How to Apply for Canadian Visit Visa from Pakistan, Afghanistan and India as a Tourist to Canada


Applying for Canadian Visit Visa from Pakistan

It is very hard to get a Visit Visa for Canada if you are applying from Pakistan. First thing to know is that there are certain types of Visit Visas, that are offered by Canadian High Commission inIslamabad. A brief detail of such visit visas is as under:-

1. Single entry visit visa. If you intend to go to Canada only for once, you may apply for Single entry Visit Visa. It is also advisable that if you are applying for the first time to visit Canada, this is the best option for you to apply.

2. Multiple Entry Visit Visa. This allows you to visit Canada for more than once within the stipulated period. However, don’t go for it if you are applying for the first time and you don’t have a previous traveling history.

3. Super Visa. If you are intending to visit your child or grandchild, this Visa is for you. You can stay in Canada up to 24 months without renewal of your Visa.

4. Family Visit Visa. If you are intending to visit one of your close relatives inCanada, you would go for family visit visa. For this purpose you should have to attach necessary evidence to prove that you have a close relationship with the person you are intending to visit. A letter of sponsorship from your relative in Canada is a must. A family visa could be a single entry visa or multiple entry visa. It depends how strong your case is.

5. Business Visit Visa. This is for the businessmen, who are intending to visit Canada. The applicant has to prove that his visit is in connection with his business ties (or prospective business ties) with Canada. An invitation letter from the Organization in Canada is the fist step to apply for this type of visa. Again, it could be single entry or multiple entry visa.

First we discuss about the tourist visit visa.

Please note that this is really hectic job and lot of efforts should be involved, if you are serious to get a Visit Visa for tourism. You have to prove that you have strong financial and social ties in Pakistan. In order to prove your financial credibility you have to submit your bank statements, income tax returns, detail of properties and all other documents which could prove your strong financial engagement with your motherland. A list of such documents / details is available on the Canadian High Commission website but that does not guarantee a visit visa for you. In fact, you have to satisfy the Visa Officer that you are a genuine visitor and would return to your country without making any violation of Visa regulations. Similarly, in order to prove your social ties you could provide them your marriage certificate, detail of your children (Form-B), evidence regarding your engagement in social activities in your homeland etc.

The important thing to note is that your applications filled in manually will not be accepted. You have to fill in your application forms on-line and get the print of them. All forms should be submitted at Fedex or TCS Offices in your city.

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fayyaz Ahmed 5 years ago

it should be clearly written ,how much fee is?

and why Canadian immigration takes much time in issuance of visa as other countries does not,one of my friend obtained visa after 8 months,

i will strongly recommended to reduce the process time and issue visa in appropriate time as one has to manage a lot of home work.

shabby shah 4 years ago

hi everyone !!

I just wanna ask that if i am a student and going to apply for canadian visit visa to meet my relative and a family member, what kind of ties should i show ??

i have no property or bank balance . . . i got my sponser from my father, and just attached my reguler education details . . . help me in showing my ties

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 4 years ago from Pakistan Author

You can show the detail of assets and bank statement of your father.

liaqat 4 years ago

sir, i am very bore here in pakistan ,due instability,day to day bomb blast and uncertianity in the whole countery ,especially in our kpk areas, while i have got my master deggre MIT, microsoft certificates MCP,MCSA,MCSE. also completed course MCITP. i also have cisco certificates CCNA,CCNP and wants to complete CCIE. while here its study and labs are impossible.i wants to study in canada . the environment there is very suitable for study . my friends are there they told me that i come there. so i need to apply and to what type of visa set for me. i also like to work there and also CCIE studies,labs and certificate to complete in canada .what i shall do ?

tariq 4 years ago

how long the canadian embassy keep your passport ?

nadeem akhtar raja 3 years ago

i like your country

Noe 3 years ago

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Iqbal baig 3 years ago

hi everyone !!

I just wanna ask that if i am a student and going to apply for canadian visit visa to meet my relative and a family member, what kind of ties should i show ??

i have no property or bank balance . . . i got my sponser from my father, and just attached my reguler education details . . . help me in showing my ties

muhammad zia sohail 3 years ago

job required in canada

Dua Zeeshan 3 years ago

hello...I just want to ask that if i am going to apply for canadian visit visa to see my husband, what kind of ties should i show in my residence country??my husband has completed his masters from a canadian university and has applied for post graduate workpermit.

i have no job no property and no bank balance . . . i got my sponser from my husband he will pay for my visit.

help me in showing my ties

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 3 years ago from Pakistan Author

You are not required to show the social and economic ties. Just apply after receiving sponsor letter from your husband. No further details/ documents.

