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  • Maiara: Princess of Onia

    Maiara: Princess of Onia

    14 months ago

    Bright white lights beamed down on us as I started to run but the man grabbed me and pulled me close to him. He held his arm out and shot swirls of black and white. The other object coming towards us

  • Amazingly


    14 months ago

    Your more then just a friend to me You mean everything to me I can't believe I feel this way I can't believe you made me feel this way All I do is think about you and how I can't live without you I feel safe in your arms Your touch...

  • Just Go Away

    Just Go Away

    14 months ago

    It's hard to say goodbye to something that meant so much to you Like a disease it comforted you No one knew what had become of you Always so shy and timid they never once suspected you Your secret was starting to show You grew tired of the...

  • When the Night Comes

    When the Night Comes

    14 months ago

    When the night comes, she fears of what will come. The agony of knowing that she did nothing wrong, but still he hurts her even though he's wrong. She spends the whole day with a smile on her face, no one even knows her most inner mistake. ...

  • The Client

    The Client

    14 months ago

    Somehow she got the name "client", To keep the passionate affair quiet Who better to know her but him, the sneakiness got the better of them It lasted for quite awhile, his devilish smile is what started it all She loved the sweet things...

  • Studio 54

    Studio 54

    14 months ago

     Hey cool cat, with your black slacks looking out of whack Let me take you back, way back to the fact Lite up floors, beaded up doors, platforms galore Music done right, out of sight let's boogie oogie tonight The big boss on the right with...

  • Sunset Speaks

    Sunset Speaks

    14 months ago

     Locked in the moment of passion, only words speak louder then actions. Intertwine you love with mine, your eyes burn into my spine. Whisper the words of love's sweet honey, make the moment's count in a hurry. Love, love, love me till no end,...

  • Purple Showers

    Purple Showers

    14 months ago

     Today is the day that I could not await, I dreamed a dream that wouldn't fade. I pray that everything is in it's place, I rush to get everything in haste. Beautiful silk wraps me with a bow, making me look like I'm a princess for them all. ...

  • Night Daze

    Night Daze

    14 months ago

     Waking up in a total daze, I wondered with ease for the upcoming days. Out my window I see a strange fellow, looking at a red mellow. He barely stood for his own good, instead he layed for the greater good. A red sky appeared without notice,...

  • Happy Mom Day

    Happy Mom Day

    14 months ago

     There is no love more profound then that of a mother's love. There is no one that makes us feel safe or cares for us when we are sick then a mother. A mother will lay her life on the line for her child as well as go through the pain of bringing us...

  • Mad Mad World

    Mad Mad World

    14 months ago

     With so much that is going on nowadays its not easy for us as people to come together and support one another. It breaks my heart when I see selfish tendencies, evil deeds and untrustworthy individuals. If something happens in any part of the...

  • With Love....Mommy

    With Love....Mommy

    14 months ago

    Born a grown man but cries like a baby, you look like me but have your own personality. I wonder what your future will be. I wonder what your world will be. My life was once about me, but you came along and worked it out for me. Like the...

  • Come Out Stronger

    Come Out Stronger

    14 months ago

    I'm sure a lot of us have been through ups and downs in relationships, feeling like we give and give and men just take and take. It's like they want us to be their mother or something. We have to start fighting back and giving these no good bums the...

  • Single Mother's Stand Up!

    Single Mother's Stand Up!

    14 months ago

    I want to dedicate this article to my mother, who has always instilled strength and bravery in me from the day I was born. It isn't easy being a single mother, life is ten times hard and ten times the constant struggle.

  • Take Time For Yourself

    Take Time For Yourself

    14 months ago


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