Plaza de Mayo


Plaza de Mayo

The Plaza de Mayo has historically been a place of political demonstrations. It is named for the May 1910 revolution, which began Argentina's fight for independence from Spain.

Since the 1970s, the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo have gathered here. They wear white handkerchiefs with the names of sons and daughters who disappeared during the period known as the Dirty War. They also carry signs with photographs of those whose fate they wish to know.

Like so many public squares in so many cities, this square has many pigeons. Local ladies sell pigeon food that you can buy for one peso and feed the birds. I preferred to just watch others feed them and get covered in pigeons.

Some of the sites located around the Plaza de Mayo are the Casa Rosada and the Cathedral of Buenos Aires. The Casa Rosada is the home of the executive branch of Argentina's federal government.

Casa Rosada

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