20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Denmark

1. Cars are required to have their lights on at all times regardless the time of day to distinguish which are parked

2. The rate that individuals are taxed in Denmark is high up to 49%

3. The country of Denmark is very flat and has no mountains

4. Denmark is the 4th largest exporter of food in the world

5. Denmark invented Legos

6. The people in Denmark have lived there for roughly 12500 years at least inhabited

7. Denmark made history by being the first European country to abolish slavery

8. There are many Danish films out there but they are very unpopular so much that only three in the last 50 years have grossed more than 1 million

9. Denmark has the oldest monocracy in the world

10. The Viking age started in Denmark in the year 800 B.C

11. Greenland and the Faroe Islands have been a part of Denmark since the 1700s.

12. In 1989 Denmark became the first country in the world to legalize same sex marriages

13. Stroget is a street in Denmark and is considered the longest shopping street in the world

14. Denmark has more than 400 islands many inhabited around the country

15. 95% of the population in Denmark are considered catholic

16. Amsterdam is the red light district in Denmark where anything goes.

17. DK was the first major gas/minimart to open in Denmark

18. The currency of Denmark is the Danish Kroner

19. With Denmark situated so far north the sun rises in the summer at 9am and sets in the summer at 10pm

20. Denmark is considered the founding father of NATO

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