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How is Brick-and-Mortar Retail Different from Internet Retailing

Have you ever wondered what's the big deal about Shopping Online? In the US this powerful direct-to-customer online retail model have been no less than a game changer that is grabbing a significant piece of the total retail revenue "pie".

Ever since the Amazon came on the scene in the mid 90s with its then ground breaking online bookstore offering, this trend of online shopping have become nearly unstoppable. Fast forward to today from nearly 10 years ago and you see Amazon.Com is now the biggest internet retail company selling anything from Dish 500 satellite equipment, high fashion accessories, to even unique antique furniture. 

What interesting for me is to figure out how will this global online shopping trend will affect Asia. Since Singapore is often seen as the "canary in the mine" for the greater Asia market, I've decide to do a bit of research on the customer profile of internet shoppers in Singapore.  

Who Actually Visits Online Shopping Sites in Singapore?

Surprisingly the most active age group that visits online shopping sites in Singapore are actually people in the 54 to 65 age group.

If you cannot believe this then take a look at the internet customer profile of the Singapore version of eBay.Com.Sg. Convinced yet?

Here eBay Singapore's Customer Profile

An Insightful Look courtesy of Alexa.Com on Who Visits ebay's Singapore site "eBay.Com.Sg"
An Insightful Look courtesy of Alexa.Com on Who Visits ebay's Singapore site "eBay.Com.Sg" | Source
Singapore Demographics - Age Distribution Chart
Singapore Demographics - Age Distribution Chart | Source

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ethel smith 5 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

Thanks for the insight

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