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Alibaug or Alibag is a small town in Raigad districts of Maharashtra (India) which is 120 kms away from Mumbai (India). Most of the people living in suburban parts of Mumbai and its neighboring cities has this habit of saying “Main Alibaug Se Nahin Aaya Hai” (Do you think I have come from alibag) which means “ Don’t try to fool me”. No body knows from where this phrase came from. That’s about the old adage, this small village is also very famous among travelers for its beautiful clean beaches and its coastal line. This place enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year due to the vast number of trees. The weather is pleasant on most days due to high density of trees all around. Monsoon is very heavy and thus, ferries and catamarans are not operational from mid-June to late September. However, the downpour and greenery during monsoon and chilled climate during winter (Nov-Jan period) make Alibaug irresistible for globetrotters.

How to reach Alibaug

There are many options available with tourist to reach this beautiful place. They can get there by train (Pen is the nearest railway station) or by a jetty or ferry from Gateway of India (Mumbai) or by a cab or private car.

By Road - One can reach Alibag through Pen (124 km away), which is well connected with Mumbai and Pune. From Mumbai, one can reach Alibag by going straight on Mumbai-Goa highway till Wadkhal (or Vadkhal) and then taking right turn. The distance is approximately 130 kms from Mumbai Dadar and 96 Kms from Thane.


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A markerDadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra -
Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Sion - Panvel Express Hwy, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
[get directions]

Sion East, Sion, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Mankhurd Railway Station, Mankhurd, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400074, India
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Sion - Panvel Express Hwy, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Sion - Panvel Express Hwy, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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G markerURAN RD -
Uran Rd, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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H markerNH4B -
JNPT Rd, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Pen, Maharashtra, India
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J markerALIBAG -
Alibag, Maharashtra, India
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By Ferry/Jetty - The nearest jetty is Mandawa, from where catamaran/ferry services are available to Gateway of India, Mumbai. From Mandawa, one can take a bus to Alibagh. These services are not operational in the monsoons, due to heavy rains. It  can also be reached by a jetty /ferry from 'Bhaucha Dhakka'  (which is at dockyard road) in Mumbai to Revas port (23 km from Alibag).The journey takes 1 % hours. The frequency is almost every hour, both ways.


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Gateway of India, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Mandve, Maharashtra, India
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C markerALIBAUG -
Alibaug, Maharashtra, India
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Alibag beach - Beautiful beach is surrounded by coconut trees which gives the tourist a fresh and lovely feeling. Alibag beach is totally clean and pollution free which also adds to the scenic its beauty. There are many resorts if tourist wants to stay there for more than a day. People who wants to feel at home can hire small bungalows or row houses which locals offers for a small daily rent of as low as Rs 300 (USD 6)

Colaba Fort/Kolaba Fort -: Situated in the sea at a distance of 1-2 km from the shores of Alibag, this magnificent fort was built in 1652 by Great Maratha Warrior Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to keep a vigil on the actions of his enemies of British, Portuguese and Siddhis of Janjira. Colaba fort, major water fort in Konkan,



Akshi BeachLocated at a distance of 5 kmsis the Akshi beach. It is a great throw back to a quiet and peaceful time and you automatically breathe easier and just leave your worries behind. This beach is well known for its white sand, clean waters and beautiful surrounding area. A number of birds inhabit the green surroundings near Akshi Beach and it is a bird-watcher’s delight.Calm waters and safeties of swimming make this beach an ideal picnic spot.

Nagaon Beach- Located 7 km away from Alibag’s centre, the beach is a perfect picnic spot for locals and tourists. It is one amongst the many beaches on the west-coast of Maharashtra in Alibag.

Kanakeshwar temple - Situated on a hill near Mapgaon village about 12 km away from Alibag, kanakeshwar temple is the oldest lord shiva temple which was built in 1764. A water tank - popular known as 'Pushkarni' - has water almost throughout the year.If you want to see the beauty of Arabian sea and fort of Khandevi as well as the entire hilly region, then Kanakeshwar is the place to visit .The hill one which this magnificent temple is located is almost 1200 feet high and one has to climb 5000 steps to reach the temple.

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kannanwrites profile image

kannanwrites 6 years ago from Mumbai

Mahesh, I have been to this place umpteen number of times, Alibaug is wonderful. Best place for weekend getaway with friends and only friends. Brings back gracious memories.

maheshpatwal profile image

maheshpatwal 6 years ago from MUMBAI Author

Thank you kannan i've also been there 4-5 times, its one of the best place where every Mumbaikar plans to venture out when he has only 2-3 days leave and wants to spend it with his loved ones. Our own lankawi beach. Thank you very much for dropping by.

PankaJ Gehloach profile image

PankaJ Gehloach 6 years ago from Jammu,India

Happy new Year! I will try to go there!

maheshpatwal profile image

maheshpatwal 6 years ago from MUMBAI Author

Pankaj yeah if you get a chance then you should visit this lovely place, you'll come to visit this place again and again.

sameerk profile image

sameerk 6 years ago from India

awesome , loved it

maheshpatwal profile image

maheshpatwal 6 years ago from MUMBAI Author

Thank you very much sameer.

maheshpatwal profile image

maheshpatwal 6 years ago from MUMBAI Author

@faiyaaz Thank you very much for your comments

cabmgmnt profile image

cabmgmnt 4 years ago from Northfield, MA

This is beautiful. I would love to visit someday.

maheshpatwal profile image

maheshpatwal 4 years ago from MUMBAI Author

Cabmgmnt thank for reading the hub.. whenever you get a time do visit this place, you'll simply love it

rajan jolly profile image

rajan jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

I have frequented Alibaug a few times and I admire the neat clean beach and invigorating atmosphere.

Thanks for sharing this Mahesh. Voted up.

maheshpatwal profile image

maheshpatwal 4 years ago from MUMBAI Author

Yes sirji, one of the beautiful beaches where mumbaikars/punekars can go to unwind.. every neat , clean and quiet.Whole coastal belt of raigad is beautiful from mandava to murud, every six months we visit any of these lovely places to chill out. Thanks for visiting the hub and appreciating it.

Suzie HQ profile image

Suzie HQ 3 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

Hi Mahesh,

This looks a wonderful spot and the clean stunning beach makes it a must visit if in the area! I have never been to India, yet but this is a great insight into this area and how to reach from several directions. Great article, thumbs up and interesting!

maheshpatwal profile image

maheshpatwal 3 years ago from MUMBAI Author

Suzie. i'm very happy that you liked the hub and posted your valuable comments... The place where the beach is located is a coastal belt which has numerous beaches where most of mumbaikars (that's how people of mumbai like to be get called)... Ireland..The country in which u reside is also very beautiful and has many beautiful places of tourist attractions.... Thanks again....

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