to realize the speed and quickness of apps response of galaxy s2...we are even not talking about the widgets, the wifi tethering, the ease of file transfer and more importantly, the openness of android OS...for me iBRICKS or iPRISONS ( whatever) are just useless ( Because of my preferences), ok they are good but they are not the best at all.they are really really behind in the technology...Have you ever been successful by using your iBRICK bluetooth with any other device than iBRICK..??? what do u do when u want to transfer a file to your friends computer and vice versa if he hasn,t itunes???????

Johhny Z 5 years ago

Right on Niaz

james 5 years ago

wow apple an 8 megapixel camera on a phone. A dual core processor on a 3G device, what an improvement. I wonder if this phone is actually going to be able to make calls with out a bumper. Iphones are so behind its ridiculous. All you die hard iphone users need to get out of the past an buy an android device. Or you could keep believing what the dousches at apple tell you.

Jim 5 years ago

I saw some of this on appfaction. I really just cant wait until the release date

Alex 5 years ago

iPhone 6(66) is coming in 2012! Going to big! Rumor has it a 20 megapixel camera!

ash 5 years ago

Android is easily 100x better. HTC sensation and other new dual core handsets easily outperform Apple's iBrick. With faster and more responsive interfaces and a wider variety of utilities, Android is by far a better choice.

Johnny Z 5 years ago

I like to call it the iPrison. It's a nerfed multimedia prison that people willingly pay for. iPhone is for n00bs and old people....

Scratch that, it's just for n00bs. Old people don't know how to use cell phones

Yamin 5 years ago

Speaking of smoothness and multimedia: I've had an Android for a year. It was garbage. Went to iPhone, gravy. I think Android users here are long time ignorants of apple so don't really know the smoothness of multimedia and the overall platform.

Dylan 5 years ago

wow 3% people don't know what an iphone is?

Warren 5 years ago

Android are obviously not the better phone. They are simply sought after more because they are cheaper so please don't kid yourself.

The saying stands, "You Get What You Pay For"

Apple don't charge the earth for *Absolutely* nothing.

Apples machines in general are manufactured at a premium standard. So why souldnt they charge premium?

As for software integrity... Apple floors - I repeat - Floors, the competition. Smoothness, User Friendly, Fast, Responsive.

I Currently have an iPhone4 and personally - 10/10

Good thing my contract ends on Oct 16th ^^

Cant wait for the iPhone 4S(G)/5!

Whocares 5 years ago

I am just waiting fr the damn thing to b released so i can buy it!!!

Whocares 5 years ago

I am just waiting fr the damn thing to b released so i can buy it!!!

Disappointed in AZ 5 years ago

I have been waiting for the iPhone announcement today with great anticipation because I am currently out of contract with Verizon and am the horribly unfortunate owner of a blackberry. I purposely did not upgrade this year due to the supposed iPhone 5 launch. Learning that the 4S was announced opposed to the 5 was disappointing enough, but learning that the 4s utilizes only the 3G network on Verizon was the last straw. On principle alone, I will not buy the 4s and am going to purchase a Droid Bionic tomorrow. I am done waiting.

Blue SkuLL 5 years ago

I have used Galaxy tab,i phone 4 & galaxy S2,now I m eagerly waiting for Iphone 5,I want to know is it really different or not?????

Droid Core 5 years ago

here is your choice be on the bleeding edge with android or wait for crapple to doggedly follow the crowd. the arm a5 in the new line is made by who? samsung the same guys running an arm a9 in the Samsung Galaxy S II. the idea of Premium hardware Made in china? that just sounds like an oxymoron.

Spartacus 5 years ago

Damn you JOKER, how much you in your pocket, do you have what I have got every end of the month....what's you mouth pug.

SMITY 5 years ago

LOL wow anyone who has really used a 4g phones knows its better than any ibrick ever made. I work with alot of ibrick users and they use my HTC EVO 4G one time and love it wished they had got the HTC . but they are stuck with att with no 4g and an inferior phone !!

Justin 5 years ago

I've owned android galaxy s2, iPhone 4 and 4 s and gotta say out of box iPhone is better of the bunch. Much Easier to use with a better interface. Yes the s2 is faster but at what cost? Battery life is shit, phone feels like it is made out of cheap materials and will be replaced in 3 months with something better ruining resale value. Htc sensation quickly changed to amaze and im sure samsung prime will replace s2. I feel good knowing apple products retain value after years of use and will continue to work

Queentorrent 5 years ago

This is not the new iphone 5. This is just a cover for the back you can buy here in China for 3 USD! They replace the glass iphone 4 cover with this aluminum looking cover!


profile image

ytoptions 5 years ago

What i will say. Your iphone is good. Vedio is also interesting. I enjoyed.. But I want the features can you post more...


Crazy 5 years ago

That's nice man. Link Aloha?


