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While a new year is here again, Boracay packages and airfare promo for 2014 are already here. Actually, they’ve been here all along even the prior year. It’s always best to see the deals and promos in advance to book in advance, too. Planning your Boracay trip will be very much helpful so your Bora moments and holidays are gonna be spent meaningful, fun and exciting as you expect them to be. See the best Boracay tour packages and airline promos here. Some hotels and airline companies collaborate for your accommodation especially summer 2014 is coming. Are you gonna travel in the Holy Week or you prefer the summer hot months on your vacation? Whatever you want, this page is for you.

The first thing you must consider is the time of your travel. Usually, Boracay travel packages are expensive during the peak seasons like Holy Week, summer, months of March to May since it’s school vacation break in the Philippines. Airline tickets cost double and triple. Hotel accommodations are in highest scale. And it’s always fully booked everywhere, too. You won’t also enjoy the beauty of Boracay when it’s so crowded. So when is the best time to visit Boracay? February is a nice month for me as airline tickets are so cheap and hotel accommodations are usually lower plus Bora is not so crowded. While the weather in the country is now unpredictable, it usually rains in the months of July and August so if you’re looking for the cheapest airfare and hotel, check in during these months. September has always been a stormy month since the last 3 years. It’s funny but I am serious here. Hopefully, the La Niña won’t resume or else January to March will be ruined.

You must also consider the activities that await you in the island. Know the list and know the prices. Check out the 25 activities and adventures to do in Boracay. I love that page.

I am listing the airfare promos review first and then the hotel and some Boracay packages with airfare or no airfare.

Cebu Pacific Boracay Packages 2014

Since Cebu Pacific is no longer offering their Fun Tours, travel agencies are now only taking the opportunities of the seat sales and yearly Litefare (light fare) and just match some of their hotels affiliates. I’ve seen some light fares for only P688 for the flight from Manila to Caticlan. Cebu Pacific is usually serving a Manila, Clark, Cebu, Bacolod, Davao to Caticlan flights. If you’re so early, you can find some flights lower than the light fare. Regular yearly rate is only P1,099 for the Manila to Boracay and Cebu to Boracay flights. But that is always sold out whenever. Anyhow, you can just book your own tour online and choose the cheapest and most affordable flight schedule for you. Choose the affordable hotel after that whether you want the 3 days and two nights or 4D3N choice. After all, price is not so far away from that of those tour packages from travel agencies nationwide. When it comes to cancelling flights during typhoons, Cebu Pacific comes in the first line.

AirAsia Boracay Packages 2014

ZestAir used to be the number one airline to always offer the cheapest domestic travel packages since the birth of their Zestful Getaways. And I was so liking their easy access of travel options. Once you log in to their website, it’s there already. But they merged with AirAsia so it's now AirAsia.

Boracay packages and promos from Zest Air before were very much affordable since the airline ruled the Kalibo route. Travelers were in fever pitch for their P7,072 Boracay package. Their promos and packages all included the following amazing treats:

Roundtrip airfare from Manila - Kalibo and vice versa
2 nights accommodation in hotel resort
Daily breakfast
Roundtrip transfers from Kalibo airport and vice versa

As for AisAsia they currently have no Tour Packages and Package Promos for Bora. I think the company is still doing their market strategy on this one. Let's wait and let's see. In the mean time, you can still browse some cheap flights to Boracay at

PAL Boracay Packages 2014

Since the Philippine Airline is the biggest airline company here, it’s still my first choice. They serve both Boracay flights to Caticlan and Kalibo airport. With low fares from P1,300 and above depending on the plane. PAL offers Boracay package this 2012 from their Palakbayan Boracay via Kalibo. Prices range from P8,200 and above depending on the hotel. Basic package includes:

Roundtrip fiesta class airfare

Land and boat transfers to and from the hotel resort

2 nights hotel accommodation

Daily breakfast

Seair Boaracay Packages 2014

Seair claims itself for their fastest flights to Boracay for only 35 minutes from Manila. Usual flights from Manila or Clark to Caticlan airport. They also offer free transfer from Caticlan airport to Boracay and vice versa. Though they seldom offer promos and tour packages, their airfares are usually like that of PAL.

