How to Submit Online Applications for United Kingdom (UK) Visa from Pakistan?

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How to apply for UK Visa from Pakistan - Necessary changes

If you intend to apply for UK visa from Pakistan, first thing to note is that Fedex Offices in Pakistan are no more accepting the paper applications. For this purpose, first you have to complete the online application form available, then get a print of the same and then submit the said form along with other documents to support your purpose of visit. Whether you are applying for a visit visa or intends to file your application on points based system, you have to submit your application online. To repeat, no paper application will be accepted by the Fedex Officers in Pakistan from 1st May, 2012. To file online UK visit visa application you have to visit and click "Apply for a UK Visa Now". But before clicking on the said button please ensure you have the complete data regarding your spouse, children, mother and father's date of birth, place of birth etc.

UK visa office suggests that you may have your passport and other information relating to your stay in UK etc. Please note that if you are applying for a visit visa your passport should be valid for more than six months. For applying online, you should also have a valid email address. The benefit of providing your email address is that your completed application will be sent to your email address and you can get the print of the same at any time.

Suppose, you may not have the complete data with you and intend to leave the application process paused for the time being. Before completing the application form, you can also save the application by clicking Pause button.

To continue the process of applying online for UK Visa please check the button "I have read the above information and the relevant guidance notes" and then click "continue".

Here on this online form you have to enter your email address and password. Please ensure that the password should be that which you could remember easily. Your passport should consists of 8 to 12 alphabets, digits and does not include symbols, comas, fullstop or space etc.

The process of filling in the online visa application has been made very easy. If you have any doubt you can come back to the previous page to correct any mistake therein.

After filling in the application form you may get an appointment for visiting the Fedex Officers. Complete address of the same are as under:-

ISLAMABAD 14-B, Sadiq Plaza G-9 Markaz
KARACHI 43/1/D, Razi road PECHS, Shahrah-e- Faisal Karachi
LAHORE 20, Ex American Centre Building, Opp. Ganga Ram Hospital Queens Road
MIRPUR Nau Mahal Plaza, Near Football Square, Defense Road

To get an appointment you may call 0900 10411 (from landline) or 8865 (from your mobile). You may have to wait for a long period for reaching the representative of the UK Visa Office.

Documents required for applying for UK Visit Visa

1. Your original passport.

2. Your 2 photographs.

3. Nikah Nama.

4. If you have children Form, B from NADRA.

5. Copies of evidence regarding your ownership of properties.

6. Copy of car.

7. Bank statement for the last three years.

8. Documents of your business/salary.

9. Income tax returns/wealth statement for last three months.

10. Evidence regarding your booking of hotel room.

11. Sponsor letter.

12. Any other supporting evidence that proves and substantiate that you are a genuine visitor.

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haroon 3 years ago

i try to submit online application but they give error after filling few details such like a name and nationality and then i click on next but they give error ( couldn't load your page) i try it on another laptop but still facing issue

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 3 years ago from Pakistan Author

I filled in certain form but could not find any difficulty. You can consult me by email. Forms have been changed with effect from 16th December, 2013 and now you have also have to pay your fee online through your credit card.

Afzal 3 years ago

Dear firdousi0, I don't own a credit card, can anyone else may pay for me through his credit card? For this I can do so through my own id at visa4uk or someone else has to make a new login and use "apply for someone else" link on first page of vusa4uk, and refill an application?

saba 3 years ago

can any one tell me how can we pay online??? i have searched it and couldn't find..

mohammad ali 3 years ago

i m come to uk how parpus for visa

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 3 years ago from Pakistan Author

You can pay via credit card. I have come to know credit cards issued by HBL are accredited world around

furqan 2 years ago

any body can tell me wts the mirpur gerry number cuz i didn't get reply from them n i need to ask them online i couldn't check my application status

fahad 2 years ago

can i pay visa fee of my mother through my credit card ?

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 2 years ago from Pakistan Author

Yes of course. One can use the card of another person to pay.