Iberkenbosch profile image

Iberkenbosch 5 years ago from Amsterdam, Netherlands Author

yes :D

5 years ago

i like lg than apple because android is so in today and apple phone are so expensive why should you was so much money

shadows 5 years ago

its not even the iphone 5 its the iphone 4s the 4 is a big give away the iphone hasn't even beein made yet its still being made n designed the release date is 2012 so wtf get the facts right not iphone 5

shadows 5 years ago

its not even the iphone 5 its the iphone 4s the 4 is a big give away the iphone hasn't even beein made yet its still being made n designed the release date is 2012 so wtf get the facts right not iphone 5

Lyndon Boychuk 5 years ago

Is it just me, or are they planning on making this thing look like the Galaxy Nexus especially with that curved display?

Lol... 5 years ago

Clearly an apple fanboy. The ONLY reason why an iphone is better than any android phone is because there's only 3 different versions of the phone. With android phones not every application is bound to work because developers can't get their hands on the 40+ different android phones to specify the app too. Otherwise in specs the iphone gets shit on hardcore. The iphone also wasn't made for multi-tasking where as android was. Basically if you want a very dull and bland phone that works then go with an iphone but if you want a lot of customization, freedom, and power then go with an android. In my opinion apple may have started the whole smartphone business but they need to step down now. One year after releasing the iphone 4 and all they can do is upgrade there phone by adding a little better resolution, camera, and siri?



Nick 5 years ago

Nokia 3310! What a phone!

Pizza 5 years ago

I bet well be seeing a new maps app developed by apple rather than using the google maps.

andrew 5 years ago

isn't the term 4g just mean 4th generation and dosnt have anything to do with the speed of the signal that is being sent?can anyone clarify this for me?

appleaddicted 5 years ago

iphone 5 should be lower the price ^__^

Matt 5 years ago

I have an iphone, ipad and a samsung galaxy s 2 and i must say sgs2 is WAY better than iphone. you have to be a retard to buy an iphone when you have a monster like galaxy s 2 on the market. If you're a girl and don't know much about phones abilities then I think its okay to go with an iphone but if you do know how to use an Android and buy an iphone I think you are sevearly retarded.

ali 5 years ago

kindly tell me when it will be launched


Cashmoney 5 years ago

Samsung galaxy S2... smh I'm on the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE talk about technology lol Iphone you got knock ta f@#k out

napster 5 years ago

u just cant afford the iphone 5 dats it!!! deal with it loosers f@#k :)

MINDFREAK 5 years ago


Android user 5 years ago

The galaxy s3 is going to make the ish.t5 look like a flip phone.

Educated Consumer 5 years ago

I currently have iphone 3g. I was eligible for upgrade with the 4g release but I was not inspired. So I waited. I was eligible for the 4gs release, again uninspired and waiting. Then I dawned on me, I am actually waiting for the Iphone specs to the current droid market. I a product is better why would I not buy it. Then I realized it was a cultural thing. The Iphone is not better, it is just a device that once stood for a status symbol very much like blackberry use to. This appears to be changing for Apple. They are falling behind in performance trying to milk everylast once of cash from there phones by constantly releasing 2 versions of each device.

Also Apple user say, "The iphone is the number one phone in the world." That maybe the case, but its not necessarily the device itself. The iOS operating system on the iPhone is only on one phone in the world. Where as teh Android operating system is open to many different types and styles of smartphones. If apple were to have multiple types of phones, or allow other manufacturers to develop phones with iOS on it, would the iPhone still be as popular? My guess is no.

The Phone itself is not that revolutionary anymore. Its really the iOS that gets more knowlegable consumersl they like the digital features iOS has to offer. Everyone else is just getting it because it is "the thing to do"

The droid market free and open. It allows more creativity and innovation then Apple current model of development for the iPhone. Maybe that's why it is begining to fall behind in so many ways to the android market.

oh and Siri, that type of app was first developed on the android market.

Educated Consumer 5 years ago

Let me try that again. I am a typo king.

The reason for apple superior sales is due to the fact it only offers it's iOS on one phone. The operating system is not bad and is sticking with the Androids level of capability.

The physical specs of the iPhone however leave much to be desired. In this way, the Android market is pulling away from the iPhone at more than a gallop.

It seems too many consumers are buying the iPhone for some status reasons. Like Blackberry was in the late 90's-early 00's, this reign will soon end. Probably from the options and capabilities that are now more abundant in the Android market.

I was one of those people. I got an iPhone because of hype. Then my brain kicked in and I started to look at the iPhone more critically. I was literally waiting for the iPhone to catch up to the Android market. I thought that was going to be iPhone 5, only to get 4gs. I am tired of waiting. I will be upgrading to the Galaxy note. The large yet still relatively portable screen that allows for more efficient use of word processors and document creation. Also it has a better browser experience.