Boracay Packages and Promo 2014 without Airfare

P3,999 3D2N Boracay Promo from Red Coconut Beach Hotel

Red Coconut beach hotel is in between Station 1 and Station 2 of the white sands of Boracay island. It’s a perfect place to everything – close to the beach, to D Mall, restaurants, and bars. This promo includes:

  • 3D2N stay at Superior Twin Sharing room
  • With welcome drinks
  • Free land arrangement – Caticlan airport arrival and departure transfers
  • Free daily breakfast

Visit this page to see the deal.


P6000 for Alta Vista de Boracay

Though this rate is per person and per stay, I still recommend Alta Vista de Boracay in my list of affordable Boracay packages for 2014 since it’s a perfect haven to spend the holiday especially with the one you love. If you’re on a honeymoon or simply just wants to be away from the crowded Bora, this place is 5 minutes away from the main beach though closer to private beach resorts like Puka Beach. What I love the most about Alta Vista is their infinity pool. I’ve seen one hotel too, which was Crown Regency. But Alta Vista’s is huge and the place looks like you’re in Hollywood. The private villas are next to an exclusive golf course of Fairways and Bluewater. With over 140 USD per night, what more can you ask for..

P10,118 3D2N Boracay Regency Beach Resort promo

Boracay Regency beach resort and spa is the best known luxury hotel and resort in Boracay. They offer 3-days-two-nights accommodation per person for only P10,118. This promo is until March 31, 2014 and can be extended. I will give the updates when it did. The promo includes

  • 3D2N stay on Twin Deluxe Room
  • free daily buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • free land and sea transfer from airport

Visit Boracay Regency hotel to avail other promos and book now.

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brandasaur profile image

brandasaur 5 years ago from Planet X

BORACAY is a must-seen places here in Philippines! Even I am a here in Philippines, I've never been there because I want it to be the best trip ever. Saving some money for it for the airfare, hotel, foods and more!

Don't forget to bring lots of set of your swimwear. Surely, you'll be fascinated with its white sand and very clear water. Very beautiful and for sure, you and your peers will enjoy the trip!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Brandasaur :) Nice username. It will surely be your best trip ever because Boracay is one of the world's most beautiful beaches. It's not really that expensive to go in Bora plus there are hotels that offer promos every now and then. Be in groups, you'll save a lot. :)

Yeah, don't forget to bring lots of bikinis lol Just avoid the rainy season and high peak season. Thank you for dropping by :) See you in Boracay!

justom profile image

justom 5 years ago from 41042

You are the absolute BEST at writing about all this info! Great job, as always :-P Peace!! Tom

Jenalyn 5 years ago

hi! do u have a facebook account? i need help regarding that :)

Jenalyn 5 years ago

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Thank you for the amazing comment Tom :) I hope to see you in Boracay someday. It's a pretty place :)

Hi Jenalyn. I do have a FB account but if you want help or something, you can contact me by going on my profile here and go to "Contact Twentyfive" Thank you.

paul 5 years ago

hi thank you so much for the quick reply regarding a guide to boracay, it really helps especially for the first timers like me to have a guide.. thank you, and keep it up a lot of people are happy with this post....

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hello Paul! It's a pleasure. Hope your Boracay trip on March will be amazing as you planned. :)

Joel G. Sison 5 years ago

Pls. Send me promo...

Travel time. Feb. 23 - feb 27, 2012

8 persons

Airfare promo only will do. Pls. Help

My email.

09175120783/ 09998866578/ 09228209451

MArlu 5 years ago

Hi! could you please help me. We are two couples and we want to have a vacation in boracay. this will be our first time in boracay. could you advice us which place to go? what activities to do? i have read your article and its helpful but w need more info. like best deals and stuff. we are planning to go on april 30 up to may 3. Please help. email add: / thanks.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Marlu. Where are you from? Yes there are special promos for couples and groups too. I will send you the packagaes I know right now but I need to know where are you departing. Have a sweet day!

