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The Flying Air-Car - Terrafugia
The Flying Air-Car - Terrafugia

Flying Air-Cars; the Future of the Present

History of Aviation and Airplanes

For those who may not realize, Aviation was born as a mode of recreation. Something to have fun with. Aviation eventually evolved into the most used and most efficient mode of transportation, war-fare, reconnaissance, logistical support, communication and humanitarian support equipment. Aviation has also become a symbol of social status, a necessity for the busy professional, and a fast and secure means of personal travel.

People learn to fly for many different reasons. But, let me share something with you. In the United States at least, most people learn to fly simply because it is FUN!

There are thousands of Sport, Recreation and Private pilots in the United States. I think the ratio of "fun" pilots to professional pilots is something like 9:1. And what do you think these numbers represent? Well, I think they represent at least 2 things:

  1. Flying is a lot of FUN!
  2. Flying is easy and affordable!

Here watch the Video below of a FUN FLYING CAR that is affordable, easy to learn to fly, and fits in YOUR GARAGE:

A Flying Air-Car for each Household

More about the Flying Air-Car

Flying Cars similar to this one are priced in the range of $130 - $150K. Yes, this sounds like a very expensive car to most. But think about it this way:

Compare this flying air-car price tag to a high end BMW or a Mercedes. I am not even talking about the more expensive and luxury makes and models here. Just a normal utility higher end cars that we see in thousands of numbers on our streets and freeways everyday. Now with that comparison, the price tags of the flying cars is nothing but a steal.

Driving speeds are 130 mps or more, flying speeds are 150 mph or more, uses normal auto-gas, are street legal, and so forth.

Here, watch this another cool video of the flying air-car, and then leave me a comment at the bottom. The author of this hub writes on other blogs as well, and you can visit his other blogs by following the links all the way at the bottom of this hub. Enjoy, and book yours today!!

Another video of a Flying Air-Car

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kimoking 7 years ago

Man this is pretty cool, I think I will buy one in the near future. happy flying!

av8erprince profile image

av8erprince 7 years ago from Sacramento, CA Author

me too. i am definitely getting one. just sell the current airplane and the car, and get the combo.

cfiacademy 7 years ago

Nice article, it reminds me of the Back to the Future movies.

RichStrong 7 years ago

You are cordially invited to see my Strongmobile Flying Car project.

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