SAM110 3 years ago


You are saying that its difficult to get canadian visit visa, im working in a multinational bank in karachi since 2 and half year. I have been to almost 5 countires for a visit including UK. Also got healthy bank statement and Land here in Pakistan. Should i go for the visit visa to meet my brother in Canada?

P.S My brother is Canadian Citizen.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 3 years ago from Pakistan Author

Yours is an ideal case for getting Canadian Visa. Get the sponsorship letter from your brother and submit the supporting documents. If you need my help, you can contact me via email;

daniyal 3 years ago

I loooovvvvveeee you canada

awais 2 years ago

My best country UK

m,ibrahim 2 years ago


Saif 2 years ago

Can a Canadian citizen sponsor his friend for visit visa or immagration visa if it is possible plz tell me how can I apply

Khan 2 years ago

Can a Canadian citizen not my relative but from my village here in Pakistan sponser me ?

asad 2 years ago


firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 2 years ago from Pakistan Author

Yes. As a friend he can.

nadeem akhtar raja 2 years ago

I. love to see Canada I apply now visit visa for Canada soon I. heatlly like canda

majid irshad 2 years ago

Hi i want to go to canada how mach i need to get score from ielts minimum ....? And i have some problam i have been passed gradution mean b.a with subject economic english persion and 3 other subject can i get admission in canada

inam urrahman 2 years ago

mujhy vesat veeza chahey mujhy info kary plz mera mubail nambr 03025104498 = 03458090955

Johnc492 2 years ago

Very interesting subject , appreciate it for posting . All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why. by James Thurber. kfeedgcadcee

asfa waqar 2 years ago

Hi sir iam asfa waqar i am a student of class 6 I study in beacon house school I would like to study in canada my aunt lives in canada missagau ontario so I would like apply to study and visit here for that I need visa...thank u!

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 2 years ago from Pakistan Author

Surely you can do that. For this you need sponsorship from your aunt and healthy bank statement of your father. You may be allowed visit visa to see your aunt.

Muhammad jamil 2 years ago

Hi i am muhammad jamil i am from pakistan gujrat i visat with my family having 3 sons and 1 daughter we visit usa for visit sisa three times we go there and london ,dubai saudia arab my 1 son is nationalety holder of usa noe i want to apply for cana da i plly it not with relative because i have no relative there i want to go there only on hotell base and for 10 days so how can i apply what's the requirments etccc plzzzzzzz tell

Naqi Ahmad 2 years ago

I want go to Canada for one time. for one day. if you help me.

Naqi Ahmad 2 years ago

I work in automobile since 1993.First. I work in Automotive Products Private Limited. as a Workshop Manger.2009 and in this time.I work in Modern Motors Private Limited. as a workshop Manger. I want go to Canada. because my three brothers and families living in Toronto Canada. if you help me. so I can thanks to you and remember me in prayers.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 2 years ago from Pakistan Author

Where you live brother. If you are in Lahore I can provide you assistance as much as I can.

sunnyawan 2 years ago

me be kare ha

Kamran Shehzad Siddiqui 2 years ago


By profession i am an advocate, due to dangerous un certen condiction of law in order in karachi i want to shift in canada , please guide me . i m married and have five children.

Mani 2 years ago

assalam o alaikum, my fellow readers and Mr Asrar thank you for the help here on your site. I need an advice regarding my visit to Canada. My fiancé is Canadian. I might marry her there or back in Pakistan after I and she know each other. this is what her family has asked. Now what shall I tell the visa officer ? shall I tell him the truth that my visit might end up in marriage or I might have to head back home or shall I just tell him that I Will come back and it is a for sure coming back after the visit? ( if I marry I will apply for temp residence which is legal ) but I am not confident in lying to the visa officer as this is not only bad for me but also poisons the trust of embassy for others who apply even the sincere way. Please advise or send an email to sr.roysmith@gmail .

shahzaman khan 2 years ago

Long live pakistan

tariq 2 years ago

sir i am a pharmacy graduates from swat pakisan my father is a canadian citizen but the problem is that he dident mention us in canada now i want o apply for visit visa what can i do and how much bank statement of will be necessory for this visa.

huma 2 years ago

hi there,i just want to ask the visa officer from islamabad y they as alw rejected my application as i ve alw attached the required asked documents?thks.

faria ayaz 24 months ago

Hi Exuall My Mother Is Paralise So Doctors Say That Go To HerAny Other Country So That's The Main Problem Is Hwo ShE Go?So L Want ToGo Take MyMother With Mine So Plz Give The Permission Then My MotheR Reach The Canada As Soon As I'll Grateful To U Thanks

faria ayaz 24 months ago

Salam Sir Plz Can U Descibe Me Where Is The Form Available Of Canadian Visit Visa Exuall MY Sister Lives In Canada N I Wants To Go With My Mother So PlzWill Must Reply Thanks