Ebj 5 years ago

Hi there I need 3 nights 4 days in boracay.

3 rooms. Total 6 people 2 each room.

Please send me quote with airfare and without.

Dates feb. 9-12. Thank you.

Rosie faye de leon 5 years ago

could pls send me a promo rate for airphil express airfare to boracay..two way...for march..including a hotel accommodation for three days

tony yango 5 years ago us to find a cheapes boracay trip package,4 day and 3 night,with airfare,we 2 adult and 4 kids

Edelweiss 5 years ago

Hi Twentyfive, we are planning to visit Boracay on April 26-29.2012.we are 4-5 adults. we prefer a family room with 2 bedrooms including airport transfer and breakfast in a less noisy area of the beach but not too far from night life.our starting point is either Cebu or Tagbilaran. would be most grateful if you can help me find a good deal.

mommaMia 5 years ago

Hi twentyfive.I appreciate the great info. I was wondering if you could give me some suggestion I am planning to take my husband & family to boracay on June 17-19, there will be about 9 adults & 3 kids ,1 infant. do you know if there are transient houses that can be rented in the area? will this be the best route as far as price goes. any suggestions will be a big help. looking forward to your response

Edna 5 years ago

This is our first time in Boracay. We are four adults and prefer to stay in a family room with 3 beds, airport transfer and breakfast, April 4 to 7. Can you help us find a good deal?

virginia lazelberger 5 years ago

Looking a Resort, House, Room to rent with Pool. April 3 to April 7. 10 Adults and 1 child.Please Help!!!


ron 5 years ago

hi twentyfive.. can u please send me a promo airfare ticket only traveling from march to april.... here's my email thanks...

cynthia alvarez 5 years ago

Cynthia ,can you pls.finf for me a package trip for May10 to13in borakay

joejem mendoza 5 years ago

hi, i'm going to boracay on May 12,2012 for 3d2n.

Please inform me of your promo for Airfare on May 12,2012.

here's my email add

or you can contact in my mobile number # 09461139471

Thanks and more power!!!=)

sharon poh 5 years ago

Hello i just want to ask if there's a promo cebu going to caticlan on march 31?

Johnson Sanchez 5 years ago

please send me promo package for 8 person, including airfare,room rates(4 pax/room) breakfast and activity at boracay..

travel date May 25 (arrival afternoon) May 28 (departure noon)...

thank you..asap..

vronx1 profile image

vronx1 5 years ago

I am happy to read this article about Boracay. I've been in Boracay couple of times. A lot of development happened that people could really enjoy. I did island hopping, snorkeling, boat sailing, disco at the beach. I'm scared of parasailing though but it looks really cool! Lol! They also have diving class for couple of hours where you can have certificate thereafter.

Boracay is always an awasome experience to have in life. It has a lot to offer.... I can't wait to come back again. Thanks for this post....

I always , enjoy Boracay

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

I always wanna go to Bora every month. It's so breathtaking. People tell me to try Coron too. Looking forward to visit that paradise too. I just love beaches. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hello Extended-stay :) I'm supposed to be there for 5 days on March 5 but due to some unexpected stuff, I cancelled my plan though I have booked flights already. Wish I could refund, but I can't. Boracay is so nice. I'm so tempted to fly there still. But I'm planning to hit Palawan before Bora. Oh it's summer already. The beach is waiting :) Glad you loved this hub. You might want to check out the activities in Boracay. I also published it. Enjoy!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes there are lots. There are 7107 islands in the Philippines, that's giving me the idea of how many beaches I must visit here :) Boracay beach is the most famous coz it's the most visited. Coron and Puerto Princesa in Palawan are beautiful too. Plus, the beaches of Cebu, Bohol and Surigao. Oh wow, I'm excited to read your hub about Boracay then. See you in there. :)

talfonso profile image

talfonso 4 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

Boracay! I remember vacationing there on New Year's 1994 when I was 4 years old! I would love to go back, but I have scoliodentosaurophobia. (The Philippines have a load of butiki I do not like.)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Wow, I am getting so exited about your hub and trip too :) After Boracay, Coron Palawan is definitely the next I recommend to visit. I've heard some people say, if you traveled to Coron, you'd forget about Bora because it's more breathtaking. Once you see it, you'd be speechless. I want to know if it's true.