Ahsan 2 years ago

I have a Debit card & it is in PKR,how can I pay the fee in British Pounds.If any has no credit card what is the alternate way to pay .

imdad ullah 2 years ago

if some one going to attend any scintific congress...which one is the visa categories....mean is it business visitor visa or some one else....plz ..suggest me..

Qaisar Hasan 2 years ago

Why is my email address termed invalid

Bilal 2 years ago

Very nic countey

kamran yousaf 2 years ago

plz give me tha visa

noureen 2 years ago

plz let me know about the minimum and maximum time for uk visa decision making after the submission of uk visa application

Sabi 2 years ago

while filling in the UK General Visitor visa form, what should i write in answer to the question 'what is the cost to you personally of your trip?' as all financial support has been provided by my husband?

appreciate your help in this regard...

syed gulfam hussain 2 years ago

plz i am poor boy plkz i need visa

Muzaffar 2 years ago

Who can I get oppointment online my all document is compleat but I did not find oppointment plz help

avey nash singh 2 years ago

Helo sir i had to submitted to visa application on 23 sep 2014 and i have miss some important paper to attached in visa documnt .sir plz tell me how can attach this paper..

usmanali 2 years ago

job piesa

safeermalik 2 years ago

help me sar iam 28 tear old my lage is not working im very sad plz help me pakistani docter fall me

asif 2 years ago

Plz vist

Ahmad 2 years ago

Hi, can anyone please guide me? I don't have credit card how can I pay visa fee?

ruthashfaq 2 years ago

I com. You. Thank

sharyar 2 years ago

dear sir i apply uk visa online application kindly advice and help me

ibrarhussain 2 years ago

dear sir plz send me student visa .pjz

ibrar 2 years ago

plz sir i m very poor boy

ibrar 2 years ago

and my cell num is 03449683848

sobia 2 years ago

Plz I need visa of uk

hammad raza 2 years ago

I am business man in Pakistan.I am come to UK insment uk

mogli 2 years ago

is it mandatory to book hotel b4 departing from pakistan to uk on visit visa?

nida 2 years ago

plz give me a UK visa plz plz

Asim 24 months ago

pls tell me about: I am filling online application for uk visit visa.After sending it gives msg ur application is creating, but nothing come again.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 24 months ago from Pakistan Author

Please use try to do so on another computer or internet.

waseem 23 months ago

i don't know my mother birthday date because she is very old what should i write their

haroon 23 months ago

link for online uk visaapplication not opening.can some one help?

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 23 months ago from Pakistan Author

Write year of brith as per her CNIC

Naveed 23 months ago

I applied before UK visa in 2012 and got visa with 1 year bank statement but as per aforesaid there would need for 3 years bank sstatement , I just need a clarity that would there need for 3 years bank statement if one got visa before or is the 3 years bank statement requirments for fresh applicant only ?

Advice or clarify pleaze.

Faiz Ahmed 23 months ago

Please u can help me and i am a deaf sure, if you want make a new of visa passport in uk, Ireland 23 months ago

Dear nida congratulation, send me your pasport copy and with going your husband or blood relative 's pasport for sponsor invitation letter. quick with in a week.

Tahir salman 23 months ago

I want to know that should i mention the dependent child in the family details although I want a single visa not of the child ???

secondly please guide me what type of additional information should be added in last visa section ??

hi sir I applied visa in mir pur befor 12 days now how many more time for my pasport in vist visa 23 months ago

Give me ans plzz


GONDAL 22 months ago

plz give me visa of work

huma 22 months ago

plz give me pasport pleas i need pasport

22 months ago

What should be the visa category for going to London to attend an Art Exhibition?? General Visitor or Business Visitor??

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 22 months ago from Pakistan Author

General Visitor

javed iqbal 22 months ago

i am applying for visit visa I am government servant how long time will take for consideration

rahen 21 months ago

I have some problem in passport illiterate persons done wrong my given name leave blank and they put my name in surname any issue when am applying for visa.

Imran 21 months ago

Dear Firdous,

1) Is the online system still valid for applying UK visit Visa.??

2) What to do after applying online?? Should I book an appointment for Biometric or will I get call automatically??