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 24 months ago from Pakistan Author

You have to apply online. To get Visa application forms please use the following link:

Shahid khan 23 months ago

My parents 3 brothers and a sister are a Canadian citizen. My father visit Pakistan 7 years ago. His life is not safe and threatened by unknown persons during his last visit. Now he is not willing to come and u haven't meet him for the last 7 years. This is a very unfortunate situation for me and my family. I have my business children and a healthy bank statement , after receiving invitation from my family and highlighting the issue of security problem , how much chance that visa officer ll issue me visit visa. Should I go for multiple or singl entry

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 23 months ago from Pakistan Author

You are advised to apply for single entry visa. Your chances to obtain visa are quite bright

muhammad shahid 23 months ago

I have a friend in Canada. She wants me to come to Canada to spend holidays with her. In what category will I apply visa? Family visit or..,,,? Help me out please. .....Muhammad Shahid...+92-0311-4259161

Aftab 23 months ago


I dnt hve any relation in Canada but I wanna visit Canada so what should I do to get visit visa even I have stronge bank statement kindly guide me thanks

Ali raza 23 months ago


i am visit for canada your counitry plz may number 03016405273

naseeb sherazi 23 months ago

Yr bhai visit visa ki thori c information de dy plz.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 23 months ago from Pakistan Author

You would have to apply as a general visitor.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 23 months ago from Pakistan Author

What you do. r u a businessman or doing job somewhere? You may contact me via email telling me your circumstances more precisely.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 23 months ago from Pakistan Author

What sort of information u need?

shahid mamhood 22 months ago

Hi sir my father have also live in canda tranto and I add the Spencer in Islamabad my sponccer com belonged to humanity first so plz tell me can I go

huma 22 months ago

Please answer my question. It's been two months gone n u didn't reply my and.

Muneeb Awan 22 months ago

Assalam o allikum sir I am grm Pak , kpk ,my uncle and grandmother and father and their in Canada having nationality, so what will be the process for us that how should we the permanent residency, please guide me

koml 22 months ago

Aoa sir , my close friend is inviting me for visiting to canada she has Canadian nationality i want to go there with my little daughter do I need to show bank statement and more requirment ?

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 22 months ago from Pakistan Author

yes of course

zeekay 22 months ago

I received international sports event accridatation from Canada. What type of visa application requier for me, and what docoments. I have salary bank statement, Plots in Islamabad also. My office pay all for my visit.

profile image

Arslan Asad 22 months ago

sir plz tell me the bank name for the acceptance of bank statement ?

mirza 22 months ago

me and my Wife already have 5years multiple visit visa of usa my baby have usa passport because she Born there in 2014 and my Wife is morrocan nationality she is not pakistani now my mother have fresh passport but she have properties bad fixed deposits and i have Also good bank statement and i am doing stock shares business i want to apply Canadá visit visa with my mother and my Wife so advice i will got or not and if yes so how Many month or year they will give and i should apply single or múltiple and i want your Contact information

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 22 months ago from Pakistan Author

Good chance Mirza sahib. Good luck. Apply for single entry visa first.

Imran 22 months ago

sir i want to go canada on visit visa

but this time am in dubai on tourist visa..

is this possible on tourist visa i apply from to there

Rana Noman 21 months ago

Canada is the my best county..?

Sidra arshad 21 months ago

My brother is canadion natioanal can i go to visit him with my four kids under 7years añd my Husband is bussiness man having 5years residency Spain property añd huge bank statement we have

dua 21 months ago

my best friend went in canada.i am sooo sad plz any one helpp me.....

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 21 months ago from Pakistan Author

no. it is not possible

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 21 months ago from Pakistan Author

You have a very strong case for visit visa. First you have to get the sponsorship letter from your brother.

Sidra arshad 21 months ago


Qaiser 21 months ago

sir mane canada ka road safety course ka apply kia tha aik consultant k zreye wo reffused ho gya kia canada ma koi esa course ha kia jo asaani se pass ho jay

adeela 21 months ago

My husband is a bank manager we hv some property. He wants to go canada for can we apply visa nd in which can category

Faisal Khan 20 months ago

Salam Firdus Bhai.

