How to Flash a Blackberry Cell Phone

Blackberry 8800
Blackberry 8800 | Source

I am going to show you how to flash your Blackberry to any CDMA phone carrier, that is, to add software to it so that the carrier recognizes it.

You will need a few programs that can be found on the Internet:

  • BlackBerry Desktop Manager or Sprint Mobile Broadband
  • UniCDMA
  • QPST (main flashing program)
  • WINHEX - UniPST (Universal PST)
  • Rim DLL

Get Your Computer to Recognize the BlackBerry

On your desktop computer:

  1. Install QPST
  2. Install BlackBerry Desktop Manager or Sprint Mobile Broadband. If installing Sprint Mobile Broadband, make sure “BlackBerry” is checked during installation!
  3. Restart your computer, then go to your Device Manager, and check under Ports
    (COM & LPT). There should be two serial ports for RIM (e.g: COM3 and COM4). Remember the higher of the two port numbers for your BlackBerry.
  4. Note: If you have a Sprint phone, the port numbers must be less than 5. If they are 4 and 5, you will not be able to read your SPC (unlock code). Change the ports to consecutive numbers less than 5: for example, 1 and 2, or 3 and 4. Then reboot your computer so it will reset and detect the phone.

Prepare Phone for Unlocking

  1. Turn off the wireless connection in the BlackBerry phone. Then connect it to
    your PC via a USB cable, and run Sprint Mobile Broadband or BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  2. Run QPST Configuration. Click on the "Ports" tab and add new port (of the two BlackBerry ports, add the one with the higher number).
  3. Then click "Start Clients" -> "Service Programming" -> "Select your phone." For “phone model” select “SURF6300-BB,” or a file that ends in BB for Blackberry.

Enter Your Unlock Code (MSL or SPC)

When prompted, enter your unlock code: your MSL or SPC. Obtain your MSL code from your service provider if you can; if you have a Verizon phone, your MSL (SPC) is 00000. If you have a Sprint phone or other service provider that is locked, you must use UniCDMA to read your SPC.

  • Use UniCDMA to read this section of the phone's memory: 0x106C0000-106D0000
  • Use WinHex to search for this hex value: 00 07 00 02 04 00 00 00 00 00
  • The SPC will look like this: 3x 3x 3x 3x 3x 3x
  • Write down the number correponding to each x, and that is your SPC.

If you don’t find your SPC by doing this, then use UniCDMA to look in the following locations for the MSL/SPC:

Blackberry Pearl
Blackberry 8703e
1703936 (updated address)
Blackberry 8830 WE
Blackberry 8130
Blackberry 8130
BlackBerry 8130
Blackberry 8800
BlackBerry 8330
BlackBerry 8330

To find the SPC – first read the phone’s memory with UniCDMA, and then open with WinHex. In WinHex select “Specialist,” “Gather Text,” “Change to 6,” and check "Numbers Only."

It will ask you for file size; 100MB should be plenty. This process will show you six
consecutive numbers; one of them will be your MSL (SPC).

Load the Service Provider’s PRL

  1. Download service provider PRL from, for example, Roaming Zone, then save it to your computer.
  2. Back in QPST, click on the “Roam” tab. Under “Preferred Roaming,” load the PRL.
  3. Click on the "Settings" tab, change service programming to 000000 (six zeros).
  4. Click "Write to Phone." Phone should reboot.
  5. Now disconnect the phone, and call 611 to make sure the phone connects to
    customer service for the new service provider.

Try Again, if Necessary, With Universal PST

If you try QPST and get an "NV locked" error, then you need to use Universal
PST. Install UniPST, and run upgrades. It's important to follow UNIPST Install Instructions EXACTLY!

InfoSOFT UniPST Installation for Windows XP

  1. Install hldrv32
  2. Install Universal PST and reboot computer
  3. Install Upgrade.exe and reboot computer
  4. Install Patch_XP.exe and reboot computer
  5. Put RIM_7250c in Plugins Folder

Using UniPST to Write the PRL to the Phone

  • Open Infosoft Universal PST and click "Edit" -> "Options."
  • Enter the COM port of your BlackBerry--in my case, COM5.
  • Then click the USB/UART tab, and select "UART." Click "OK."
  • Click "Device" -> "Connect"
  • Click "Manufacturer" -> "Research in Motion" -> "RIM_7250c" -> "PRL"
  • Click "Browse" to find your PRL file (downloaded from
  • Click "Start" to write the PRL to the phone.

There you have it. Hope this helps.

