Super Computers, Micro computer , Mini computers, and Mainframe Computers

computer size

Computer sizes can be classified into 4 categories according to the support they offered namely

  • super computers
  • micro computers
  • mini computer
  • main frame computers

Micro Computer System

These are also known as personal computers and are the ones mostly found in big and small office, they are normally standalone computers known PC, or Desktop Computers. Micro Computers are small and expensive designed for individual use. It contains two types of memories RAM and ROM. Some manufacturing companies of micro computers include HP Computers,, Dell Computers, IBM Computers and many more

mini computer systems

mini computers are midsized computers capable of supporting from 4 – 200 users simultaneously. Mini pc are mainly used as departmental computers for data processing in large organization or governmental institutions like hospitals

main frame computer systems

A main frame computer is a very large expensive computer system capable of supporting hundreds and thousands of users simultaneously, most of these computers are found in large organizations like universities, hospitals, world governing body like UN among many others

Super computer systems

Super Computers are the fastest types of computers which were very expensive and requires a lot of mathematical calculations. The first generation of super computer was developed by VON-Newman. This computer generation of super computers had only one controller and was called VON-Newman. Modern super computers systems are equipped with many processors enabling them to to process complex operation, e.g. weather forecast which will needs to be processed within a short period

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