Can i help about the process of canada work visa or visit visa

So give a your Upadte Email Address or Phone number

muhammad ahmad 20 months ago

hello dear"s i want to visit canada plz send me one visa of visit of canada my phon namber +920302-5949754 and skyp id Ahmed.asad64

and facbook id M ahmad ..... plz accepted my riqust

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 20 months ago from Pakistan Author

I am afraid to say it would be very difficult for him to go to Canada legally for wrok.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 20 months ago from Pakistan Author

You may contact me via email.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 20 months ago from Pakistan Author

This is not a canadian visa service

zeeshan Ali 20 months ago

Canada give visit visa not easy because I am apply two time but m refuse by Canada embassy

NAVEED 20 months ago

I am interested to get Canada visit visa. Plz guide me which visa is best for me.

I just came back 7 months before from USA & still I have American visa but now I am interested to visit Canada. Plz guide me what's the basic requirements & how much bank statement shown minimum & what else should I do get Canada visa. Your quick & kind response will be appreciated.

Plz send me ur answer what u suggest to my email I will be very grateful to u


Muneeb zaheer 20 months ago

I have to attend a conference in Canada, i am a final year student here in Pakistan and all the funding will be from my university. Which type of visa should i apply for?

I have also visited USA for a conference recently

Muhammad rehan 20 months ago

I m a gov servant at jf-17 thunder project at supervisor level since 8 years and also a student of b-tech in 5th semester my father sisters live in Canada since 20 25 years .now the marriage ceremony of my cousins are arangend in this october my popo will sending me a invitation latter for attending the marriage ceremony .can I have chance to get a Canadian visit visa ? Which type of visit visa can I apply ? I have a bank statment of 8 to 9 lacs is it enough for this purpose ? Plzzzzz replyyy thanks .. My e-mail id is

shahid 20 months ago

I need vizt viza

shah khalid 20 months ago


just ask one question ....i want to apply for business visa as i am working as HR Manager in a private company who are pharmaceutical distributor now that company have project of medical college in KPK and the work is now started on it now the company want to send me to visit and see around to but laboratory instruments and some huge machine now how to start my application and what sorts of documents the visa needed pleased list me the exact checklist and as i have seen the social and economic ties so would you please elaborate this ties that concerned to my intended visa

fahad 20 months ago

I am 20 years old just done with my intermediate last year And now did 1 year diploma, also I ve did business of import, im register in sale tax, income tax, lhr chamber, also visited thailand. can I get the tourism visa of canada?

ejazahmad 19 months ago

very beautiful country

Bilal hussain 19 months ago

hi I m relgious person sir can I visit Canada in pakistan no safe side there are no respect no jabs chance plz suggest me what I can do and how can I apply for Canada

Farrukh 19 months ago

Canada change life of pakistan nd india people

Waqas 19 months ago

Hi sir plz tell me i am apply canada visa i am already visit some country africa and some Europe country holand italy i am princple of gramer school its is my personal school i have strong 2 bank statement my frnd live in canada and sponsors for me plz tell me chances in case

Ali 19 months ago

Hi brother plz tell me some information l am apply the visit visa canada how much ambassy processing period i am waiting yur reply

Muhammad ishaq 19 months ago

Sir I want to go Canada for any work as labour. Sir I have 40 lakes in my account. I have sell my land. Now I want to work, live and marry in Canada. Please tell me any easier way to go Canada. My one brother in UK.

Ali 19 months ago

Sir my wife is a canadian citizen and residing with me since marriage. I had applied for immigration via spouse sponsor and still my case is in process since april 2012. I have a baby boy who also got canadian citizenship. Now i wish to visit my in-laws in Canada. I am a government officer in Pakistan, what are my chances of getting visit visa and what you advise me in this matter!

Ch, Ahmad 19 months ago


Ch,Ahmad 19 months ago

hai i want to know some info for the canadian visit visa. so plz somebody help me plz plz plz.

Zareen fatima 19 months ago

Sir i am visit visa its country its beautiful country help me please

Humayun 19 months ago

I need the visit visa form for canada. please let me know from where can i get? also the requirements?

nishan 19 months ago

i am an Afghan national and living in Peshawar, Pakistan. i apply for a visit visa and when i went to fedex office they tell me to book an appointment i dnt know how to get an appointment.

need your help

usman 19 months ago

Itny comments aa gay hain reply ap kis ny krna ha hahahahahaha

raanasb 19 months ago


i have applied for my spouse visa and got CSQ someone told me that after csq it takes 40 months from pakistan which is too long period can i apply for visit visa to see my family plz let me know what is best option for me

imtiaz ghumman 18 months ago

Sir plz meri help kare ma bht masibat ma ho mara chota chota bhan bhai ha or mara abu is wakt bht ziada karza ma daba howa wo apna karza otarna ki bht koshish kr rha ha parwo is kam ma kamyab ni ho rha plz help me ap muja canada ka visa da da plz plz ap ki bht mahrbani ho ge ma ap ka ehsan kbi ni bolao ga plz plz muja apna abu ka karza otarna da plzzzzzzzzzzzzz sor plz mera namber contect 03457774608.03008854512

