IRCTC ticket booking through mobile

IRCTC mobile booking
IRCTC mobile booking

Currently everybody is moving from desktops and laptops to tablets and mobiles. So sites like IRCTC Indian railway ticket booking site, are forced to become mobile device friendly. Recently IRCTC has released mobile version of their site Also there are three apps that allow you to book Indian railway ticket from your mobile itself.

IRCTC mobile site

IRCTC mobile site can be accessed in the url Earlier also we had access to the desktop version of IRCTC site from your mobile. But ticket booking using this was very difficult, as compatibility problems were there. The currently released mobile version of IRCTC, enables you to do all the activities that you can do from your desktop using a mobile also. Also there is a new news that IRCTC is going to release a new mobile app also for Indian railway ticket booking. It is in addition to the currently available three apps for railway ticket booking released with the corporation of IRCTC

IRCTC Ticket booking mobile apps

Currently there are three apps that are available for most of the mobile platforms from low end java phones to Android phones.


This is the most popular mobile app for railway ticket booking. In addition to booking railway ticket, it allows you to book movie ticket, make purchases etc. This app will work in most of the mobile platforms. For getting the correct version of NGPAY for your mobile, go to from your mobile browser after enabling GPRS connection. Then the site itself give you the correct version of app for your phone. This app will work in most of the handsets costing above Rs.2000.

For booking ticket using this app, you will need following

* GPRS connection in your phone. You can either activate an offer plan of GPRS or you can pay as you use. If you are using only for ticket booking, second method will do.

* Any valid payment method. Currently this app supports payment methods like Debit card (like ATM transaction), credit card, internet banking etc

See the step by step guide for booking ticket using this app below

Ticket booking using NGPAY
Ticket booking using NGPAY

Booking ticket using this app is very easy. Open app in your mobile. If it is a java phone you can find this app either in Games folder or applications folder. Select Stores++ option from the menu. Select IRCTC++ from the menu. Select reservation from the coming menu. In the next page you have to enter the details of starting and destination points of travel. Then in next page you have to enter details of persons traveling. There after you have to select a payment and pay using any of the available methods.

Once the booking procedure is successful, e ticket will be mailed to the email address given during the booking procedure


It is another app that is used in mobiles, that can be used for booking ticket from IRCTC. It also allows you to book railway, air and movie tickets. Also you can use it for shopping purchases. This application is also free of cost. Just go to the IRCTC site and in the bottom of the page, there is provision for downloading this app.

This application uses GPRS connection in your phone to book tickets. If you have wi-fi enabled phone, GPRS is not required. You will get payment options of credit cards and additional payment methods of PAYMATE like giftmate, paymate etc. After successfully completing the payment procedure, you will get the details of the payment and ticket as SMS and email.

See the picture tutorial describing steps of ticket booking using this app below

Paymate for online railway ticket booking
Paymate for online railway ticket booking


It is another popular app, that is commonly used for booking IRCTC tickets. The developers of the app, are claiming that this is one of the best m-commerce app. Similar to the previous apps, it also provides you with various payment options like credit card, debit cards etc. This also can be downloaded free of cost from IRCTC site.

Here also you will require GPRS and an online payment method with you to book tickets. After the completion of booking you will get SMS confirmation and ticket emailed to your email account

See below a picture depicting the steps in booking ticket using this app.

ATOM app for online ticket booking
ATOM app for online ticket booking

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Rinosh 4 years ago

I am currently using ngpay. It is really convenient. What about the other two apps?. Do i need to change to any of those?

rahul 4 years ago

does IRCTC mobile software is works on desktop and laptop also

rahul 4 years ago

IRCTC mobile software can be open on my desk top also?

premsingh profile image

premsingh 4 years ago

None of the application works in the phone having 3G/WiFi connectivity.It always asks to check GPRS setting. Internet is easily connected. Do you have suggestions to make it works? Phone is Nokia E75.

vinner profile image

vinner 4 years ago from India Author

All apps will work in most of the platforms. I am currently using NGPAY in my Android phone with wi-fi and 3G connectivity. Also I am able to book tickets using this. I think it is some problem with the version you installed. Try to update. If not possible, download latest version from NGPAY itself

Kapil 4 years ago

Hi Vinner,

It seems nice that you are sincerely helping the people in dealing with the mammoth called IRCTC.

I have been reading lot of articles here and my one complaint is that there are no dates on your articles. Kindly add them.

Thank you

vinner profile image

vinner 4 years ago from India Author

@Kapil- Surely man. I will give date also. If you just want an approximate date only, you can check the date of first comment.

Ihas Diggs profile image

Ihas Diggs 4 years ago from India

Thanks for the awesome article and I found one more helpful article from which you can earn railway points.

shiva 4 years ago

where is the download option

vinner profile image

vinner 4 years ago from India Author

@Shvia - you can get your mobile platform version from corresponding site. If yours is an Android phone, try in Android market.

vinay 4 years ago

i guess irctc guys now know about it. hence to help agents they have blocked mobile booking between 8 am to 12 pm

keshari yadav 4 years ago

villag devkali post jivdhra sant kaber nager u.p.

Sunil verma 3 years ago

I read your article about book but these mobile sites don't work 8-12 am. What to do?

ngetirctc profile image

ngetirctc 23 months ago from India

IRCTC, is now known as NgetIRCTC. NGET stands for 'Next Generation' as system has many features that a new gen would like. In fact it has officail presence on hubpages

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