How to Send Free International SMS Using Internet

international free sms
international free sms

SMS is a popular and fast medium to send quick messages to any one at any time from almost anywhere in the world, at the cost of a certain charge per SMS. For Internet users, there is a great option of sending international free sms, which can be a very useful method of sending information in case of emergency situation of your cell phone provider,and for those who usually need to send bulk SMS either local or international.

Little bit of Google search will reveal you numerous free SMS websites, where you just need to enter the destination phone address and email, then click submit-you’re SMS is gone to your friend living in abroad or your home country . Since, Internet text messaging are free; most of the free-sms site will allow you to send not more than 5 text at a time.

Some negative aspect of free sms sites are that with each sms a few advertising text could be added before sending to your destination-though it’s free you many like it to send, but what about your friend!  In fact there is no such thing like free lunch, so free sms is a good option when you are just out of balance with your cell ph.

Who are eligible for free SMS

Everyone with a broadband or wireless internet connection will be able to take free SMS opportunities.

How to register for free SMS service

You can to register with most of the free sms sites with your email ID and Cell phone number only. With some sites you even don’t need to register, just put the destination county code and the receiver’s number and then simply type your sms. All the free sms sites has a restriction on the number of sms you can send a day, on an average in a day you will have a quota of sending 5 sms.

international text messaging
international text messaging

When to use Free SMS

The good side of free sms service is that in case of cell phone network service or in any emergency situation in natural calamity, you can use this free service to send a quick message to your friends or families residing another country.

You can have a look at and Almost all the European and North American mobile operators are well-connected with the most of the Internet SMS service providers. Recently, many Asian cell phone operators showing keen interest offering free internet sms services.

Free SMS and Fax sites

Like free sms, there are some free internet faxing service sites. Internet FAX works as the same way as the online sms does.For sending online FAX, at first register with any free fax site, then you will have to enter your email address and the destination phone number, write your message in send box, click sent-it’s done.

Unfortunately, there are many fax and sms sites where you cannot send free sms-though many claim as free short message service providers, after registering they ask for payment. In addition, not all free sms sites allow sending international sms to all countries, so it’s better to learn about detailed white-list country in their site, before send the sms

You can try out the following sites, which worked well for me.


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prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 6 years ago from US

very helpful information andromida and I use this my relatives are in the Philippines, Thank you, Maita

andromida profile image

andromida 6 years ago Author

Thanks Maita.I also use free sms service-it's really a great way to communicate with friends and families :)

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

Thanks for this useful info. Mobile companies normally give you a monthly allowance of Text Messages. So, one can use on-line texting when the text message quota is running out.

Thanks for including the sites too. :)

andromida profile image

andromida 6 years ago Author

Thanks glitt4u :)

anilkaka 6 years ago

ek pyari si pari mere zindagi mai aayi hai

mere khwabo ko woh har pal sajati hai

khuda humari jodi ko salamat rakhe

ek doosre se saath janamo ka rishta….yeh humara wada hai…

steve 6 years ago

Currently I use

they also offer world-wide free text messaging, so far I am quite happy with them.

OP may want to check this site as well

sudeep13582 profile image

sudeep13582 6 years ago from Howrah

the hub is really helpful for me, coz i mostly use online sms site to send sms to my friends..

here is another hub from me featuring some nice Durga Puja Sms greetings

andromida profile image

andromida 6 years ago Author

@sudeep-I always use this online free SMS facility and thank you so much for the links:)

saadi omar 6 years ago

j'aime beaucoup

profile image

jaffari 6 years ago

helloits verry verry intaresting website ilike too much

SlideSMS 6 years ago

You guys and girls want a free international sms service that just works?

Try Free UNLIMITED SMS. No tricks or? just works! - It just works!

babar 5 years ago

03009744585 the no of asad.nai laga makan karay pe. ap ka colg kesa ja raha hai

profile image

SlideSMS 5 years ago

There is a new site called SlideSMS you should be able to send Unlimited SMS to any country in the world!

The site is support by adsense so please make sure you click the sponsors when you use that that they can continue to provide the world with Free SMS without limits.

There are a few different applications available such as a website widget and email2sms along with the two listed below...enjoy

PC Version:

Mobile Ver:

s.k.moin 5 years ago

i want to secri

HAICHOUR amel 5 years ago

Je te souhaite,une bonne fête de l'aid Meilleures pensées et voeux de bonheur et de santé.

Defaru Bogale 5 years ago

Life gives chance to meet sweet people so that life goes happening. Those people are our need but most probably they are our true friends.

ahmedin bergena 5 years ago

your website is very intersting please continue.................

ahmedin bergena 5 years ago

your website is very intersting please continue.................

Muhammad 5 years ago

a a kiyahal bahi azer sahib

mexicano 5 years ago

you can also send gifts & money through sms free,

ken 5 years ago

how was everybody christmas break and new years eve

ahmed ramzy 5 years ago


Berhanu Terefe 5 years ago

it si nice facility provided 4 any users ....................thank u.

i use it most frequently,longlive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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styles2009 4 years ago


Check out this new site,where you can send Free Unlimited SMS to any Country without any restriction.

Try it out now:


yassine 4 years ago

saluu zin cava yassine ! ghbourat hado . glt rak nasiani éwa golilna chi haja rah twhchtk

martinnitsim 4 years ago

well grant i shouldnt give it out but here is there web address

and some info ,check out there great prices ,tell them martin told you to ring

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