Noman 18 months ago

I want to vist canada i dont have any relationship in canada eem jst want to see canada its possible to give me visitor visa easly if yes so wht can i do 4 visa application & wht ill need tu docoments

Ch Nisar Ahmad Basra 18 months ago

I want visit visa for Canadia. Som one help me. Who i got this.

bilal 18 months ago

I love pakistan

muhammad azeem 18 months ago

plz give me visa canada i love u canada

m aamir 18 months ago

hi friend i have US multiple visa i want 15days visit visa via canada onward going to USA so how can i get visit visa to canada i love BC Canada.thanks

ihsan khan 17 months ago

I am very lucky beacus it try my best Thanyou

Rizwan 17 months ago

i want to apply for canada visit visa i already visit uk two times as a study visa now want to go canada for visit what will be my chances and what is the processing time kindly reply me

Abdulrehman Jutt 17 months ago

I love just pakistan

najeeb akhtar 17 months ago

I want to apply for canada visit visa. I already visit usa two time and i have a valid us visa. My us visa expiration date 21/5/2017. Wating for your answer.....

sami 17 months ago

i want to apply for visit visa please guide me how can i do that and documents required for this.

salma 17 months ago


i want to apply for visit visa with my two children.pls guide sister lives in canada n she is sending me invitation letter...pls help me to apply n do tell me in detail

my email add is

Ali butt 17 months ago

Sir i want to go canada for study. What is the process to go Canada??

Nasir iqbal 16 months ago

canada my favrat can try bat my no in try oooo no .Mara sapna khbi bi pora nih ho sakta kiyo me zada parda nihi ho sab dil lag a kr podo shad ap ka chains lag jail 16 months ago

can i get a working visa for canada becoz i m a poor man.

Muhammad KASHIF hanif 16 months ago

I want to go canada because i am poor my three dughter , i want any job in canada , plz

soma 16 months ago

Hi I hope you are ok I wants go Canada for meet my fiancée who is USA citizen he can't come in Pakistan bcz he a American and I can't get us visa bcz he can't sponsor me so we made plan for meet in Canada I have not Bank balance but my fiancée will do all for me so what I need do fr get a visa of Canada any help if you can???

saif ullah 16 months ago

i want to work visa .please i am very poor boy only i need work visa every work for i am ready please sir i waiting the visa

Mumtaz 16 months ago

Sir, i want to business in Canada, and i visit to Canada for purchase a already established business, in Pakistan my business is Shell Petrol Pump established from January, 2002. can i apply visit visa for Canada, and can i hope that visit visa approved for me for said purpose.

kashif 16 months ago

sir single entry visa k liye kya requireds hain.

JahanZaib 15 months ago

03442879210 my Nub For Visit.....

Muhammad Akhtar 15 months ago

i want to apply for visit visa with my two children.pls guide brother lives in canadan he is sending me invitation letter...pls help me to apply n do tell me in detail

my email add is

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 15 months ago from Pakistan Author

Akhtar Bai,

I can help you if you please provide me details in bit more details like your financial and social status in Pakistan. About your job and bank balances. Please note that I am not a professional consultant but I will try my best to give you solid guidance in this respect.


zeeshan Ahmad 14 months ago

please your visit visa for canada

zeeshan Ahmad 14 months ago

please your visit visa for canada I love you canada

mobile number


saraah786 14 months ago

Hi em sarah from pakistan my sister is in canada she is a canadian nationality holder but due to some circumstances she is on govermnt aid and i also want to visit her with my family how could i . I hav no travel history kindly help me or pleas tel me the method she has 2 kids both are canadian citizens

Alam zaman 13 months ago

sir i have sponsored letter from my relative but i have not bank account just i have passport only and sponcer letter from my relative which live in canadia please sport me

Tauseecf 13 months ago

I want to apply visit visa to canada to meet my sister she has PRC what more papers do i need from her well my and my spouse family immigiration pitition is already dubmitted to us 5 years already past so what papers do i need to get visa to see my sister for single entry

Ebrahim 13 months ago

Please help me

primegiftservice profile image

primegiftservice 13 months ago from Pakistan

good information and very well question answers in comments.

Majeed 12 months ago

Interested to apply for "Business Visitor Visa for Canada". How can you be contacted for advice?

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