@Talfonso hi. I've never seen any butiki in there I wonder why.. hehehehe

lee 4 years ago

hi for the alta vista de boracay price 6000oho does dat include airfare and wen are the travelling dates? thanks :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Lee hello there. The 6000 is the regular rate for Alta Vista de Boracay for whole year 2012. And like I said, it's per person and per night. The villa is amazing and the views are breathtaking. It includes welcome drinks, free use of swimming pools, free shuttle service to and from the white sand beach and Puka shell beach. If you love to stay there, there is also a 3D2N promo tour package that includes roundtrip airfare and accommodation already for P10,529 via ZestAir. Traveling dates is within 2012.

@Extended-stay hi :) Oh wow, I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in Boracay. Yes I know that feeling, you always wanna go back :) The weather is perfect. Summer is calling my bikinis lol I am looking forward for your hub. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

There are also some shops there that sell bikinis so if you run out, no problem. LOL Weather today is like 33 degrees Celcius. Do you wanna come back? hehehe Or are you not in the Philippines anymore?

beth 4 years ago

hi...i want to inquire about the croawn regency triple sharing ( 3 adult n 1 5 year old kid) does it include airfare in the package? do they have safety deposit box? wifi?? pls reply to me asap. thnx

email -

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes I know Palawan. It is also an island here in the Philippines and is bigger than Boracay. It has lots of virgin beaches too. Coron and Puerto Princesa are just one of them. Puerto Princesa's Subterranean Underground River was included in this year's 7 Wonders of Nature around the world. When you go back, visit Coron. It's a paradise. :)

Katkat 4 years ago

How much the airfare and hotel accommodation for 3 days 2 nights..on july 6 to july 8..

enihs canlas 4 years ago

ask ko lng po kng my package kau 1 day tour sa bohol then 3 days in boracay .. tnx u po

AURA 4 years ago


LEE-U 4 years ago

Anyone help!!! ask ko lang mag kano package 4kids 2adult kasama na airticket. from Manila?? yung pasok sa bugget?

shee 4 years ago

Hi we are going to boracay on june for 3D2N stay, i need a promo that includes roundtrip airfare tickets and accommodation that is good for 2 persons. We will be departing at Cebu. pls send to my email tnx.

Roselle E. Taino 4 years ago

HI, Please send me quotation for a family package(all in) for 5 adults and 1 kid for 3 days and 2 nights.

Manila to Caticlan-May 25

Caticlan to Manila May 27

Hope for your immediate response.



zarina 4 years ago

hi pls send me quotations for couples travel period june 08 to june 11 email add is

Jack 4 years ago

Your article is interesting but not factual. For example: Zest Travel Packages are operated by a third party travel agency just like SeAir. Their packages are NOT cheap. ZestGeteways is way to expensive. Read the fine print! Cebu Lite fare is cheap for a reason because you are not allowed any check in luggage and only allowed 5 kilos hand carry. That sucks! and good luck trying to get a promo fare. You will be online for a long time. SeAir does give free transfers but only from caticlan to Caticlan boat jetty from there - you are on your own soon to be a victim of the tricycles.

