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The Navy Pier

saving money on postcards.
saving money on postcards.
free ferris wheel ride!
free ferris wheel ride!

How to make your travels cheaper...

 A recent trip to Chicago has made me realize that there is another dimension to travel.  You could spend all the money and do all the tourist things or you could cheat your way around things.  Now you must be creative and willing to make a fool out of yourself, but it is guaranteed to work! Just use your imagination.

Here are a couple examples: Hostels used to be a cheap alternative to hotels, but now they cost as much as hotels, so here is a way to get it for half the price.  If you are traveling with a friend, which I was, just have them go pay for the room go put there stuff down, then come out and get you.  They will carry a bag for you, so it doesn't look like you are just coming in.  Hostels deal with so many people each day they will never remember you, so just walk right passed the reception desk texting or something.  If they do happen to say something just tell them you are visiting a friend in whatever room. So make sure that you know what room number they are in.  Then have your friend come in in about 5 min. or so.  This saved us $40.

If there is something you want to do, ask the people who work around the area, in a joking manner, how can we get it cheaper.  They might actually give you a suggestion, if not they will just think you are joking.  While we were in Chicago we did this with the Ferris wheel at the Navy Pier.  A guy told us to tell the people at the Ferris Wheel that we worked for a certain company, so they let us on for free.  I am not going to tell you the name of the company thought, because I don't want to.  This is not specific to the ferris wheel.  I'm sure it could work with other things.  This saved us $9.

At one point the train conductors never had us buy tickets, they must have forgotten, so rather that buying the tickets before you get on the train, buy them when you get on.  Although more expensive there is always a chance they will forget. This saved us $3.35 each.

Check out websites for free stuff! We went to the Art Institute of Chicago for free, because once a week for a certain amount of time it is free. This saved us $7 each.

Another example, not from this trip was when Virginia and I went to New Mexico.  There was this Miraculous Staircase or something that we wanted to see, but not bad enough to pay the $3 or something.  Luckily for us though there was a smaller model as you entered the building, so we walked in looked at it and left.  I don't feel like I missed out on anything.  I still saw the miraculous staircase, just a smaller model of it. This saved us about $3 each.

Don't buy postcards, just take pictures! This could save you anywhere from a lot of money to a little money. 

Cheat traveling as the phenomenon is known (pass it around, I'm starting a new thing) is a very helpful way for young high school and college students to get to know a city while saving lots of money, because let's face it...WE BROKE!

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Tiffalicious 6 years ago

I especially like the one about the miraculous staircase!

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