iPhone Cases

If you've got an iPhone you know they can be slippery buggers if you grab them in a hurry. I've personally always bought mobile phones that have got the rubber backing cos I'm prone to dropping them if they're sleek and slick. When I first saw the iPhone I thought, "Yes! I want that!" At least, that's what I thought until I discovered how easy they would be to drop (for someone like me). And that's where these superb rubber based iPhone cases and covers come in. You simply slip them on and voila, you've got a nicely secured iPhone. That, and they come in so many designs and colors that you've just got to love how gorgeous your already stunning iPhone will be once you slipped an iPhone cover round it.

Otter Box iPhone Cover

Otter Box is a very very popular (and well-reviewed) iPhone case maker. They've got so many colors and textures that it's not hard to understand why everyone seems to have one of these. This model is made of silicon and you can use the iPhone right through the case so no worries about having to pull it out when you want to text or make a call.

Speck iPhone Case

Isn't that a gorgeous purple iPhone 3G case from Speck? (It will not fit older iPhone models.) Rubber matte finish will have this fitting firmly and comfortably in your hand and the extra padding at the corners makes it even more protective of your iPhone. You can use the phone directly through the iPhone case, too. You can see the purple version on the left but if you click the Amazon.com product link you'll also see there are 6 more fabulous colors to choose from.

Speck Tough Skin iPhone Case

This is similar to the previous Speck iPhone case but it's shaped a bit differently and is quite a bit heavier (more protective). You can open the bottom up for docking (like you see in the photo) and it comes with a belt clip if you're into that sort of thing.

iFrogz iPhone Case

This is a highly rated iPhone case and you can read the reviews of loads of happy customers over at Amazon.com. This model works with the iPhone 3G and 3GS. The surface of the cover is smooth and velvety and with the case on you can still use all the iPhone functions. This model is red and black but it comes in many color combinations.

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