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Holly 6 years ago

Can you tell me how to flash a GSM phone onto a Iden network? I have an unlocked AT&T Blackberry Bold 9000 that I want to use with my Boost Mobile Service. Thanks

mike446 6 years ago Author

AT&T is a GSM network. Boost is a CDMA network. To flash the phone and carrier must be CDMA.

relytyler05 6 years ago

where do i find the programs to flash my phone?

mike446 6 years ago Author

Go to

theone 5 years ago

What if u have a revol phone then what do u use?

babah jean 5 years ago

I don't understand how to flash moviles. Can you expain me what is the procedure? I want to learn it but i have language problems.

Thanks in advance

big daddy 5 years ago

i lost the pass word and i need to flash my phone can somebody tell me how

Haji muhammed 5 years ago

How to flash nokia phone that on and off

baby 5 years ago

How to flash evo to boost

Levi 5 years ago


It is possible reflashig BlackBerry Bold 9700?


Ayelehin ojo 5 years ago

How can i flashing the phone that did not opun game

mike446 4 years ago Author

Any Blackberry phone can be flashed.

ronojoy 4 years ago

i want to flash Huawei g2800 can anybody tell me how i can do that

mike446 4 years ago Author

You can flash your Huawei to another CDMA carrier with software at this URL

lily 4 years ago

how do you flash a sprint samsung galaxy s2 to boost?

marbotek 4 years ago

plz am using Nokia c-300 and i want to flash it how will i do it?

mike446 4 years ago Author

You can flash your phone with software from the above URL.

Malou 4 years ago

Hi Mike446, How are you? Hope you are having a fabulous. I have a few questions to aks hoping you could shed some light...

1_bout 2wks ago, i unlocked my AT&T Blackberry Curve 3g 9300. How do I go about verifying that is it still?

2_I have a verizon motorola droid x which is not activated to verizon and I've been trying to have the spc reader and some others ones and it keeps giving me this message "USB not found" and "no port"... so what am i doing wrong? and what do I need to do? This has been taking me almost 2 days and still can not figure it out. If you could guide me step by step, i surely appreciate it so much. Hence, Im a self taught IT and just started with my cell phones that I got. Please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks, malou

KrazyKarmaTabby 4 years ago

I have a verizon droid a855 with no sim card slot can i unlock it to use it with any other service?

Adamu kaka 4 years ago

how to flash a blackberry cell phone

archie 4 years ago

how can l flash MY I PHONE 4

rhyno 4 years ago

i need starting address and length for blackberry bold 9650 sprint please help me my e-mail is

rhyno 4 years ago

i need starting address and length for blackberry bold 9650 sprint please help me my e-mail is

Denzel 3 years ago

I need the starting address and the length for Blackberry 9930 Sprint. Please help me!!!!!

hayu 3 years ago

i habe

abbaelijah profile image

abbaelijah 3 years ago from Nigeria


Thanks for the info on how to flash once BB

But if can this be used with blackberry 9800?

From elijagod (Abba Elijah

murtaza 3 years ago

how to flash the samsung galaxy s3 mini

thanda nyawo dube village(esikhawini) 3 years ago

My blackberry have a network problemw how can i reset it treu it?

Sheri stimax 3 years ago

how to flash a rooted phone..its a sprint galaxy nexus..a local programmer could not download the program for plagplus so what do you think is my best option?..I must. again I must figure this out. any help would be greatly accepted..thank you..sstimax

youssef 3 years ago

Samsung galaxy mini GT-S5570

Wayne 3 years ago

How to flash my note 2 form sprint

innocent 2 years ago

i have failed to download the software

Datta Wadekar 2 years ago

i have all mobile flash cod software.Please sent me this mail ID.

josh 2 years ago

How can I unlock my sprint iphone 4 to work on my boost account.. I need to know how to do this off of my phone and I already have a boost mobile account.. please help me do this..

ken 2 years ago

guys.howdo i unlock my bb9550 thanks

Ceecain 2 years ago

I need a shortcut way to flash my blackberry

PEDRO J GONZALEZ 2 years ago

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jeffery 23 months ago

please am using a black berry bold 6 it is giving me a problem that says error on the screen

flipse 22 months ago

Hello i am having problem with my Samsung gt-e1280 . and time is get it on it keep saying sim restricted so i need your help any one one can help me with the software, i will be very pleased to the person bye

email" hope to hear from any one who is read to help me to over come my problem...

james konadu 21 months ago

my phone can't boot.

it says flash read failed

muhammadluqman 16 months ago

how can i flash a blackberry bold 2 9700

Heskey 9 months ago

how can i flash my blackberry 993o please...Here is my e-mail

@FOXTICE 8 months ago

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