Travel Many of USA's Attractions In Under Two Weeks!!

What You Would See

This plan would include Las Vegas, Death Valley National Park, Sequoia National Forest, Meteor Crater, Grand Canyon National Park, Antelope Canyon, Zion National Park, and Hoover Dam. If you would like to add other places like Joshua Tree National Park or Arches National Park you are free to do so just be sure to add a day or two.

Day 1

The first day it would be a good idea for you to fly into Las Vegas because the airfare there isn't as expensive as other cities and you could do some great sight-seeing of your own there. This would be the begining of your trip. You would have rented your car and after a good nights sleep be ready for day 2.

Day 2

When I was on this same trip myself after the Vegas Sightseeing I woke up at around 6 a.m. because of the time changes.Even if you dont thats okay you will just have a shortened visit at Death Valley your first day. So after you wake up on day 2 you hop into your car and drive to Death Valley. The earlier you get there the better because it is a huge National Park and there is so much to see! When you get there be sure to have a lot of water and a good working AC especially in the summer when the temperatures rarely go under 100 F. After spending your day there a good idea would be to have a hotel reservation in Beatty NV because its just outside death valley where the extreme heats dont reach and its a pleasent town overall.

Day 3

After waking up in Beatty take everything with you and continue visiting Death Valley. Experience a scenic route or see how long of a hike you can manage. After another few hours (before the sun starts going down) start leaving the park and go west toward Sequoia National forest. Today you wont get to the forest you just want to get near it so that the next day you can have a whole day of sightseeing.

Day 4

Today you will experiance an amazing day. Today is when you go into Sequoia Naional forest and experiance a forest like no other! Some places that I would recomend seeing are the General Sherman Tree and the Tunnel Log. But if you chose something else I'm sure you still find it magical! After a day here you want to leave the park on the southeast part and drive as much as you can toward Arizona and find a Hotel for the night after you get tired.

Day 5

This is the most dragging day of all on this trip. Today you want to drive over 500 miles and you will be ending up in Arizona. Today you get to visit Meteor Crater which is located west of Flagsteff Arizona. This is a pleasent place but after spending maybe two hours there you can retire into a hotel. A good idea would be to have a reservation ready in Williams AZ for one night because it would be a convinient place to spend the night.

Day 6

When you wake up in Williams you can find a nice place to eat breakfast and after that your off to the Grand Canyon! From Williams you drive north to the Grand Canyon and enjoy your time there because unfortunately this would be your only day there. Here it might be best if you just walk around enjoy the wonderful views. After you get tired or before 7 p.m. say good bye to the Grand Canyon and head to Page AZ. Make sure to have a 3-night hotel reservation here because if you dont you will most likely not find a hotel room without one.

Day 7-8

There two days you would be spending in and around Page. This is where you get the oppotunity to see things like Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon Dam, Antalope Canyon, or just relax by the pool. Spread your time out over these two days nicely so that you can enjoy your plans.

Day 9

Today you will leave Page and head off to Bryce National Park! Here you spend your day and go on a walk or two with pretty views and after that leave the park so that you find a hotel somewhere nearer Zion National Park so that you can be set for the next day.

Day 10

This day personally was my favorite day on this trip. Today you visit the beautiful Zion National Park! Here I would recommend going on a walk/hike because where the paths take you are some really worth seeing locations. Today you will be seeing more greenery than previous days. After spending a day here exit the park on the west side and find a hotel and spend the night there.

Day 11

I am sad to say that today is your last full day on this trip. Today you leave Utah and take highway 15 through a little bit of Arizona back into Nevada where you will end up once again in Las Vegas. Today would also be a good day to see Hoover Dam and see anything else in Las Vegas you didn't get to last time.

Day 12

Today this wonderful trip will be officially over. You will hop on a plane at the McCarren airport and go back to where you came from hopefully bringing back many wonderful memories and good stories to tell. Thank you for reading and I hope you gained some valuable ideas for a trip in the near future!

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Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

A great hub and one which I am bookmarking into my 'Armchair travelling' slot,plus vote up.

I now look forard to reading many more by you.

Take care


axdewaxdew 5 years ago Author

Thanks so much Eiddwen! Thanks for viewing and I'm so glad you liked it.


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