iRiver vs iPod nano 5th Gen

iPod Next Gen What Will We be Getting?

I expect we all have an iPod these days. I got mine for free as a prize. The iPod has dominated the mp3 world and they have just released a new one!

This iPod nano is 5th generation! What does this next generation of iPod offer? Well to start with it has a built in video camera that that will allow you to shoot video wherever you are. It also has a large screen with a polished anodized aluminum finish with a dramatic effect on style. The biggest debut (in my opinion) is a built in FM radio with two awesome features, iTunes Tagging and live pause. So you hear a song on FM radio and love it, tag it and buy it from iTunes.

As if this was not enough there are even more facilities on this next gen iPod nano. The new genius mixes feature automatically searches your iTunes library and makes mixes you will love, your own personal DJ (assuming that it really can pick your music preferences to make a mix you love). Just in case this is not enough to get you reaching for your credit card they have even included a pedometer counter to count your steps!

So this new iPod nano is a jack of all trades, but is it the master of any? From what I can tell sadly no, it is not. The sound quality is a bit flat and while the click wheel is intuitive it is hard to use with good precision, leading to a number of false starts when tested. The question is do the features make up for mediocre sound quality? If you are not bothered and love the features by all means get that credit card out and buy one! It could be a stellar present for your loved ones (or yourself *wink*)

iRiver, This one gives the iPod a Run for its Money!

The newest bit of tech to hit the world of mp3's is this gorgeous multimedia player! This one would definitely be on my list to santa! Here are my reasons for falling for this bit of tech.

Like the iPod the iRiver has FM radio but its quality is superior with an extendable aerial. Unlike the iPod the iRiver allows you to record the radio in WMA format. With superior quality reception on the radio plus the ability to record it the iRiver wins hands down!

Another special feature of the iRiver is its video and picture functions. Like the iPod it can record video, unlike the iPod it can also take pictures. The manufacturer description on amazon will tell you all the techie stuff about the types of files it supports and how these create a richer experience.

This tech is also able to manage TXT files easily. You can save and manage your files in a text folder allowing you to connect the USB cable making it possible to view documents anytime and anywhere. For people like me this means I can have my music and have my work on me wherever I go. If you happen to be santa clause please feel free to by me one! lol. If you are looking for an mp3 player that will impress you friends or are hoping to buy the coolest present they will get this winter then this is the one you want! I am sitting here drooling as I write this, this is just about the coolest mp3 player I have ever seen!

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Nokia 5800 Applications 6 years ago

I have already Ipod so now its time to try iRiver.

Thanks for sharing difference and advantages of both gadgets.

Jordan Riley profile image

Jordan Riley 5 years ago

Very nice points you’ve got. Well done

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