Super Secret Facebook Chat Emoticons

If you are like millions of people around the world, you are hooked on Facebook. The social networking site has become extraordinarily popular. Not only can you update your status and share information with your friends and family around the world, you can also play games and use applications. The ease of use of these applications is one of the reasons Facebook took over as the king of the social networks.

However, one of the features that many users have found lacking in Facebook is the chat system. Sure, it's a fine basic chat client, but it does seem to have its share of bugs and errors. Over recent months, Facebook has done its part to try to upgrade the chat system and bring it up to par with other chat clients. While it may not be as flexible as a system completely designed for chatting, it does get the job done when you consider how easy it is to use, since it's already built into Facebook.

Facebook has also added some things to the chat system to make it a bit more fun, too. One of these are the Facebook chat emoticons. These are the little pictures that show up in your chat when you type a smiley face or certain other codes. The basic Facebook chat emoticons are also accessible by clicking the smiley face icon in the chat box.

However, there is a HUGE range of super-secret Facebook chat emoticons you may not know about. These are utilized by typing two open brackets, the code and two end brackets into your chat box. You would access them by typing codes similar to this:

Try these out!





That's pretty cool huh?

Well the biggest secret about this Facebook chat hack, is that it works with nearly anything! You may wonder, how does Facebook have THAT big of an emoticon list? Well, actually they don't! The basic emoticons are all they have. This is just a simple Facebook chat hack that brings up a tiny version of the profile picture of whichever Facebook page you type between the brackets. Try your own user name in between two brackets and all of a sudden a tiny image of you (or whatever you have as your profile picture) will show up as an “emoticon.”

Here's a video from Youtube that shows this “in action” in case you have any questions.

Have fun, and keep chatting! :)

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howlermunkey profile image

howlermunkey 4 years ago from Tampa, FL

Me LOVES supersecret things like secret chat emoticons that make my friends jealous cuz they know I have skills and they are like how did you do that? ;) Thanks for the tips :), gonna practice them now

pennyofheaven profile image

pennyofheaven 4 years ago from New Zealand

Wow this is so cool. Tried them all then I tried Mickey mouse and an Icon came up. Texasholdem brings up the zynga logo. Way cool thanks!

Ella Toreu 3 years ago


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