If you are serious about getting a headache free super cheap package then Travel Agencies are the way to go. Why? Because big name travel agencies buy rooms, transfers and airfare in bulk whereas the price can be really cheap. Airlines just have the ability to manipulate the airfare cost whereas Travel Agencies can manipulate the whole package. If Travel Agencies where not cheaper than going direct then they would NOT exist - Common Sense! Airlines are Airlines and not travel agencies - try to get a refund from PAL Packages - Impossible! not to mention if you can even get them on the phone. PAL is a super Rip off - Example what they are known for: You buy an expensive Caticlan ticket and your flight gets diverted to Kalibo which is a ticket that is half the cost. PAL will not give you half the refund NOR will they even get you free transfers - They basically just say screw you and leave you standing picking your nose wondering how you are going to get to Boracay ---- THIS is a FACT! NOW, if there was a screw up - Would it be Smart to book with a Travel Agency so that all you have to do is call their help line and now you have someone fighting for your rights!!!! Makes sense to me and has come in handy in the past. I experienced a mess up devert from Pal making the huge mistake of getting a PAL Package (never again) and experienced all this then next time I did travel agency and there was a divert again and they could not get me a refund but they forced PAL to pay my Kalibo Transfers. Now that's having my back!!!! I travel to Boracay like 6 times a year spending at least 3-4 months for years. There is only one agency I trust and use in TravelOnline. Check out their Facebook with over 200,000 fans. There always sending me daily promo's that are super cheap and believe me --- I hunt for the deals!!!! There are others like myboracayguide and Asiatravel but I like this one. Their license and even agent pics are in their FaceBook - I don't see that in other!

Well, I hope this helps and I do Agree with article - Feb is my favorite time and of course nothing beats HALLOWEEN!!!!

richmond 4 years ago

hello. good pm. pls send me quote for this:

3days 2 nights for October 21-23,2012, 2pax. airfare promo only pls. :)

thanks. email nyo nlng po sakin at

thanks po

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Summer and school vacation in the months of April to May give the most expensive airfare and hotel accommodation. By June, everything gets back to cheap prices. So it's really good for budget travel.

albert ocol 4 years ago

hello twentyfive can you pls send me paccage promo to boracay my wife and i like to go in boracay for our honeymoon september or october. can you pls send me a paccages promo to boracay including airfare. it's a big help for me. this is my fb acount thank you so much for your help

Hyundai greenhills 4 years ago

Hi can u give me a promo packages accommodation without fare.. and good for 5 persons only... hirs my email add date on arrival by Nov 1- 6, 2012 thanks

Coco 4 years ago maricor..we plan to have 3d/2N stay in

Boracay for 2..this oct 16-18..kindly send us your promo package including air ticket..cebu-caticlan add

yzai 4 years ago

hi im planning to visit boracay this sept 30 to oct. 2.pls send me any info regarding the fare for 2 persons and accommodation. thanku. looking forward for ur

justine 4 years ago

hi i wan to know the available promos now because we are planning to go there on feb :) thanks

Malou 4 years ago

Hi, i am planning to surprised my family, can you please email me your promo package for 4 if you have any, including airfare and hotel accommodation for 3 days and 2 plan is on Nov. 6, email ad is i am waiting for your quick response...thanks ^_^

4 years ago

Hi there, how much do you think the packages would cost if we are travelling from Singapore? i notice the packages quoted only offer domestic flights within Philippines.

We are travelling from 11-13th Dec. Thanks!

owie 3 years ago


Need to know the most affordable bora rate for may 10 to 12, good for 2 people and what is inclusive in the package? Pls email info of booking and payment to

Olan 2 years ago

hi! i've been looking for affordable package to boracay this april 27-29. i recently ask for a quotation from this popular travel agency that was featured in GMA last saturday but then when i got the quotation it was double the amount that was originally offered & i was really surprised by it & made me think of going to boracay as next to impossible. can you pls send me a package including airfare & inclusions which i can afford for 2 with my gf? thank you much! :) here's my email:

lhei 2 years ago

Hi were going to boracay on dec.for 1D2N stay.i need a promo that includes roundtrip airfare tickets and accommodation that is good for 2 persons. Departure: Manila to Caticlan dec.22 Ruturn: Caticlan to Manila dec.24 Hope for your immediate response Pls..send to my email: or you can contact in my mobile number #09192331825/09395473534 Thanks and more power!!!!!...

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