I wish you well fair iPhone, You once were really good to me(that that 4.0 update screwed my GPS up for good), but I have too much in my life to keep suckling at the teet. If you ever decide to open up your iOS to real innovation I might be back. Apple, please realize that the WoW factor is fading an more and more people are comparing specs and capabilities. Your falling behind fast.

Sid Santar 5 years ago

OMG people I think iphone 5 is being released on March 7 2012, I bought iphone 4 for my wife earlier and while surfing the internet to look for a case for iphone 4 I came across P-Case London for iphone 5? Its a bit bizzare the photo but can someone check it and let mek now if you think it is really being released in March, if so I will return the one I ordered yesterday because I would like to give my wife iphone 5 instead.

the P-Case London guys may have inside Appple information? Can some expert check it? Here is the photo


andy 4 years ago

waste of hard earned money...

kevin 4 years ago

the people, who voted Nah, iPhone is for n00bs, I'm buying an android Phone, are insecure of their sexuality

Droid of the Dead 4 years ago

Who Says We cant afford iphone on the philippines?

Im using Samsung Galaxy S2,Ipad 2 & Iphone 4. Struggling to which is the Best.

for Ram and Speed Processor (Ipad 2 & Iphone 4) wins

leaving SGS2 to Snapdragon is Waste.

Major Modification (SGS2) New kernels,Rom and Can OVERCLOCK!

3rd Party Support.

Games Ipad & Iphone4 Having 32GB mem. is A must for this, Final Fantasy Tactics is 416mb! WTF! but plays with no Lags and THAT what I am looking for! Zenonia & Hybrid Series I love them from GAMEVIL...

surprised All of them are Rooted and Jailbroken.

I am Planning on buying a new phone which one

HTC Evo Design 4G (Sprint) or Apple Iphone 5?

anyway Iam that rich I won the LOTTO SWEEPSTAKE

The Prize 166,500,213 Pesos. on 2009.

the Most part of my Money is to Charity And Major Property Modification.

Dave 4 years ago

An iPhone can be made open source just like a Droid so please stop with the "Droid is better" crap. Droids are nowhere NEAR as polished and sophisticated as an iPhone. iPhones work more seamlessly, have far better apps, MUCH better resolution, are built better AND you don't have to deal with 20 different manufacturers making the same product with vastly varying levels of quality. iPhone is Mercedes Benz.. Droid is Hyundai. A good imitation.

Dave 4 years ago

Also, Droid fans come across as being incredibly insecure because they always feel the need to go out of their way to bash the iphone. The iPhone wins every comparison for a reason. A better camera and even faster speeds don't make a phone better. It's the overall experience and quality of the product. The Nissan GTR may be faster than a Porsche 911 around a track, but the 911 still beats the GTR in EVERY SINGLE comparison because the Porsche is a work of art while the Nissan is just a sports car.

Faslane 4 years ago

I have used damn near every phone out there worth trying....HTC, Droid, Galaxy S @ and iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S and soon to be 5 will still blow away the competition. As Dave says, it's the mercedes of all phones and the easy of use and integrations is hands down the best.

b-boy 4 years ago

i think iphone 5 is very good but samsung galaxy s3 is better than it

Ambocapo 4 years ago

What about the flash player

N00B 4 years ago

IPhone = Mercedes?

Android = Hyundai?



Mercede Benz IS A VERY SHITTY CAR it is built with low quality materials and yet soo expensive... It only has looks and Name that's all just like the IPhone or better said LiePhone

Hyundai? better said Toyota = good cheap longlasting yet powerful and made with good materials

I hope you now realize the reality shithead Dave

just_sayin' 4 years ago

I'll still go with Sony Xperia S. Just look at the specs! It even got a 12mp camera, its screen has a 342 ppi pixel density (one of the highest of all HD mobile screens since it runs on a BRAVIA engine) & this phone is already out in the market.

i'll-still-buy-it 4 years ago

iphone bashes android & other smartphones? Com'on! People just saying iphone is the best because it's the only phone they have after using an old lame phone. I have a 4s, Nexus & Xperia S & i tell u 4s is not the best phone out there. 4s is a solid phone which is also common to other phones but Nexus has better responses, Xperia S has better resolution. iphone is expensive because, well..its iphone.

Austin Schenkel 4 years ago

I have a 3GS and I like it as an Apple product, I want a 4 or 4S, but I can't afford either of them(even used).

Xsades 4 years ago

My Galaxy Note will eat this iPhone 5, hands down. Apple takes advantage of people's stupidity and ignorance. This is the main reason why they've overpriced products. Because they know,no matter how high they set their prices, people would still come running down their door. For me, the only thing worth taking a second look at about apple is their application store. Anything after that is plain garbage.

zackburkhart 4 years ago

Iphones are 2005 technology.and i have the samsung galaxy note.5.3 inch.4 inchs is so small.

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