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Born in the North of England, Yorkshire In the lovely town of Doncaster.

Instead of being out at an evening hanging about on streets and causing mischeif, I stayed inside and played video games and watched videos on internet.

I am an avid lover of vegetables (eating them) and avid lover of animals (not eating them). Not been eating dead animals for 4 years & proud!

I hope you get something new from my hubs, and I wish you the very best of a day!


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  • PUBG - Hints & Tips

    PUBG - Hints & Tips

    6 weeks ago

    This is an ever expanding guide into that of PUBG written by an avid gamer & fan of the game. Here you can find all the things you need to know to perhaps give you an extra edge over your competitors.

  • How to get better at/in Swat PRO on Halo Reach

    How to get better at/in Swat PRO on Halo Reach

    6 years ago

    Right, let's just get things right. You've come here to find some hints and tips on how to get better at the SWAT a game variant type on Halo Reach. I will be talking about the things which I think help me win games in...