SHERAZ 21 months ago


usman Kayani 21 months ago

sir actually i want to know that i was return frm uk as a volanteer 2 years ago

i been in uk for 3 years .i went there at age of 16 as a student

sir can u tell me that can i get back to uk or not ??

i was overstayed there

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 21 months ago from Pakistan Author

It depends on your current circumstances. What you do now. What is your bank balance etc.

farhaat 21 months ago

Dear Imran,

yes you need to apply online for visit visa. You can book appointment of biometric online. After applying online, download the completed form, print and sign it and take this with your documents to VAC on the date of appointment.

ABDUL SAMAD SHAFI 21 months ago

I have trying to register my account at [] for onward submission of online UK application, but every time I get a message that the registration is unsuccessful. Could you guide me please. Previously I have been filling applications on this link but now it does not seem to work.

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 21 months ago from Pakistan Author

Try to get register in different browsers and on different computers as it may be due to some errors in the browser's software that you are using.

Malik zahid ali 20 months ago

Dear sir,

I have an experience of working as a business consultant in Pakistan. I am also running a printing press.

I have checked you website and found many good machinery there which can be a good addition in my business, and can help us in our printing business because of it's good quality and durability.

I personally want to visit your company before I place any order as I am interested in buying some of the required machinery.

I will appreciate if you give me a suitable date to visit your company in the month of June.

I hope this visit will be fruitful for both of the companies.

Kind Regards,

Malik Zahid Ali

firdousi0 profile image

firdousi0 20 months ago from Pakistan Author

I think it is misplaced.

Hamish khan 20 months ago

Dear anybody knows how to apply for uk visa?.....I search this site but I couldn't found any thing regarding visa application. ......

Rr 19 months ago

For a family of four (husband, wife and two kids), do we need to fill four separate forms or just one form?

Also on online payment, there is no option to pay for 4 persons then How should I confirm that appointment has been booked for all four of us?

Online Payment seems to be only for one person (£85) but how should I pay for four?


Yasir hayat 19 months ago

Plz how to go US tell me i want to go if there space for us

SONI 18 months ago



choudri 18 months ago

i want uk visa i m islamic teacher (muallima) with certificate

Mrs omer 18 months ago

hi there I need to know about the whole procedure of Uk spouse visa I mean how to apply and what documents I need to submit in FedEx with my passport plz help out

Mrs omer 18 months ago

Need to know the whole method of spouse visa applying from Pakistan lahore I'm really confused plz help me out as it has been changed from July 6 2015 thanxxxxxx

Ashfaq majeed 18 months ago

I need a UK visit visa

zohaib mumtaz 18 months ago

plz give me visa in working

Thanks sir

Contact 923043665221

Syed kamran Ali 18 months ago

I need uk visit visa

khanzadi 17 months ago

how can i apply for uk visa

Asma 17 months ago

I have an invitation call from Oxford to present my paper in Women Leadership Symposium. WHat category do I fall in? Do I have to fill Business visitor vaf 1c form or simple visit visa form?

shahzad 17 months ago

i had 5 years multiple UK visa and i had beenin uk 3 times ,my last visit was for uk london was in june 2009 .

there is 6 year gap now


is there any one who can tell me that what kind of visa reqirments would me for me in pakistan cuz i had my last visa issued from uae

are those will be like first time appling aplicant or will be diffrent

masood 17 months ago

Kindly dont begg or ask for visa here its forum to discuss different problems regarding visa so dont put silly questions like plz give me visa,i need visa etc its british highcommission who issue visa c9nsidering your case.

shoaib hassan 17 months ago

i am lawyer,,i have done my LLB i want to go for u.k.what should i do???

Raja Muhammad irshad khan thakur 16 months ago

Plz help me UK visit visa

Amir 16 months ago

Hi sir i need uk work visa i am chef 8 year

Exprince in resturants i cook also pakistani food

wajid ali mullah 16 months ago

We have a need uk visa help us

muhmmad ashraf 16 months ago

22years experans gold meker gold polish meker we have a need visa help us uk

ayaz ahmad 15 months ago

hi frnd how r u ?ihope u r fine. any body help me ? 4 uk visa i need a uk visa my cont no 03214136974 plz plz plz

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