Lake Travis Drought Two Years Ago - 2011

A Lake That is Diminishing

A New Year and A Drought

Two Thousand and Eleven began with a drought in the central Texas area. The local lake levels were down and all of the surrounding counties were under a burn ban. The winter grass stood tall and white, a real fire hazard.

With no significant rainfall for several months, the lakes continued to drop their water levels below the eighty percent full mark. Some boat ramps on Lake Travis were closed because of the lack of water. More dry land began to appear along the water's edge and the grassy vegetation began to grow. Where there once had been water, grassy fields now stood.

Water Levels Continue To Decrease

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And It's Raining

It seemed like the dry weather would never end. After a lengthy dry season and only an occasional rain shower, the Texas hill country was finally able to enjoy two entire days of slow and soaking rains. What a change! Though the lake levels were barely affected, the grounds were wet once again and the fire hazard reduced for a few days. It was a welcome relief!

Isn't it amazing how quickly the lawns become green once again after a rain? We watered our yard on a regular basis over those dry months, but rain water brought it back to life!

We had been hoping and praying for a rainy Spring to bring the lake levels back. It is difficult to experience a summer with this extreme weather and with an increasing water deficit. The upside to the drought season were the anticipated and eventual rainy days. Those were special days, well remembered, spent indoors!

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